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  • Address: 1 St Mary's Pl, Roswell, 88203 NM
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Phone: 575-622-2117

Chaves County Sheriff's Office is located at 1 St Mary's Pl, Roswell, 88203 NM. The Chaves County Sheriff's Office phone number is 575-622-2117.

Chaves County Sheriff's Office News

Tonight was our annual event for Character Counts! in Chaves County for 'Honoring the Badge.' Deputy Charles Drake is our selected nominee this year. We are very proud and honored to have him working for the Sheriff's Office and we congratulate him. Good Job Deputy Drake!

Deputies Needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another Drowning at State PArk On July 7, 2018 at approximately 2:45pm, deputies with the Chaves County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call of a possible drowning at Bottomless Lakes State Park east of Roswell. Upon arrival, deputies discovered a 9-year-old male child had been recovered from under the water at Lea Lake and CPR was ongoing. The child was possibly under water for up to 10 minutes. The child was transported by ambulance to Eastern New Mexico Medical Center and did not survive. The family of this child is from Hobbs, New Mexico and both parents, along with two other children, were all present at the lake when this occurred. Bottomless Lakes was said to have been very busy on Saturday and had a lot of people swimming in the area where this drowning occurred. To the best we can determine, this child went back into the water after his parents had exited and was not noticed by any other adults until he was pulled from under the water. This occurred in the regular swimming area at Lea Lake. ~Sheriff Britt Snyder

Sheriff's Office investigating another death! On Saturday June 16, 2018 at approximaitely 7am, deputies responded to the area of East Grand Plains Road and Oasis Road in reference to a body having been discovered at that location. Follow up investigation indicates the victim may have been killed when he was likely hit and/or run over by a motor vehicle during a domestic dispute. Autopsy results confirm severe head trauma as the cause of death. We have identified the victim as 38 year old Mario Loera of the Dexter area. This investigation is ongoing. ~Sheriff Britt Snyder

Drowning at Bottomless Lake State Park New Release On May 30, 2018, at approximately 6:10pm, we received a call to Bottomless Lakes State Park for a possible drowning. Upon arrival, deputies learned a 22 year old male identified as Alfredo Osornio from Artesia, had jumped into the Devils Ink Well Lake from the bluffs on the east side of the lake. Family members who were with Alfredo reported he never re-surfaced after going into the water. Roswell Fire Department and Chaves County Deputies entered the water, but were unable to locate the victim from the surface. A New Mexico State Police Officer who also responded, is a Dive Team member and after dawning his dive equipment and entering the water, he located the victim at a depth of about 27 feet. We estimate the time under water at about 60 minutes which is far too long to survive in our warm water conditions and no resuscitation efforts were made. The estimated height of the bluffs is approximately 200 feet and that height is dangerous for an experienced diver much less an inexperienced one. We believe Osornio was likely rendered unconscious upon hitting the water, feet first and leaning to his left causing his head to hit the water directly without anything breaking his fall. While this incident is a tragedy for the Osornio family, we need to remind people of the dangers of diving from any height into lakes or rivers. We have had many tragedies over the years related to diving incidents. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Alfredo Osornio. ~Sheriff Britt Snyder

Great reminder! Thank you to The Roswell Police and Fire Departments for letting me share your post! ~Sheriff Britt Snyder

Yet another example of a total lack of accountability in our criminal justice system! ~Sheriff Britt Snyder

Deputies Needed! We are once again accepting applications for Deputy positions at the Chaves County Sheriff's Office. We need people with a heart for service to their community and their fellow man. This is a very unique job with great benefits and a good retirement plan. Go to the Chaves County Website to apply. We are accepting applications through June 1st.

BIG THANK YOU to Church on the Move for hosting their 16th Annual, First Responder Appreciation Steak Fry. They do such a great job in BLESSING and and appreciating us for what we do. Thank you Pastor Troy and your group for a another great event and some of the best steaks ever! ~Sheriff Britt Snyder

Congratulations to Detective Maria Cassidy for being honored today at the CASA appreciation luncheon. Maria is very passionate about child abuse investigations and we are very proud of her.

Here is one of the reasons why we have such a high crime rate in New Mexico!

Hardest working and most under appreciated people in Law Enforcement! We here at the Chaves County Sheriff's Office appreciate them!

SCAM ALERT!!!! I received a telephone call yesterday from a concerned citizen about a telephone call they received from the IRS. The caller was trying to convince them they owed back taxes and if they didn't pay immediately, the Sheriff's Office was coming to arrest them on a warrant. The person receiving this call knows me so they called to ask me when I would be over with the IRS warrant. While this case did provide us with a good laugh, it is important to remind everyone that TAX season is upon us and this provides scammers with a great opportunity to try to cheat you out of some of your hard earned money. Please don't fall for this. While you can go to jail for not paying your income taxes (go to, ask Willie the IRS does not call and threaten you in this way and I can assure you your local Sheriff's Office does not work for the IRS and never will. Stay alert and never hesitate to call and ask about these types of calls. ~Sheriff Britt Snyder

