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Lyon County Sheriff's Office is located at 911 Harvey Way #1, Yerington, 89447 NV. The Lyon County Sheriff's Office phone number is 775-463-6600.

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Missing since October 13, 2018.

Sheriff’s Message, Week of October 28th Community Friends, On almost every Sunday for the past four years, I have sat down at the computer with a cup of coffee to reflect on what the Sheriff’s Office has accomplished. I have enjoyed sharing the many accomplishments, some of the funny stories, and a few of the tragedies along the way. It has been my privilege to open up our world in order to give each of you some insight. Each day, the employees of the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office strive to make this a better place to live and raise a family. Understaffed throughout all of our operations (dispatching, clerical, jail, patrol & investigations), our workforce does more with less than any other law enforcement agency in the state. And of course, our volunteers are so greatly appreciated to help make up the difference. Each week, I have always tried to pick three topics to write about, and each week it is difficult to choose since there are so many. For example, this week I reviewed the monthly Special Investigation Unit (SIU) aggregate statistics for the year to date. Thus far, they have seized almost two pounds of methamphetamine, an ounce of heroin, 21 drug connected guns, and have arrested 95 people who were connected to felony street crimes or sale of illegal drugs. Last month they seized over an ounce of cocaine in Fernley pursuant to a search warrant. An ounce of any illegal drug is a lot of dope for any of our communities. Also in October, Deputy Karma went into the Yerington High Schools and the K9 alerted on two backpacks. While no illegal drugs were found, the alert indicates the backpacks either had, or were around methamphetamine, cocaine, or heroin because that is what the Karma is trained to detect. SIU has only one sergeant, three deputies, and a K9 deputy for the entire county. Just imagine what we could do with another team? But before we put in another team, we need to increase dispatchers, clerks, jail staff, and patrol deputies. As you can see it is a constant balancing act of resource allocation. This week, we sent patrol deputies into the hills around Fort Churchill looking for a suicidal subject. The intoxicated subject claimed he lost his gun and his truck was stuck. Although SAR was called out, our deputies were able to find him and get him the help he needed. Yes folks, we can’t make up these stories. And finally, Halloween passed without any significant issues. Fernley’s Spooktacular and Yerington’s Vineyard Night of Lights both drew about 2,000 visitors each. These two “safe street” events are great community led programs. And of course, we increased our presence in the neighborhoods, especially with our VIPs helping to pass out candy. All in all it was a great, fun filled night. As always, keep the faith! Al

WARRANT WEDNESDAY: SAVANAH HELENA ESTRELLA The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the community’s help to locate SAVANAH HELENA ESTRELLA who is wanted for FAILURE TO APPEAR for possession of Schedule II/II controlled substance. She was last known to be living in the Yerington, Nevada area. If you see SAVANAH HELENA ESTRELLA or know her whereabouts please DO NOT take any police action yourself, but contact the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office at 775-463-6620 or 775-577-5023. You can also contact Secret Witness at 775-322-4900 or

TRICK OR TREAT SAFETY TIPS Halloween is just hours away and a particular special treat for Lyon County children. This is also an important time to be extra vigilant for potential safety hazards. The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office will increase their neighborhood presence to ensure the safety of our children and will also pass out candy. We want all of our communities to enjoy a happy, fun, and safe night of trick ‘n treats by following these tips. PARENTS • Always escort your children and carry a flashlight. • Be familiar with the neighborhood where your children will be trick or treating. • Always know who is trick or treating with your children. • Walk on the sidewalks and not in the middle of the street. • Stay in well-lighted areas. • Choose fireproof comfortable costumes made of light colored material so then can be easily seen in the dark. • Consider placing reflective or glow in the dark tape on your children’s costumes. • Have children avoid wearing eye makeup or masks that will restrict their vision. • Give out only commercially wrapped candy. • Inspect all treats before allowing children to eat them. TRICK-or-TREATERS • Do not trick or treat by yourself. • Do not take short cuts, especially in unlit areas. • Obey all traffic signals and look in all directions when crossing streets. • Walk, don’t run to your intended destination and don’t dart in and out of cars. • Only trick or treat at homes with the porch light on. • Wait until you get home before eating any treats. HOMEOWNERS • Turn on your porch light so children know it’s all right to visit your home. • If you place a Jack-o-Lantern on your porch, place a glow stick inside instead of a candle. • Only hand out commercially wrapped candy. • Never invite children into your home. • Keep pets away from children. • Maintain clear walkways that are free from obstruction. • Immediately notify the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office of any suspicious activity. MOTORISTS • Exercise extreme caution when driving a vehicle. • Be on the alert for excited youngsters, whose vision may be obscured by masks, darting out into traffic. • Be extra careful when entering and exiting driveways. • Play your music at a reasonable volume so you can listen for potential children crossing in your path. • NEVER drink and drive.

