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  • Agency: Wright State University Police - Wright State University
  • Address: 118 Campus Services Building, Dayton, 45435 OH
  • Chief:
Phone: (937) 775-2056
Fax: (937) 775-3045

Wright State University Police - Wright State University is located at 118 Campus Services Building, Dayton, 45435 OH. The Wright State University Police - Wright State University phone number is (937) 775-2056.

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Had a wonderful time meeting a University of Cincinnati Student yesterday for a safety interview.

I want to thank the Wright State University School of Medicine and our medical students for a great turnout for the S.A.F.E. Women's Self-Defense Awareness Class this past week. It was a fantastic group of young ladies.

Deepest Sympathy and Prayers sent to the Heiser and Armstrong families, and Kappa Delta Sorority.

Keep an eye out for these and also make sure when at the pumps that red seal on the pump door is in tact some places do not watch this close enough!

It was announced yesterday that the Wright State University Police Departments Crime Prevention Unit has won the President's Award for Excellence for 'Outstanding Unit'. As the manager of this unit for 13 years this is an incredible honor for the unit and its members. When I created this unit many years ago the members were always carefully chosen based upon the way they interacted with our campus community. They truly are some of the best of the best! I wanted to thank Sergeant Holden, Officer Mattison, Officer Pottkotter for all of their hard work with talks, S.A.F.E classes, A.L.I.C.E classes, and other programming that has been done to build relationships with our campus community. Sergeant Holden has also stepped up over time and proven himself to be able to handle any responsibility that was needed within the unit. It is because of these efforts our campus community is a much safer place. It is an honor for us all. I also send a huge thank you to LEAP and Jeannette Horwitz for the nomination. This means so much to us all. Thank you very much! Also, a big thank you to Wright State University President Schrader and the Awards Team! It is an honor to serve you all! Sergeant Patrick Ammon

I would like to send out a big thank you to Wright State University Police K9 Galli who retired yesterday after more than six years of service. K9 Galli and her K9 handler Sergeant Kurt Holden have been a tremendous asset to the crime prevention unit over the years I send my extreme thank you for your service and wish K9 Galli a very safe and happy retirement. To Sergeant Holden I wish you many more years of happy and safe service.

Congrats! to William and Cathy Frazier who were nominated by their daughter Jordan Frazier as Parents of the Year at Wright State University. It was announced on Sunday that they earned the title of 2016 Wright State University Parents of the Year. Thank you Jordan for nominating them and Congrats! to Mr. and Mrs. Frazier! Also, congrats to all parents that were nominated! I was happy to be involved. Sergeant Patrick Ammon

Our new Police K9 vehicle. Congrats. To Officer Nelda Mattison on her new position as a Narcotics K9 Handler. She will do great!

Congrats! Officer Holden on a job well done.

Ohio Attorney General Mark Losey Distinguished Law Enforcement Service Award: Wright State University Police Department: Officer Kurt Holden 2015 Distinguished Law Enforcement Achievement Award Winners · Friday at 4:36pm ·




