Grants Police Department

  • Agency: Grants Police Department
  • Address: 105 East Roosevelt Ave, Grants, 87020 NM
  • Chief: Steve Sena (Chief of Police)
Phone: (505)287-2984
Fax: (505)287-3137

Grants Police Department is located at 105 East Roosevelt Ave, Grants, 87020 NM. The Chief of Police of the department is Steve Sena. The Grants Police Department phone number is (505)287-2984.

Grants Police Department News

Welcome to the force, you two! #fleet #5.7L #hemi #AWD #pursuitpackage #twinning

Callers will remain anonymous!

Helping Walmart with National Safety Month; Emergency preparedness is what we do! Thank you for the invite Julie Quintana.

A 32 year career.... Countless troubles resolved, Endless projects completed. Too many calls to count, A fair share of arrests. Life changing experiences, Immeasurable lives changed. Everlasting friendships, Irreplaceable memories. You are our leader, mentor and friend. Thank you for your hard work And dedication to our community. Congratulations on your retirement (again). Chief of Police Marty Vigil 1986 ~ 2018

Congratulations Officer Benjamin Thorne, Officer Demetruis Gutierrez and Officer Salvador Nunez. The hard work, dedication and commitment that you have put in these last 6 months will soon be seen and appreciated by all in our community. Welcome to the family. #Class196 #NMBPOTA

May 15, 2018 Peace Officers Memorial Day and Police Week is an observance in the United States that pays tribute to the local, state, and federal peace officers who have died, or who have been disabled, in the line of duty. Honoring those officers that have made the ultimate sacrifice. We will never forget.

Grants PD Physical Fitness Assessment - May 12 Again, good job everyone! Proud to have fit and squared away officers like all of you! The citizens we serve should be happy. Some of our support staff even showed up to participate. Stay fit, eat healthy and be proud of who you are!

Thank you for the invite CGH and CDEC! Our team handed out over 100 balloons, countless stickers, tattoos, whistles (sorry parents), pencils, pens and END DWI / DNTXT & Drive material. See you again next year!!!!

Grants Police officers arrested Susie Martine, 54, of Ramah, NM, after reports of Martine displaying a gun at the Riverwalk Park. Martine was ultimately charged with 3 counts of Aggravated Assault with Deadly Weapon [4th degree felony], Abuse of a Child [3rd degree felony], and disorderly conduct [misdemeanor]. On April 23, 2018 around 1:00 P.M., Officers of the Grants Police Department were notified via 911, that a Native American female (Martine) was “flashing” a gun at the River Walk Park near the larger pond. Officers immediately located Martine, near the gazeebo, who matched the description given by dispatch. During a pat search of Martine, a revolver style firearm was located in her jacket pocket. The revolver was determined to be a toy gun, but had the appearance of a real revolver firearm. Martine was immediately taken into custody without further incident. Officers met with witnesses of the incident and learned that 3 victims, one of which was a child, were enjoying a picnic in the park when Martine sat at a nearby table. Martine was seen ‘playing’ around with a revolver style pistol while staring at the victim in a confrontational manner. The victims took Martinez actions as threatening and quickly called 911. During the 911 call Martine approached the victim’s table; the victim was unsure of Martine’s intentions so she pushed the child behind her to protect the child. The victims yelled for Martine to “stay away!” The victim’s gathered their belongings and attempted to leave the area. Martine followed behind and began yelling “You are illegals.” over and over. As officers arrived, Martine was seen walking away from the victims and was immediately detained. Note: Martine is no stranger to the Grants Police Department and should have an extensive record in the Cibola Magistrate and Municipal court, many related to public nuisances. Although, it was later determined the revolver gun was a toy; the appearance of the toy revolver lead the victims to believe it was a real firearm. By believing the toy was real, it warranted felony charges based off of the victims belief of being in immediate danger. With the summer months approaching, the Grants Police Department will continue to be vigilant in our city parks to assure the safest environment for our children. If you see any type of suspicious activity while in our parks, contact the Grants Police Department immediately.

LAST CHANCE TO APPLY AND ATTEND THE NEXT ASSESSMENT! We will be conducting an applicant physical assessment April 30 @ 10am! APPLY TODAY! ***Applications can be picked up and dropped off at the Grants Police Department*** Physical requirements are as follows: 1.5 Mile Run 15:54 300 Meter Run 71 seconds 1 minute max push ups 15 1 minute max sit-up’s 27 105 E Roosevelt Ave

For those of you wondering ....

