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  • Agency: Ellis County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 100 S Washington St, Arnett, 73832 OK
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Phone: 580-885-7377

Ellis County Sheriff's Office is located at 100 S Washington St, Arnett, 73832 OK. The Ellis County Sheriff's Office phone number is 580-885-7377.

Ellis County Sheriff's Office News

June 29, 2018 Press Release: On June 26th, 2018 the Ellis County Sheriff’s Office received information of concern regarding a Shattuck resident. The Sheriff’s Office and Shattuck Police Department performed a welfare check at a residence on Santa Fe Street in Shattuck. At the residence, an individual was located who was deceased. The OSBI and Oklahoma Medical Examiner’s Office have conducted investigations and at this time nothing indicates criminal conduct in the death. Next of kin have not been located. Shane Booth, Sheriff

The Ellis County Sheriff’s Office would like to invite everyone to our Open House of the new jail facility on Friday the 18th of May at 2:00 p.m. Please come by and take a short tour of the facility, ask questions and enjoy some cookies. The Ellis County Law Enforcement Center is located behind the Courthouse to the south in Arnett.

Lipscomb County is trying to locate this man. He has ties to Northwest Oklahoma, if you have seen him in the last week or if you see him call their Sheriff’s Office at (806)862-2611. https://www.facebook.com/lipscombso/posts/2123554190994745

Citizens of Fargo, The Sheriffs Office served a search warrant at a residence in Fargo today for stolen items around the town. Before making entry into the residence, we identified stolen bicycles hidden in the yard. Inside the residence, we found numerous items known to be stolen and observed items believed to be stolen. We need help from you. Help is needed to identify items. Look around your property for missing objects. We believe most of the property is not even known by the owner as being stolen. Main places to look around your property are porch areas, out-buildings with easy access and yard ornaments. If you notice items missing call the Sheriff’s Office (580)885-7377 and advise the dispatcher of your situation and Undersheriff Martin, a deputy, or I will make contact with you to resolve the issue. Also, know that the suspect is in custody at the Ellis County Jail. Thanks in advance, Sheriff Shane Booth

September 24, 2017 Press Release The Ellis County Sheriff’s Office received a call of service to a residence northwest of Fargo on September 23, 2017 at approx. 1157 hours. The call was for a welfare check at the residence. The family of the resident believed a suicide had occurred there. When Ellis County Deputy Dave Thomas arrived on scene, he approached the south door and knocked on it. As soon as he knocked a shot was fired from inside the residence that struck Deputy Thomas in the lower left leg. Deputy Thomas then took cover and called for assistance. The Ellis County Sheriff and two deputies arrived on scene a short time later and were able to drive up to Deputy Thomas and extract him to safety. The Sheriff and a deputy stayed on scene while the other deputy transported Deputy Thomas out of harm’s way to get him medical treatment. While the Sheriff and Deputy were getting in position on the south side of the house, two more shots were fired in their direction from inside the house. The house was then surrounded by more Ellis County Sheriff’s deputies, OSBI agents and local OHP troopers. These officers kept their position until the OHP Tactical Team arrived on scene. Approx. 9 hours after Deputy Thomas was shot, a fire started in the residence while the suspect was still inside. The suspect never made it out. It is still an ongoing investigation led by OSBI, with the State Medical Examiner’s Office, Ellis County Sheriff’s Office, and ATF. While keeping the house surrounded, Deputy Thomas was treated and released from the hospital and is now recovering and in good spirits at home with family and friends. The Ellis County Sheriff’s Office as well as Deputy Thomas personally, would like to thank all of the Law Enforcement Agencies that responded, sent resources and just called with support and their willingness to help out. Also, we’d like to thank Ellis County Fire, EMS, and Emergency Management agencies, AirEvac, and the Ellis County Animal Hospital for their support and assistance. Shane Booth, Sheriff