Sheriff’s Message, Week of October 21st Community Friends, At quick internet search lists many scientific studies and scholarly articles written about warm weather effects on crime. Ironically, one only needs to ask any seasoned cop. Just like a farmer who constantly pays attention to weather to monitor their crops, the veteran cops understands how weather impacts their community. This week’s unseasonably warm weather keep us busy. A capsized boat was reported in Lake Lahontan and our Search & Rescue Boat Team was called out. The boat was located, however no one was located in/or around the area. A specialized water-trained cadaver dog was brought out on the lake, but again nothing. We have not received any missing persons reports connected with this incident. Another one of our patrol vehicles hit a horse on Highway 50 in Dayton. Fortunately our deputy was able to see the horse at a distance and significantly reduced his speed before impact. The deputy did not get injured and the patrol vehicle only had minor damage. The injured horse could not be located. In Mason Valley a dispute erupted between two individuals and involved the discharge of a gun. Although one of them went to jail for a D.U.I., the case is being sent to the District Attorney’s Office requesting criminal complaints. And of course many have read about the Wal-Mart fire, which is being investigated by the State Fire Marshall’s Office. That Office will release information related to the fire. Last night, a reckless driver was reported on Hwy 50. I guess the driver felt with all the NHP troopers involved with the VPOTUS visit and helicopter incident in Carson City there would be no enforcement on highways in Lyon County, well he was wrong. After a short pursuit in Stagecoach, the vehicle was stopped and the driver was arrested for a D.U.I. Nonetheless, a few deputies as part of a special assignment, were sent to assist the Carson City Sheriff’s Office with security assignments for the VPOTUS visit. And finally, there are times when I drive a patrol car around neighborhoods and talk with citizens. This week while driving around Smith Valley, I saw a farmer out in the field working on an irrigation wheel line. I stopped to talk and it just happens to be Senator Heller winterizing and securing his equipment. This just one of the many reasons I love my job as we had a great, but brief conversation. All in all, it was a busy week. Hopefully the colder weather comes soon to put criminals into hibernation. As always, keep the faith! Al

LCSO ADVISORY: STAGECOACH FIRE The Lyon County Sheriff's Office is asking travelers in the area of Boyer Lane in Stagecoach, Nevada to use caution due to an active brush fire. Central Lyon County Fire District is on scene of a five-acre fire west of Boyer Lane. Currently there are no structures threatened. Central Lyon Fire is working the situation along with a brush engine from Storey County. A helicopter is also enroute from NDF in Minden. Motorists traveling through Stagecoach are asked to watch for and yield to emergency vehicles responding to the fire.

Sheriff’s Message, Week of October 14th Community Friends, Partnering is the establishment of a long term win-win relationship based on mutual trust and teamwork, and on sharing of both risks and rewards. The Sheriff’s Office relationship with the Healthy Communities Coalition (HCC) of Lyon and Storey Counties is one example of partnering. Over the years, we have worked with them on behavioral health projects that launched our mobile outreach safety team (MOST) and our jail forensic assessment services triage team (FASTT). They also provided us with funding to acquire less-lethal shotguns for every patrol car and covered overtime costs for deputies to complete crisis awareness training. On Saturday we worked with HCC on another “Drug Take Back” in Dayton and in Fernley, with our Volunteers in Policing (VIP) always ready to help. Since prescription narcotics are being turned in, a deputy must be a part of the team. HCC provided financial support to reimburse the county for deputy overtime. What really stood out during yesterday’s event was the individual who turned in over 4,000 methadone pills and a significant number of Percocet pills. Methadone and Percocet are opioids. With a street value at ten dollars a pill and the community problems caused if they had been stolen, we were extremely happy to see these pills turned in for destruction. This is one of the main reasons we do “Drug Take Back.” All turned in pills are burned in an EPA approved incinerator. For those who missed the event, pills can be turned in at any substation or main office during normal business hours. Just take them out of the prescription bottles and place them in a paper or plastic bag. We will accept them with no questions asked. We are getting inquiries about our VIP program and we are always looking for more volunteers. Based on an individual’s interest and physical abilities, we will match them up with a job from clerical to auxiliary patrol assistance. The VIP program is about giving back to your community. VIPs do not carry a gun while helping us because of liabilities. This week we did receive a citizen report of a VIP carrying a gun; however, it just turn out to be their holstered radio. And finally, our deputies never know the type of call they might be dispatched to. This weekend an out of state father driving to a Fallon football game accidentally left his 8-year old sons in a Yerington gas station after stopping to use the bathroom and get directions. About 15 minutes later he realized he was missing something in the back seat and immediately turned around. His son was extremely happy to see his dad pull back into the parking lot. All turned out well for both dad and son. As always, keep the faith! Al

