Schenectady Police Department

  • Agency: Schenectady Police Department
  • Address: 531 Liberty St, Schenectady, 12305 NY
  • Chief: Michael N Geraci, Sr (Chief of Police)

Schenectady Police Department is located at 531 Liberty St, Schenectady, 12305 NY. The Chief of Police of the department is Michael N Geraci, Sr. The Schenectady Police Department phone number is 518-382-5200.

Schenectady Police Department News

On Wednesday, November 7th, 2018 detectives from the Schenectady Police Department were in the area of 8th Avenue and observed a male with a handgun in his waistband. Uniformed officers responded to the area and approached said male who immediately fled on foot. After a brief foot pursuit the male was taken into custody and a loaded 45. caliber handgun was recovered in close proximity. Arrested and charged was: Jamelle A. Ward, 33 years old, of Schenectady. Criminal Possession of a Weapon 2nd Degree (Felony) Criminal Possession of Stolen Property 4th (Felony) Mr. Ward is currently being held in Schenectady City Lock-up awaiting arraignment by a sitting Schenectady City Court Judge tomorrow.

Subject: Larcenies from Vehicles Date/Time: 11/01/2018 0930 hrs The Schenectady Police Department is asking residents to ensure their vehicles are locked when parked, especially in the overnight hours. We have seen a recent increase in reports of vehicles which have been rummaged through and stolen from, most specifically on the North side of the city. Though activity appears to be highest in this area, similar reports are also coming in from all parts of the city so every resident should remain vigilant. Officers have increased patrols in response to this issue and will continue to work to identify the suspects in these crimes, but the most effective deterrent is to ensure your vehicle is secure at all times. Residents are also reminded not to keep any items of value in plain sight while being stored in their vehicle. The Schenectady Police Department will provide updated information should it become available and residents are asked to report any suspicious activity. Dispatch non-emergency- 518-630-0911

The Schenectady Police Department’s social media footprint is expanding! You can now find Chief Eric S. Clifford on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Please “like” and follow him for updates on his training at the FBI National Academy and more about the police department and our Schenectady community. Here are his connections: Twitter: @ChiefClifford Instagram: Facebook: Chief Eric S. Clifford Thank you for visiting and learning more about the department and what you can do to help keep our community safe and strong!

The Schenectady County Unified Communication Center is hiring!! Interested and qualified candidates should submit their resume and cover letter by 5:00pm November 16th to: Barbara Leonard, Personnel Technician Department of Human Resources 620 State Street Schenectady, New York 12305 See attached for further information!

Statement from Chief Eric Clifford in regards to the lawsuit and settlement involving Ms. Cottone: "The mission of the Schenectady Police is to treat all persons with dignity and respect. Many encounters our officers handle daily are with people who are not at their best moment, and it is incumbent upon us to maintain professionalism at all times and serve the community with fairness and integrity. For the last two years, procedural justice has been a focus of our training and policy development, and it will continue to drive our future as we continue our goal to build trust in the community."

Kaleigha Figueroa has been located and is no longer considered missing. Thank you to everyone who assisted with locating her, and to those that shared our post to help get the information out.

Community Members, While the Schenectady Police Department makes every effort to respond to your messages as soon as possible, the Official Facebook page is NOT a forum to report any crime. If you have an emergency, or need to report an active crime, you should dial 9-1-1. If you have a non emergency situation, please contact our Unified Communications Center at (518) 630-0911 for further assistance. Additionally, if you visit our website at: you can access our citizen online reporting system, which allows you to submit a report immediately and print a copy of the police report for free.

Please join us today in wishing Detective Lieutenant Edward Barbagelata well in his future endeavors!

Subject: Missing Vulnerable Adult **Update** John Logatto, the man who was reported missing from Abbottsford Rd yesterday, has been located at Samaritan Medical Center in Watertown NY. Mr. Logatto is said to be in good health. Members of the Schenectady Police Department Detective Division are currently investigating the incident further. There is no further information available at this time.

Subject: Missing Vulnerable Adult The Schenectady Police Department’s Detective Division is requesting the public’s assistance in regards to a missing vulnerable adult male. John Logatto , 68 years old, was last seen leaving is home on Abbottsford Rd on Saturday, September 8, 2018 about 11:00 AM. John Logatto is approximately 5’5 and 198lbs, he is bald and has blue eyes. Mr. Logatto was wearing a blue long sleeve shirt, blue sweat pants and black sneakers. John Logatto is diagnosed with schizophrenia and may be in need of medical attention. Anyone with information in regards to his whereabouts is asked to contact the Schenectady Police Department.