New Jail topic! For over a year Ellis County has been making decisions on building a new jail. The final decision was made to put the new building on the square just south of the Courthouse. This decision was made after other alternatives were found unfavorable. The Commissioners looked at buying land close to the courthouse, but felt the money that would be spent on purchasing land, making improvements to it, as well as the possibility of contaminated soil would be better spent on the new facility. Also, that land had buildings on it that were very old and had history behind them as well. Where the new jail is going calls for the removal of the Old Log Cabin and the Old Jail. The Old Log Cabin removal came with great concern of citizens of the county. The Boy Scouts of America owned the Cabin and Ellis County had an agreement to keep it at the present location until they needed that area. When this information was discovered, I made many phone calls, texts, meetings and conversations over the fate of the Old Log Cabin. The Boy Scouts of America Cimmaron Troop had a meeting and unanimously voted to give the Cabin to the Town of Arnett. The Town of Arnett Board then made the decision to move the Cabin to Addington Park. That is the Park west of Arnett New Holland. Donny Wright of Wright House Moving in Reydon has taken that task and has worked very carefully on achieving the move without any more structural damage to the Cabin. The Cabin has some major deterioration issues but at this time it is believed to be safe to move with out destruction of it. In my opinion, the new location will be in a much better location for people to see and visit, with it being at the main highway intersection in Arnett. The Old Jail is the next topic of conversation. The Old Jail is the white building to the southeast of the Courthouse. The "Old Jail" is what it is called by most employees of the County and it is used as storage by most offices. What I have found out through conversations, most people think the Old Jail is the actual Old Jail of Ellis County. This is true to a point. That building you see is what housed the old jail. At some point, I assume from the 1940's to 1980's the jail was removed from the building and the building was an office space and then made into storage. I have no idea what happened to the actual jail cells and equipment. The only thing inside the building that is part of the Old Jail is the poured concrete in the walls, floor and ceiling and the metal bars in the windows. Donny Wright looked at the building to see if it was moveable and unfortunately it is not because it is made of solid concrete. The deputies and I have started cleaning this building out and if anyone is curious to see or has questions about it feel free to stop by if you see us out working on it. My intentions are to save the bars from the windows and anything else we find of historical value. The Old Jail is not actually on the Historical Registry nor is the Old Log Cabin. The current jail was put on top of the courthouse around the 1940's and not much has changed or been improved due to the location and style of the jail. I never asked to have a new jail built. I was confronted about concerns and liability of the jail and those issues were discussed. The Commissioners have worked diligently on this project as well as the Excise Board to make the best decisions for Ellis County. The decisions they have made, are making it possible to build a new jail without asking the citizens of Ellis County for a bond. The funds that are being used for the new jail are funds that have been set back for such instances. Thus proving, that the Ellis County Board of Commissioners and Excise Board have used your tax dollars appropriately and diligently for such developments in the continued progress of Ellis County. The new jail is going to be a 30 bed facility. Which exceeds the current jail by 12 beds. The new jail will have segregation cells, that the current jail is lacking. Due to the lack of those cells, currently we have to count on neighboring jails, mainly Woodward and Dewey Counties to house inmates for us when segregation is needed or release them back out into the public on lesser charges or sentencing. In the last several years many laws have changed by legislation and the vote of the people. Two of the most recent, were two State Questions last year that passed by the vote of the people to make drug charges as misdemeanors and for Counties to deal with violators instead of state prisons. One main difference in felonies and misdemeanors are convicted felons have state prison punishments and misdemeanors are county/city jail punishments. Thus putting the burden on Counties. As your Sheriff, I feel that people who have committed crimes should be punished and face the full punishment handed to them for the crime they have committed and not for the availability and condition of facilities that house them. In the recent past, people have been given a slap on the hand instead of being adequately punished for their crime, there by making the consequences of committing future crimes seem insignificant. This puts citizens at a higher risk of falling victim to crime. I hope this helps adequately explain the decisions being made for the new jail project. If you have questions please don't hesitate to ask. I did not write this post to argue, simply to help explain the hard work and thorough decision making that have been a part of this project. Sheriff Shane Booth

There is some confusion on Facebook this morning that I have been made aware of. So, I will try and clear it up. Ellis County, TEXAS had an inmate escape. Most articles from that area just say "Ellis County" and then are shared all over Facebook raising concern in the other Ellis County areas of the U.S. This page is for Ellis County Sheriff's Office of OKLAHOMA. Our Sheriff's Office is unique in that our neighbor states to the north and south both have an Ellis County Sheriff's Office as well.