LCSO ADVISORY: SILVER SPRINGS FIRE The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office is advising travelers along East Ninth Street in Silver Springs to use caution and watch out for emergency vehicles due to a structure fire on the 7700 block of Springfield Road.

WARRANT WEDNESDAY: KRISTIN CAREY HAZLETT The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the community’s help to locate KRISTIN CAREY HAZLETT who is wanted for FAILURE TO APPEAR for under the possession of a Schedule II/II controlled substance (methamphetamine). She was last known to be living in Fernley, Nevada. If you see KRISTIN CAREY HAZLETT or know her whereabouts please DO NOT take any police action yourself, but contact the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office at 775-463-6620 or 775-577-5023. You can also contact Secret Witness at 775-322-4900 or

Sheriff’s Message, Week of October 7th Community Friends, In 2007, the Nevada legislature passed AB 579, or better known as the Adam Walsh law that significantly changes sex offender registration processes and time requirements. After years of court litigation, Nevada released its updated sex offender registration list on October 1st. You can search your zip code through thru the state’s search portal at Like most the new laws there are unintended consequences. AB 579 will increase the workload on our three records employees and the three substation clerks (Dayton, Fernley, and Silver Springs), who assist in sex offender registration requirements. Like administrative functions of any organization, these employees process mounds of reports and documents to fulfill mandated state and federal reporting requirements, along with processing citizen, business, and prosecuting attorney requests. These employees are extremely dedicated and invaluable to our success, and are some of our behind the scene heroes. With the implementation of AB 579, we along with other Sheriff Offices are in disagreement with the state’s compliance division interpretation of mandating finger and palm prints every three months. This process adds to our labor and other costs without any significant benefit to public safety. While this may seem insignificant, the costs will add up over the years. This week we received official notification from the Office of Criminal Justice that we were awarded $95,717 from the 2018 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant. In its second year of grant funding, this award ensures another year of full funding for our Mobile Outreach Safety Team (MOST). As many known, our MOST team is out in the community thirty hours a week, helping people with mental and behavioral health issues and connecting them to services, with the goal of keeping them out of the criminal justice system. And finally a pedestrian fatality occurred on Hwy 50 in Mound House this week. The initial report is a pedestrian attempting to cross the busy highway with dark clothing during the night. Sadly, an elderly driver just didn’t see him. Our prayers go out to the pedestrian’s family and friends, and along to the driver. This is a tragic heart-breaking accident. As always, keep the faith! Al

LCSO ADVISORY: MISSING PERSON The Lyon County Sheriff's Office is asking for the public's help in locating Karlie Gusé, 16 who is missing from Chalfant, CA near Bishop and has family ties to Yerington, NV. Gusé was last seen in the early morning of Saturday, October 13, 2018 in Chalfant walking towards Highway 6. She did not have any personal belongs or a cell phone with her. Gusé is a white female, 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs approximately 110 pounds. She has dark blonde hair and blue eyes. It's believed she was last seen wearing a white t-shirt and gray sweat pants. The Lyon County Sheriff's Office is asking anyone who may have seen Karlie Gusé or knows her whereabouts to please contact either the Mono County Sheriff's Office at 760-932-7549 (option 7), or the Lyon County Sheriff's Office at 775-463-6620.