May you Rest In Peace, Retired Lieutenant Steve Bell. End of Watch April 16, 2018

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 18, 2018 PRESS RELEASE On April 18, 2018 at 12:45 pm Shelby County Sheriff’s investigators [Memphis, Tennessee area] relayed to the possible location of BRENTON WHITE to the Grants Police Department; WHITE was said to be the suspect in the abduction of 9 year old Zamyriah White. Shelby investigators told Grants dispatch that WHITES cell phone was stationary at the Sonic Drive in (Route 66, Grants, NM). Officer’s immediately responded and located WHITES vehicle. The business entrance and exit was barricaded as Sgt. Joe Galindo and Lt. Moses Marquez approached WHITE’S vehicle. WHITE immediately put his vehicle in reverse and sped away from officers. As WHITE drove towards police barricade, WHITE drove onto a pedestrian walk way to escape police. It was at this time Officer Maurice Martinez was able to spike both drivers side tires, immediately hindering WHITES vehicle. It was because of Officer Martinez quick actions, WHITES vehicle was only able to reach speeds of 20 to 25 MPH, rather than 100+ MPH. Knowing a child could possibly be in the car; officers pursued WHITE for 5 miles on Route 66 at slow speeds. The pursuit, now entering Milan, NM, caused WHITES tires to completely shred off of the vehicle. As WHITE drove on 2 rims, officers made several attempts to slow his vehicle to prevent a fire and/ or smoke issues for the child. Officers attempted to get in front of WHITE as well as box WHITE in; during these maneuvers, WHITE made several attempts to ram officers, causing the pursuit to continue. Sgt. Galindo was then able to get in front of WHITE and spike his passenger tires. WHITE, now driving on all 4 rims neared the freeway entrance. Milan Police was able to block the entrance, causing WHITE to u-turned and head back to Grants. When WHITE’S path to Grants was blocked, WHITE drove in such a reckless manner through a supermarket parking lot, that pursuing officers made the decision to forcefully stop the vehicle. As officers positioned to box WHITE in, WHITE drove directly into a Cibola County Sheriff vehicle, ending the pursuit as his vehicle was boxed in and surrounded. As pursuing officers approached WHITES vehicle to apprehend him, WHITE locked his door and grabbed his child from the passenger seat, using her to shield his own self. Numerous commands were given to WHITE and all were ignored. The decision to break the window was made and the child was taken from WHITES arms. WHITE continued to ignore Officers commands and was ultimately Tased then taken into custody. To all officers’ surprise, the vehicle was also occupied by 2 more children and 1 adult who were laying in the back seat for shelter. The children were taken from the vehicle and later assessed by EMS. Grants investigators are working closely with Shelby County to reunite Zamyriah with her mother. She will remain in CYFD care until these arrangements are made. WHITE is facing charges from the Shelby County Sheriff’s for custodial interference (related to the abduction of Zamyriah) as well the following charges brought against him by the Grants Police Department: (in order of occurrence) 1. Obstructing/ Resisting a Law Enforcement Officer {Misdemeanor} 2. Aggravated Fleeing a Law Enforcement Officer {Fourth degree felony} 3. Child Abuse {Third degree felony} 4. Child Abuse {Third degree felony} 5. Child Abuse {Third degree felony} 6. Aggravated Assault Upon a Peace Officer (Deadly Weapon) {Third degree felony} 7. Aggravated Assault Upon a Peace Officer (Deadly Weapon) {Third degree felony} 8. Aggravated Battery Upon a Peace Officer (Deadly Weapon) {Fourth degree felony} 9. Child Abuse {Third degree felony} 10. Resisting a Law Enforcement Officer {Misdemeanor} WHITE has been booked into the CORE CIVIC detention facility (Milan, NM) without the eligibility of bond.


Public Notice: Community Meeting Bluewater & Diener Canyon Fires Tuesday, April 17, 2018 5:30 p.m. Old Cibola County Complex 515 W. High Street Grants, NM The Incident Management Team, Personnel and Fire Cooperators will provide an update on the two fires.

Per Superintendent Dr. Mark Space: All GCCS are canceled / closed tomorrow, April 13, 2018. LIKE & SHARE

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Sgt Galindo attempting the “drunk goggles” course

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