The manhunt is over and all Ellis County deputies are fine. Unfortunately, one officer was shot and he is one of my best friends. So, I'm asking for prayers for him. Thank you. Sheriff Shane Booth

UPDATE The Sheriff's Office has been assisting Roger Mills County since a little after 3:00 this afternoon. The Suspect, Michael Vance, was most likely spotted and jumped from his hiding/camp site just north of Hammon. A perimeter was setup at all north entrances to Ellis County immediately and Dewey County also. The suspect fled in his car but is believed to have not got out of our perimeter at this time. Also, I want to reiterate there have been no sightings confirmed in Ellis County, and appears he has been at this spot for several days. Sheriff Shane Booth

Early this morning information was received pertaining to the suspect, Michael Vance, in Ellis County. Law Enforcement needed to do a Welfare Check, to clear the information received as either credible or not credible. The Ellis County Sheriff's Office and the Shattuck Police Department cleared two residences and found the residents inside to be safe and accounted for. There is no reason to be alarmed from these Welfare Checks and still there is no evidence that the suspect is in Ellis County. However, do realize we are taking every bit of information extremely serious and following up on every piece of information gathered. Also, please realize not all our leads can be released and we are trying our best to keep everyone calm and safe and updated as much as we can. Sheriff Shane Booth

I want to clear up some misinformation being shared and information being misunderstood about the man being sought for shooting several people, here in Oklahoma. The shooting and crime spree started Sunday in the Oklahoma County and Lincoln County area. He then went to Beckham County around Sayre, early Monday morning. Later but still early Monday morning it is believed he was spotted west of Vici in Dewey County. There have been no credible reports of him being in Ellis County. I was interviewed by Woodward News on Wednesday after the Vici sighting became public and rumors went rampant. I hear that story was not released until today which started speculation once again. This evening (Friday, 10-28-16) a story was put on Facebook about an Oilfield Pumper being murdered in the Texas Panhandle by the same guy. THIS IS A PRANK and a disgusting one at that. Having said all that, there is no evidence at this time that he is in our area, nor is there any evidence that I have been advised of that he's not in our area. So, I ask you to be cautious and observant in your day to day activities until further information is obtained about his whereabouts. Also, just try to make sure the information you hear and share are from credible sources. Sheriff Shane Booth

PRESS RELEASE On August 1, 2016 at approximately 1445 hours, the Ellis County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call reporting someone had been shot and hit with a baseball bat. The Ellis County Sheriff and Deputies arrived on seen and secured the area for Ellis County EMS and Gage Fire Department to provide aid for the alleged victim. The alleged victim was a 29 year old male from the Gage area. The preliminary investigation indicated the shooting occurred north of Shattuck and the alleged victim had been shot in the back with a shotgun loaded with birdshot. The alleged victim was transported to the Newman Memorial Hospital in Shattuck where he was treated and released. Law enforcement from Shattuck Police Department and Oklahoma Highway Patrol assisted the Ellis County Sheriff’s Office in searching for the suspect. The suspect’s vehicle was located by Sheriff Shane Booth and Deputy Chance Beck parked at a rural residence north of Shattuck. The alleged suspect was taken into custody without incident by the Sheriff and Deputy and booked into the Ellis County Jail. The alleged suspect has been identified as Justin Harley Clark of Gage, Oklahoma.

BE CAUTIOUS I just received a phone call from a neighboring county. A white male and a black male were going around residences in towns and knocking on doors. The doors would OCCASSIONALLY come OPEN ACCIDENTALLY while they were knocking. If they heard or saw someone coming to the door they'd start saying don't have a gun or something similar and state that the door just came open. They would then say they were selling stuff, their items changed sometimes it was candles and others it was Kirby vaccuums. Be cautious if this happens and call the Sheriff's Office immediately. Their vehicle description was a white full size van with RDE on the side and Better Business Bureau logo on it.

Just a reminder. We will be hosting an SDA Class for women only this Saturday the 9th at Butch's Guns.

The S.O. will be sponsoring SDA Courses at Butch's Guns in Woodward on the 26th of March and a Women Only Course on April 9th. If you'd like to attend either one, you can let us know on here or call the Office at (580)885-7377.