SILVER CITY ADVISORY The residents of Silver City, Nevada are asked to conserve water due to a problem with their water tank. The tank is expected to be repaired by tomorrow, October 15th. Please note, the issue is mechanical and there are no issues with the water and it is safe to drink. The only community impacted by this situation is Silver City.

UPDATE**FATAL MOUND HOUSE CRASH**UPDATE All lanes of Hwy 50 through Mound House are now open in both directions. Please drive through the area with caution as NHP wraps up their investigation.

LCSO ADVISORY: FATAL MOUND HOUSE CRASH The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office and the Nevada Highway Patrol are working a vehicle vs pedestrian crash in Mound House at Hwy 50 and Red Rock Road. Westbound travel lanes are currently closed. Traffic is being rerouted around the scene, but motorists are ask to avoid the area if possible. If you must go through the area, please drive with caution.

LCSO PRESS RELEASE: LCSO CONDUCT BROTHEL COMPLIANCE CHECKS Yerington, Nevada -- On October 3, 2018 the Lyon County Sheriff's Office with the assistance of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers conducted a series of brothel work card compliance checks of prostitutes who obtained work cards contrary to Lyon County Code and in possible violation of United States immigration law for the following Mound House brothels: Bunny Ranch, Kit Kat Ranch, and the Love Ranch. This action stems from a four-month long internal investigation during which Sheriff Office prostitute registration procedures were found inadequate, a practice spanning multiple decades. Those practices include US immigration law violations, foreign country human trafficking indicators, fraudulent statements, issuance of work cards prior to completing criminal history background checks, and inability to validate out-of-state and US and other foreign national documents to determine identity. Corrective procedures are being developed and implemented to better align with Lyon County Code as it relates to work card registration. In accordance with Lyon County Code, all brothel employees are required to register for a work card specific to the brothel they are employed. The Sheriff's Office is required by code to conduct periodic inspections to ensure compliance of brothel employee and prostitute registration. In addition, these compliance checks ensure the medical certifications for the prostitutes are up-to-date. According to Sheriff Al McNeil, "The discovery of US immigration law violations in our legal brothel system is extremely alarming. The ability to coerce, exploit and traffic non-US citizens into Lyon County by foreign criminal enterprises is going to be difficult to detect and deter by our limited capabilities and resources of foreign born applicants, which has caused us to develop better working partnerships with federal agencies to combat human trafficking efforts.” As a result, members of the US Immigration and Custom Enforcement have been helping us to better understand the requirements and procedures for processing foreign born applicants. “This is the first time we applied a task force of multiple agencies for a work card compliance check. We already use this approach quite successfully to conduct compliance checks in other law enforcement areas, and we will give serious consideration to using this approach with future brothel compliance checks. In addition, I want to thank the US Immigration and Custom Enforcement team for their hard work and a job well done.”

EAST MASON VALLEY FLOODING At 5:00 pm this evening the Lyon County Sheriff's Office and the County Road Department responded to reports of flash flooding in the east Mason Valley area, east of Yerington, Nevada. There are no reported injuries, but there are a number of yards covered with water, mud and debris. Crews are currently working to make roads passable tonight and will make major repairs tomorrow. The area from Nadel Lane east to bonanza Lane was the hardest hit. One home is reported in have water inside. With the coming of wet winter weather, the LCSO wants to remind drivers to use extra caution on roads in flood prone areas and when traveling roads you are not familiar with.

WARRANT WEDNESDAY: JASON LEE COOPER The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the community’s help to locate JASON LEE COOPER who is wanted for grand larceny of a motor vehicle and possession of a stolen property. He was last known to be living in the Silver Springs, Nevada area and has known ties with Stagecoach, Nevada. If you see JASON LEE COOPER or know his whereabouts please DO NOT take any police action yourself, but contact the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office at 775-463-6620 or 775-577-5023. You can also contact Secret Witness at 775-322-4900 or

WARRANT WEDNESDAY: RAECHELLE MARIE TOM The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the community’s help to locate RAECHELLE MARIE TOM who is wanted for FAILURE TO APPEAR for possession of a Schedule I/II controlled substance. She was last known to be living in Yerington, Nevada. If you see RAECHELLE MARIE TOM or know her whereabouts please DO NOT take any police action yourself, but contact the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office at 775-463-6620 or 775-577-5023. You can also contact Secret Witness at 775-322-4900 or