A.L.I.C.E. Class

TIPS TO REMEMBER PERSONAL SAFETY: Walk with confidence and alertness! Remain aware of your surroundings at all times! Never walk or jog early in the morning when the streets are deserted! When walking or jogging never carry cash or valuables! Be careful wearing headphones they may make you unaware of a threat! When out at night, try to have a friend you trust 100% walk with you! Carry only the money you will need that particular day or a credit card! Keep personal belonging in view while eating, meeting, or shopping! Know where Emergency phones are located! You just hit the button and the dispatcher will ask what your emergency is! If running from a threat hit the Emergency Phone buttons as you run it will provide us with a direction of travel and get to a safe place! When on campus or off and you see or hear someone that might be a threat to you, get to safety and call Police! Do Not display your cash or any other inviting targets such as cell phones, expensive jewelry or clothing, or other property of value! When walking keep your head up and your posture erect. Maintain a brisk, confident pace! Should a stranger approach you, look at them for three to five seconds as you walk by. If approached by someone asking for directions, give them from a distance, if at all! If someone is following you, look at them (so you can identify them) then change directions. Walk toward a populated area or open business, or toward a Police Dispatch or Fire Station. Do Not be afraid to yell for help! If someone tries to rob you give up your property! If you are robbed report the crime to police when it is safe to do so! Try to describe the suspect accurately. Your actions can prevent someone else from becoming a victim! Vary the route you take when walking around the campus! Never prop open doors to building! Avoid shortcuts after dark and isolated areas! Be aware of places attackers may hide under stairs, in doorways, in alleys, etc.! Try to avoid entering elevators with strangers during less populated times! If you are standing at the elevator with a stranger try to stand to the side so you cannot be pushed inside! If you feel uneasy in an elevator with someone get off at the next floor! If attacked hit the alarm button! If robbed give them the money etc. and let them get away from you then when you are safe call police! Do Not use the laundry room alone! If you notice a broken window in a place you are about to enter Do Not enter and call Police immediately! Do Not give information about yourself over the phone or online to strangers! Also, NEVER reveal that you are home alone! Call the Police Communications Center at (937)775-2111 is anything is suspicious! If off campus call the jurisdiction you are in! Have Police numbers auto programmed into your phone! Where you live, where you attend school, etc.! Tell a friend where you are going! Keep your keys separate from your purse or bag! Travel in groups you trust 100% Do Not overload yourself with bags or packages! Stay Alert at all times! Use Emergency Phones or call the Police Communications Center if you are in an unsafe situation or feel threatened! Take advantage of the Safety Escort Service by calling (937)775-2111! Reduce risks by not using and not being under the influence of alcohol or drugs! PERSONAL VEHICLE SAFETY: Park in well-lighted areas with good visibility and close to walkways, stores and people Avoid parking beside high-profile vehicles such as trucks, trucks with campers and vans. When approaching your vehicle, have your keys ready! If someone threatens you and demands your keys, throw them away and flee in the opposite direction! As you approach your vehicle from a distance, glance underneath it and the adjacent vehicles! Check the backseat of your vehicle before you enter! As you approach your vehicle glance inside before entering or opening the door! If your vehicle’s window has been broken or there are any other suspicious signs that the vehicle has been tampered with do not approach it and call the Police! Do Not leave your mail or other personally identifying information visible from outside the Vehicle! Always lock your vehicle even if it is in your own driveway! Never leave the motor running! Or young kids in the vehicle. Do everything you can to keep a stranger from getting into your vehicle or to keep them from forcing you into theirs! If someone is following you, look at them (so you can identify them) then change directions. Walk toward a populated area or open business, or toward a Police Dispatch or Fire Station. Do Not be afraid to yell for help! Vary the route you take when driving! But know the areas well! Keep windows up and doors locked when driving and valuables out of sight! It is recommended that women purchase an inexpensive “masculine” item to leave visible in their vehicle! Any apparent feminine identifiers indicate a woman is likely to return. If you think you are being followed, Never drive to your home or place of residence! If you break down and are by yourself call Police! We will make sure you are safe until your vehicle is running! SAFETY AT HOME: Lock your doors whether you are home or not! Even when you intend on returning home shortly or even if you are just going down the hall! It takes a suspect seconds to enter an open room and they could be there when you get back! Lock and secure doors when you are alone, sleeping, or just not paying attention to what is going on! Keep emergency numbers auto programmed in your phone! Do Not leave messages on your door or elsewhere stating you are away and will return home! You are telling the suspect no one is there! Do Not let strangers in at all! Do Not open doors for solicitors! Place dow rods or wood in sliding door tracks to secure the door! Know who is there before opening the door! Do Not prop open outer doors! Do Not put your address on your key ring! Know your neighbors so you know who does not belong and who you can trust! Do Not leave keys in hiding places, thieves can find them! Call the Police Communications Center for suspicious people or things! Open a checking or saving account instead of keeping money in your room!’ Keep ATM cards, credit cards, Social Security Cards, and Identification in a safe place where some one cannot get it without you knowing! Instead of carrying cash use credit cards some credit cards have insurance that protects you against theft! If you find yourself in immediate danger call the Police Communications Center whose jurisdiction you are in; try to stay calm and get away or to a safe place at the first opportunity!


Greene County Safe Communities Coalition Click It Or Ticket 2012

To all of the 2012 Wright State University Graduates congrats!! and have a safe and happy graduation!!

For all Law Enforcement there is a NSDI- S.A.F.E Women's Self-Defense Awareness Instructor Class that I will be hosting at the Ervin J. Nutter Center Friday August 24th starting at 8am for a full day. If interested email me for the registration sheet and flyer. patrick.ammon@wright.edu. This class is great and has been a great asset to the Wright State University Community.