Endicott Police Department

  • Agency: Endicott Police Department
  • Address: 1101 Park St, Endicott, 13760 NY
  • Chief: Michael R Cox (Chief of Police)
Phone: 607-785-3341
Fax: (607)757-2489

Endicott Police Department is located at 1101 Park St, Endicott, 13760 NY. The Chief of Police of the department is Michael R Cox. The Endicott Police Department phone number is 607-785-3341.

Endicott Police Department News

The Endicott Police Department has fielded numerous calls regarding a social media post being shared related to women needing to protect themselves in Endicott. It is not the position of the Endicott Police Department to comment on investigations prior to completing them and in some respects it would be very unwise; however, public safety is our priority. IF WE FELT THERE WERE ANY REASON FOR THE PUBLIC TO BE CONCERNED ABOUT AN INCIDENT WE ARE INVESTIGATING, WE WOULD MAKE A PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT. That announcement would be made through news media outlets, social media and any other information outlet that would make sense to get the information to the public. TO BE CLEAR - we have NO REASON to suspect that citizens face any increased level of danger that merits any form of notification through social media or otherwise. Please feel free to share this post.

Chief Garey recently had the pleasure of meeting Kamdyn, who is 8 years old. Kamdyn wowed the Chief with his extensive knowledge about all things police! He wants to be a Police Officer when he grows up and the Chief would love to have him join the Endicott PD ranks! We’re not sure who enjoyed the meeting more!

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Endicott Police Department has placed pink ribbons on each of our patrol vehicles and officers will be wearing pink ribbons on our uniforms. According to Wikipedia, "Breast Cancer Awareness Month is an annual health campaign organized by major breast cancer charities to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for research into its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure. The campaign also offers information and support to those affected by breast cancer." Donations raised by officers participating in the department will be contributed to Traci's Hope, a not-for-profit fund set up to help individuals suffering from breast cancer in Broome, Bradford, Susquehanna and Tioga counties.

SCAM ALERT Please share this post and let your loved ones and friends know as well... Scammers are calling around purporting to be the Internal Revenue Service. They will demand you withdraw and/or forward money to them via credit card - Google play cards or other forms of payment. If you do not pay, they will tell you that you risk investigation or arrest. This is a scam. The IRS will NEVER contact you in such a manner and no legitimate organization will tell you over the telephone that you must pay money immediately or be arrested. DO NOT WITHDRAW ANY MONEY OR GIVE OUT ANY CREDIT CARD NUMBERS OR ANY INFORMATION OVER THE PHONE. You are welcome to contact the Endicott PD if you live in the Village of Endicott or your local police department to check on the legitimacy of any such call. REMEMBER - NO LEGITIMATE ORGANIZATION WILL CALL YOU AND TELL YOU THAT YOU MUST PAY IMMEDIATELY OR YOU WILL EXPERIENCE A NEGATIVE CONSEQUENCE. ANY LEGITIMATE ORGANIZATION WILL PROVIDE TIME FOR YOU TO VERIFY THEIR LEGITIMACY.

The Endicott Police Department is investigating a suspicious package that was left at the Runway Convenience Store at the intersection of Main Street and Vestal Avenue. There is no known threat; however, the Endicott Police Bomb Squad is being called to the scene out of an abundance of caution to investigate further. Travelers are requested to avoid the area if possible.

Please see the attached press release.

Officer Ranieri had some young visitors bring doughnuts to the police department on 9/11. (Stereotype or not, we do love doughnuts!) Many thanks to these wonderful kids for taking time out of their day to recognize us!

Chief Garey got to meet this cutie at the Apple Festival while he was interviewing new police officer candidates for the recruit class of 2030!

The Endicott Police Department is requesting the public's help with identifying the individuals in the pictures below, who are being sought for questioning regarding a Grand Larceny investigation. If you have information that may assist us, please contact 785-3341 and press option 4 to reach the Detective Division.

The Endicott Police are attempting to identify suspects in a felony criminal mischief that occurred at approx. 2:30 AM this morning on the 100 block of W. Main St. One of the suspects should have a serious laceration to his right hand. Please contact the Endicott Police Department if you recognize any of the following individuals.

Some of the amazing chalk drawings featured last night at Gusto Festival. Great food, great music, great time had by all, finished off with fireworks from the Northside Park.

Gwen Stafani was out on patrol Friday night at the Dicks Sporting Goods Open.

DICK’S SPORTING GOODS OPEN TRAFFIC REMINDER AND UPDATE: Traffic in front of EnJoie Golf Course between Grippen and the entrance to Glendale Technology Park - as well as the lower end of Glendale Drive - will be closed to traffic at Noon, with traffic detoured on roadways away from the course. At approximately 5 PM, traffic on Main Street will become one-way heading westbound from Nanticoke (State Route 26) to S Grippen Ave toward the course. Traffic will be reversed to one-way eastbound (away from the course) from S Grippen to Nanticoke after the Blake Shelton concert is underway(specific time is to be determined but expected to be approximately 9:30 PM). ALL PARKING FOR DICK’S SPORTING GOODS LOTS HAS BEEN MOVED TO “LOT A” ( Glendale Technology Park). You can access parking via 17C in Apalachin, West Corners, or the Main Street detours. When exiting Glendale Technology Park after noon today, including after the concert, vehicles exiting southbound on to Main Street/17C will be directed westbound toward Apalachin. Vehicles exiting the parking lot to the north on Glendale Drive will be directed through West Corners. FYI this page is not monitored 24/7 and will not be monitored during the event so we will not be able to respond to questions today. Thank you for your patience.

***SCAM ALERT*** We have received reports of fake companies contacting individuals and reporting cyber-security breaches with their personal computers. They advise they can fix the issue and request you pay them over the phone with bank/credit information. They do not provide any service to your computer and take money directly from your account. Please do not ever provide your personal or financial information over the phone to individuals you did not initiate contact with. If you receive this phone call and believe your computer may be at risk, take it to a reputable computer IT company. Please report any suspicious conditions such as this to your local police agency.

The women and men of the Endicott Police Department wish the very best of luck to our very own Union Endicott Little League All-Stars as they compete at 1:00 pm today in the Bronx for the New York State Little League Majors Division Title. Go get ‘em boys!

Please join us again this year for National Night Out on the Village Lawn. There will be food, activities and giveaways for all members of the family. It is sure to be a wonderful time again this year.

CORRECTION!!!! - Blood Drive TOMORROW at the Endicott Fire Department from 12 Noon - 6 PM. The Red Cross needs your help! Emergency need for all blood types! Please consider donating!

Send off ceremony for Lieutenant Raub

Congratulations to Lieutenant Fred Raub on his last day of work after nearly 28 years of service with the Endicott Police Department. Lieutenant Raub, we thank you for your service!

The Village of Endicott is experiencing issues with our telephone server which is affecting telephone calls throughout most Village offices. Most numbers are functioning correctly to dial into an office, however voicemails, transfers, phone trees and some lines are not functioning correctly. It is anticipated that the issue will continue until tomorrow. We apologize for any inconvenience .

The issue with the police department telephone number has been fixed. Please call 785-3341 for non-emergency calls. Thank you

The Endicott Police Department is experiencing a telephone issue for callers who attempt to call our main police desk line 785-3341. The issue stems from a fiber optic cable being cut out of state. The issue is being worked on. Until the system is restored, callers may call 607-757-2486 for non-emergency calls. As always, for emergencies, please dial 911.

Juveniles charged in assault after school event. Please see attached.