Sheriff’s Message, Week of September 2nd Community Friends, During the Sheriff’s Office monthly report at the Dayton Regional Advisory Board we were asked about a reported mountain lion sighting in Dayton’s Sutro neighborhood earlier in the week. It was news to us. With a bit of digging, we did receive a mountain lion sighting report that week in Silver Springs, but it was just an extremely large cat. Nonetheless, there does appear to be a cougar/mountain lion floating around the Silver Lane and Black Hawk Road areas of Stagecoach. This week a domestic horse was attacked and another attack occurred against a dog. These initial reports appear credible and that the culprit is a mountain lion. Our Division of Wildlife (NDOW) partners have been notified. With all of the wildfires this summer, lion habitat and availability of food has been disrupted, causing them to venture into other areas. NDOW has a good pamphlet available on living with mountain lions at If you live near areas prone to mountain lion encounters please review this pamphlet, educate your children, and apply some of the good common sense ideas. This weekly report is not intended to cause community fear, but rather to raise awareness. Remember, mountain lions are more afraid of contact with us than we are with them. This week the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) held an executive meeting. The Sheriff’s Office is a member of this regional program. One of the main topics is the opioid epidemic. There are some, who rightfully so are concerned about access to pain management medication especially for end of life care. However, it is people like Dr. Richard Rand from San Francisco who unlawfully prescribed in excess of 1.3 million opioid pills annually for profit. Many of these pills came into Northern Nevada and Lyon County that went into black market and street sales. Some pills eventually made it into our schools by our children who made a few dollars selling them thinking they are legal because their parents use them. Unfortunately there are more “doctors” like Rand with licenses to prescribe opioids. Some of these “doctors” have been prosecuted in Nevada and have lost their licenses, and more are under investigation. Sadly many ethical doctors are concerned about over-prescribing opioids for pain management. Zero federal regulation led to an abundance of pills flooding communities, causing the epidemic, and impacting all of the public safety services. With both sides polarized on the issue, the solution is finding the right balance between legitimate patient needs and keeping opioid pill excesses out of our communities. And finally, our Communication Supervisor Jennifer Moore did not get deployed to Montana, but was deployed with her Type II team to fight the fire in Bridgeport California. We are proud of her. As always, keep the faith! Al

UPDATE ** YOUNG BOY FOUND IN DAYTON ** UPDATE The parent of the missing young boy has been located and Chance is being reunited with the parent. The Lyon County Sheriff's Office wants to give a heartfelt thanks to those who called with information to help bring this situation to a successful conclusion. ************************************************************************************* This afternoon the Lyon County Sheriff's Office responded to a call of a young boy who wandered into a local business in Dayton near Highway 50 and Pike Street.

LCSO ADVISORY: YOUNG BOY FOUND IN DAYTON This afternoon the Lyon County Sheriff's Office responded to a call of a young boy who wandered into a local business in Dayton near Highway 50 and Pike Street. The boy says his name is Chance, and he can't remember where he lives. He is approximately 4 years of age. He is a white male with blonde hair and blue eyes; approximately 3'6" tall and 40 lbs. Chance is wearing a "T-Rex" black t-shirt with black and neon green shorts with black tennis shoes. The Sheriff's Office is asking anyone with information regarding Chance or know the whereabouts of his parents to please call the Lyon County Sheriff's Office at 775-463-6620 and ask to speak with Deputy Brethauer.

LCSO ADVISORY: JURY DUTY SCAM The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office has received several calls from the public regarding a “Missed Jury Duty” scam making the rounds. Posing as an employee of the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office, scammers call victims and tell them they can avoid arrest for missing jury duty by paying a fine immediately. They have also left voice mail messages with a phone number to call. When the intended victim calls the number it is answered by someone posing as a Sheriff’s Office employee. The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office DOES NOT call individuals who have missed jury duty or prospective jurors. Furthermore, the Sheriff’s Office WILL NOT ask for money or personal identifying information over the phone. Also be aware, scammers often provide information like titles and badge numbers of legitimate law enforcement officers, names of federal judges and courtroom addresses. Scammers may even make their phone numbers appear on caller ID as if from a court or a government agency. The LCSO advises the public not to give out bank account, social security, or credit card numbers over the phone if you didn’t initiate the call, whether it is to someone trying to sell you something or to someone who claims to be from a bank or government department.