Recently, the Schenectady Police Department has been made aware of the attached article written by the Daily Gazette. The Schenectady Police Department would like to take the opportunity to clarify what was reported for the concerned public regarding this incident. On July 31st, 2018 at around 1 a.m. we received a report of an assault that “possibly” occurred in the area of Nott Street. The victim contacted SPD from a separate location not in the area, approximately 30 minutes after the incident occurred. The victim unfortunately was only able to provide a general area of where the incident may have occurred. Fortunately, the victim did not sustain any visible physical injury, and did refuse medical attention offered. Since the initial report, we have been unable to substantiate the crime occurring in the area reported, by use of both public and private surveillance footage. While the Schenectady Police Department takes every reported crime very seriously, we also feel that it is important that all available facts be presented before bringing such concern and alarm to the attention of the public. At this point we have no evidence to suggest this incident is related to what has been reported as the “Knockout Game”. While we are concerned with the crime reported, and the circumstances under which it occurred, it is important that a thorough investigation be conducted before reaching the conclusions that were reported. It is unfortunate that misleading and incorrect information is provided to the public before the conclusion of such an investigation, and as an agency, we will continue to provide accurate facts to all media outlets as soon as we deem it appropriate to notify the public. Transparency and public trust is important, and as an agency, we will continuously strive to meet the expectations of the community.

Officers will be there at 5:00PM to talk about hiring. The deadline to signup for the test is July 26th.

As the Spring and Summer months approach, the Schenectady Police Department would like to remind all city residents that fireworks are NOT legal to possess or ignite within the city limits. If anyone is found to be in possession, or igniting fireworks within the city limits they will be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent. In addition to being illegal to possess within the City limits, fireworks are extremely dangerous. Each year thousands of people (including children and teens) are suffer devastating burns, significant injuries, or even death as a result of fireworks. Additionally, several thousand houses, vehicles, and outdoor fires occur as a result of fireworks. As always, the City of Schenectady's Police Department's priority is the safety of all members within this community. We urge all community members to attend the numerous planned firework events (by professional and permitted companies) in the coming months, rather than risk injury or property damage as a result of illegal fireworks.