Sheriff's Office Investigates Third Murder March 23, 2018 On Thursday, March 22, 2018 at 9:40am, the Chaves County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of a body being discovered in the 6100 Block of Commerce Road northwest of the U.S. 285 overpass on the north edge of Roswell. Upon arrival, deputies confirmed a body laying off the west side of Commerce Road. The body was slumped over next to old tree stumps. The body had been discovered by a person who was walking their dog(s) in the area. We believe the victim was shot and killed at this same location. The victim can now be identified as 29- year-old Marisela Barela of Roswell. Barela was identified by a driver’s license which was in her pocket at the time of her death. During this investigation, we discovered a call had be received to this same area at 1:39am on March 22, where the person was reporting hearing gun shots in the area. The reporting party also stated they had observed a vehicle leaving the area at a high rate of speed soon after hearing the gun shots. Responding deputies did not locate any vehicles or persons in the area upon their arrival to that report. We believe this is likely when the victim was murdered in that location. Also at around 4am, we received a call of a vehicle being on fire off U.S.380 near the Pecos River. We now believe this vehicle is likely connected to this murder case and we are trying to locate the owner of the vehicle. The vehicle was thoroughly burned and is just a metal frame at this point. As you are aware, this is the third murder case the Sheriff’s Office has responded to investigate in the last two weeks. While we do not believe these murder cases are connected, they are all brutal crime’s which deserve our full attention. This is unusual for the Sheriff’s Office to have three murders committed this close together and on average we investigate about two murder cases per year. Our investigators and deputies have been working many hours on these cases and I appreciate their commitment to be the voice for each of these victims. We again need to thank the Roswell Police Department for sending their Crime Scene Technicians to assist us in processing the area in and around where this victim was discovered. ~Sheriff Britt Snyder

Murder Victim Identified from Sundays Shooting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On March 19, 2018, the Chaves County Sheriff’s Office was contacted by a Roswell man who believed the Murder victim from Sundays shooting might be his brother. After follow-up investigation, we are now able to confirm the identification of our victim. The victim is identified as 46-year-old Luciano De Anda Sifuentes. We believe Mr. Sifuentes has been living and working here for several years and his brother reports he has an adult child and a wife who still living in Mexico. Mr. Sifuentes was identified using a Mexican identification card and the Office of the Medical Investigator agreed to accept our information to make this positive identification. There is no photograph available for Mr. Sifuentes. We can also report the individual arrested in connection with this Murder case, Jose L. Dominguez, was assigned a $500,000 Bond at his arraignment. ~Sheriff Britt Snyder

News Release March 19, 2018 Yesterday afternoon at approximately 3:15pm, deputies from the Chaves County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to a reported shooting which was said to have occurred on Wiggins Road just northwest of the town of Hagerman. Hagerman and Dexter Police officers responded as well due to the nature of the call. Deputies were also given a vehicle description which the suspected gunman was said to have fled the scene driving west toward U.S.285 on Chickasaw Road. As officers and deputies were responding to the scene, they were also looking out for the suspect’s vehicle. Our shift Sergeant spotted a vehicle matching the description given and stopped this vehicle just south of Darby Road on US285. The only person in that vehicle turned out to be the suspected gunman and he was taken into custody without incident. Meanwhile back at the crime scene on Wiggins Road, deputies and other officers arrived to find a male subject down who they were told had been shot. The victim was determined to be beyond help by other emergency responders. The first responders detained everybody on the property until we could determine what had occurred. As you know, the wind was creating a lot of dust yesterday and the dust in and around this crime scene made it a much more challenging event. We have since determined the victim might have been shot over an argument between he and a fellow co-worker. The suspected shooter was arrested yesterday evening and charged with one count of Second Degree Murder and one count of Tampering with Evidence. We can identify the alleged shooter as 39-year-old Jose L. Dominguez of Roswell. Dominguez was placed into the Chaves County Adult Detention Center where he was to be held without bond pending arraignment. A firearm which was reported to have been thrown out of the vehicle by the suspect was located and recovered along Chickasaw Road. We believe this was the firearm used to commit this crime. We are not prepared to identify the murder victim as positive identification is still pending. ~Sheriff Britt Snyder

Murder Victim Identified! The Chaves County Sheriff’s Office received positive identification of the Murder victim whose body was discovered on March 8, 2018. We received a positive identification on March 10th from the Office of the Medical Investigator confirming the victim as Garland Troy Berg, 48 of Roswell. Mr. Berg was positively identified by OMI using fingerprints. Person of interest is also being sought in this murder case! The Chaves County Sheriff’s Office Detectives want to talk to Paisley Terry, 38. Terry, of Roswell, is sought for questioning in the murder of Garland Troy Berg, 48, who was murdered in the early morning hours of March 8, 2018 in the 6500 block of Old Dexter Highway, south of Roswell in the Midway area. Terry is described as 5’ 3” tall and about 180 lbs. She has brown hair and hazel eyes. Anyone with information which could potentially help in locating Paisley Terry, or anyone who may have other information regarding this murder investigation, is asked to please call the Chaves County Sheriff’s Office at (575) 624-6500 or you can call Chaves County Crime Stoppers at 1-888-594-TIPS (8477) where you can remain anonymous. ~Sheriff Britt Snyder

I wanted to issue a thank you to my deputies for their continuing hard work to remove DRUNK DRIVERS from our roadways. So far in 2018 we have arrested 36 more drunk drivers. One of which had a blood alcohol level at .27 (legal limit is .08) so you do the math. Several of the drivers were also believed to be under the influence of both drugs and alcohol. Over the last three years our DWI arrest are up by an average of more than 80% and I couldn't be more proud of how hard our deputies are working 24 hours a day 7 days a week to make Chaves County a safer place. Thank you Deputies! ~Sheriff Britt Snyder

Congratulations to Deputy Todd Clark on his retirement. 20 years goes by faster than you think. Todd has been our primary firearms instructor for many of those 20 years and did a great job. Todd you will be missed and we wish you all the best of luck. ~Sheriff Britt Snyder

Loud booms, gun fire, blast, and the lists goes on and on. A local contractor is using a property west of town for training purposes. We were called this afternoon about the noise and had to figure out what in the world was going on. It is not endangering anyone, but I will talk to the contractor tomorrow and see what they have scheduled for that location in future. Sheriff Britt Snyder