WARRANT WEDNESDAY: MEGAN ERIN HAFFEY The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the community’s help to locate MEGAN ERIN HAFFEY who is wanted for FAILURE TO APPEAR for under the influence of a Schedule I/II controlled substance. She was last known to be living in Dayton, Nevada with ties to the Carson City area. If you see MEGAN ERIN HAFFEY or know her whereabouts please DO NOT take any police action yourself, but contact the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office at 775-463-6620 or 775-577-5023. You can also contact Secret Witness at 775-322-4900 or

Sheriff’s Message, Week of August 26th Community Friends, People experiencing behavioral health crises on a national level has increased and Lyon County has experienced similar increases over the past decade. And while a clinical doctor would debate whether I used an appropriate phrase, our deputies do not have the luxury of asking a barricade person in a vehicle at a Wal-Mart parking lot threatening suicide with a knife and machete; is this a “behavioral health” crisis, or is this a “mental health” crisis? Society has accepted the general practice of calling public safety (us) for just about everything. Most times the caller doesn’t want the person arrested or in trouble, they just want them “to get better.” Until just a few years ago, our deputies had very few options. They either found a friend or family member to take them, which was almost non-existent because everyone was tired of the problem; or the deputy found a crime violation to arrest them. Taking the person to jail removed the problem and was the simplest problem solving technique. Jails were becoming filled with mentally ill, costing enormous amounts of dollars from liability and mental health stabilization. Jail deputies were no better trained to handle mental illnesses than those on patrol. Prosecutors deferred mentally ill cases so they could devote resources on violent criminal cases. Thus the mentally ill would be released back into society without treatment as a revolving door. Anxiety, depression, substance abuse disorders, schizophrenia, bi-polar and other clinical diagnoses are part of the crisis our deputies, ambulance crews, and hospitals encounter every day. And although blame can be placed on societal issues, laws enacted or lack thereof by politicians, and/or corporate profit and unethical policies from pharmaceutical and other commercial enterprises, the fact remains that emergency first responders go out each day and pick up the pieces. We care about community health and each day are trying to make a difference. Our Mobile Outreach Safety Team (MOST) currently makes 15-20 county-wide weekly referral contacts since it increased weekly hours to thirty this year. Sadly they weren’t notified of an individual with depression who committed suicide in front of their family this week. We want to increase MOST hours, but the three members who make up the team are funded through the State Division of Public and Behavioral Health and grant funding through the Office of Criminal Justice, a federal program. Sgt. Chris Bixby is now a nationally certified crisis intervention instructor and this week he coordinated a 40-hour Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) course. 25 students from law enforcement, human services, juvenile probation, court services, and even from the Healthy Community Coalition graduated. CIT is breaking down government silos and reshaping how our emergency first responders and community based services interact to find non-confrontational and lasting solutions. More importantly, we are doing a better job at getting individuals into our limited regional treatment centers instead of jail. Occasionally, we make an arrest and take them to jail instead of a treatment center as a better solution. When identified, we counsel staff to improve performance. And finally, how did the barricaded person at Wal-Mart turn out? Our deputies did a great job. By using CIT skills, they got him out of the vehicle without force and instead of jail, took him to the Mallory Treatment Center. As always, keep the faith! Al

LCSO ADVISORY: ATTEMPTED HOME BURGLARY Wednesday, August 22, 2018 the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office received a call of an attempted forced entry into a home in the area of St. Andrews Drive and Lakeview Drive in Dayton, Nevada. By the time deputies arrived the suspect had already fled the area. The suspect presented himself as selling perfume to the resident. When told she wasn’t interested and began to close the door the suspect tried unsuccessfully to force his way into the residence. The suspect is described as a white male, blonde hair, tall with a medium build, appeared to be between mid-20 to early 30s in age, clean shaven and wearing dark clothing. The car he drove off in was a full-size sedan and light blue in color. No information available on the license plates. Help us find this individual. Through social media we are hearing of other possible contacts with this suspect. If you have any information regarding this individual you are asked to call the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office at 775-463-6620 (reference case number 18LY03785) or call Secret Witness at 775-322-4900 (