2018 Schenectady Police Department Awards Ceremony On Tuesday June 12, 2018 The Schenectady Police Department held its annual Awards Ceremony. This ceremony recognizes the accomplishments and achievements of officers and detectives within the Schenectady Police Department. The Wayne E. Bennett Award – Detective Lieutenant Erik Gandrow This award is named in honor of the Wayne E. Bennett former Commissioner of the Schenectady Police Department and the former Superintendant of the New York State Police. Similar to Commissioner Bennett this officer demonstrates a common sense approach to supervising and leadership, commands respect, is fair but firm, appreciates honesty and is someone you would not want to disappoint. The Thomas A. Constantine Award – Detective Lieutenant Edward Barbagelata Awarded to an officer in recognition of his/her fidelity to the standards as exemplified by the career of Thomas A. Constantine, Superintendent New York State Police, U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency Administrator, Oversight Commissioner Northern Ireland Policing, and a Policy and Public Affairs Professor. The officer must demonstrate integrity, professionalism, leadership, honesty, dedication, professionalism in Law Enforcement and operate within the bounds of the strictest constitutional, legal and ethical standards. Bureau Chief’s Awards Fields Service Bureau – Patrolman Nicholas Giardono Nick’s nearly two decades of service to the citizens of Schenectady have been marked with dedication to duty, pride, and most of all compassion. He constantly receives praise from the community for his calm demeanor and professionalism on calls. A recent story that best describes Ptl. Giardono is the following: While on patrol Nick’s license plate reader indicated a passing car had no valid registration or insurance on file. After conducting a traffic stop, he learned that the driver’s husband had cancelled both after they broke up, unbeknownst to the driver. During the stop, Nick learned that the driver was on her way to the store to buy milk and cereal for her 5 children. After completing the traffic stop, and knowing that the female was going through a difficult situation, Nick went to the store and bought groceries for the family. Investigative Service Bureau – Detective Edward Ritz Ed’s 20 years of service to the citizens of Schenectady has been second to none. Ed currently serves as on the department’s GIVE Detectives, meaning his focus is primarily on gun and gun related violence within the city. Since taking this role, Ed has flourished. He has been instrumental in the investigating of crimes involving guns, development of intelligence, and administration of the program itself. Administrative Services Bureau – Lynn Roney Lynn has been with the Schenectady Police Department for 17 years. Lynn is one of the most important parts of the department that many never see or hear about. She is extensively involved in every officer’s career from the beginning (hiring process) to the end (retirement paperwork). Lynn is relied upon to be the contact person for all personnel matter for not only the 155+ officers, but the entire civilian staff as well. She is an important asset to the department and is one of the reasons that day to day personnel issues run as smoothly as possible. Department Citation for Bravery Performs an act of personal bravery, characterized by resolute fearlessness, fortitude, endurance, and self-sacrifice beyond the call of duty. Lieutenant Daryl Mallard Sergeant Thomas Kelly Sergeant Michael Dalton Detective Christopher Semione Detective Joseph Peters IV Detective Ryan Kent Patrolman Kevin Derkowski Patrolman Eric Owens Patrolman Nicholas Ottati (2) Patrolman William Gannon Patrolwoman Molly Winch Patrolman Daniel Coppola Patrolman Samuel Quinones Patrolwoman Sarah MacDonald Patrolman Brian Pommer Department Citation Award Performs an exemplary act above and beyond the call of duty. Such actions must be made with a high degree of professional excellence, or other outstanding actions of a nature which bring unusual credit to the Department. Sergeant Joseph Gatta Detective Joseph Zelezniak Detective Yonatan Moskow Detective Edward Ritz Detective Timothy Rizzo Patrolman Sean Clifford Patrolman Jonathan Haigh Patrolman Jonathan Pietrafesa Patrolman Timothy Higgins Patrolman Dane Flavin Patrolman Richard Desbiens Patrolman Patrick Verret Patrolman Scott Bobrowich Exemplary Service Citation Award Awarded for an extremely laudable or extraordinary act which brings unusual credit to the department. Such as the protection of life, prevention of a crime, serious threat to the community and involved unusual circumstances. Patrolman Matthew Hoy Patrolman Andrew MacDonald Patrolman Corey Shields Patrolman Scott Bobrowich Patrolman Patrick Irwin Citation for Exceptional Merit Award Awarded for outstanding performance of duty under unusual of difficult conditions. Such as: unusual initiative, conscientiousness, determination and thoroughness, outstanding contributions to law enforcement through the success of difficult police programs, projects or situations where such contributions are of high degree of professional excellence, and other outstanding actions which bring unusual credit to the Department. Lieutenant Ryan Macherone Sergeant Luciano Savoia Sergeant Jeffery McCutcheon Sergeant Brian Whipple Sergeant Peter Montalto (2) Sergeant Bradley Carlton Detective Matthew Thorne Patrolman James Claus Patrolman Jonathan Pietrafesa Patrolman Corey Shields Patrolman Dane Flavin Patrolman Scott Bobrowich Patrolman Brian Pommer Patrolman Richard Desbiens Patrolman Patrick Verret Patrolman Jeremy Liggett (2) Patrolman Matthew LaPointe Patrolman Christopher Palmer (2) Patrolman William Gannon Patrolman Daniel Coppola Patrolman Jarod Hayen Patrolman Jonathan Govel (2) Letter of Merit Award Awarded for their actions in the performance of their duties under unusual or difficult conditions, based on a determined and intelligent performance marked with distinction as to bring credit to both the officer and the Department. Sergeant Luciano Savoia Sergeant Dean DeMartino Sergeant Michael Dalton (2) Sergeant Zachery Weakley Sergeant Bradley Carlton Patrolman Sean Clifford (2) Patrolman Kevin Derkowski Patrolman Sean Donovan (2) Patrolman James Claus Patrolman Brandon Kietlinski Patrolman Jonathan Pietrafesa (2) Patrolman Timothy Higgins (2) Patrolman Aaron Zampella Patrolman Corey Shields Patrolman Albert Rivera Patrolman Brian Pommer (2) Patrolman Joseph Lima Patrolman Richard Desbiens Patrolman Patrick Verret (3) Patrolman Patrick Irwin Patrolman Nicholas Ottati Patrolman William Gannon (3) Patrolman Jeremy Liggett (3) Patrolman Steven Flood Patrolwoman Molly Winch Patrolman Christopher Palmer Patrolman Colton Barber (2) Patrolman Kyle Romano (2) Patrolman Jonathan Govel (3) Patrolman Scott Bobrowich (4) Each and every officer from the Schenectady Police Department is committed to ensure the safety of every citizen within the City of Schenectady. Officers strive to deliver the highest quality and most professional police service each day. Officers continue to strengthen community partnerships in the hopes of continued growth in community relationships. Although not every officer was recognized Tuesday night, their work does not go unnoticed. Each officer deserves the utmost credit for the duties that they are tasked with on a daily basis. Officers from the Schenectady Police Department would like to thank the many dignitaries and elected officials that attended the ceremony on Tuesday night. It was great to see such support from the local community. A special thanks to all the family and friends that were in attendance. Each and everyone on of you play an important role in each officer’s life and provide them with a great deal of support, and for that we thank you!

Recently a video containing an instance of bullying has surfaced. The video in question appears to be originally from 2014. The incident is currently being investigated. If you see, or have any contact with the person in and making the videos please contact our dispatch center at (518) 630-0911.

The incident from Plymouth Ave has been safely resolved. The resident turned himself over to authorities, and is receiving medical treatment at a facility.

We are currently investigating a barricaded subject call on Plymouth Ave and it is still an active scene. We ask that you avoid the area if possible and if you live nearby to stay inside your residence.

Community members, Margaret Sevrie has been located within the City of Schenectady. Margaret is currently undergoing precautionary medical treatment and will return home soon. Thank you to everybody who assisted and shared.

The Schenectady Police Department is offering open competitive examinations for Police Officer and Police Officer Spanish Speaking. The date of the exams are September 15th, 2018. The test will not be posted by civil service until July 2018. Please visit our new informational area regarding the hiring process for further at www.SchenectadyPD.Com/hiring

On Saturday, May 19th, 2018 the Niskayuna Police Department and Niskayuna Fire District #1 will be hosting a child seat safety checkpoint event as part of the Niska-Day events. This event will be held at 2135 River Road in the Town of Niskayuna. The event will have certified car seat installers as well as a senior car seat technician instructor.