Garfield County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Garfield County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 216 W Oxford Ave, Enid, 73701 OK
  • Chief:
Phone: 580-237-0244

Garfield County Sheriff's Office is located at 216 W Oxford Ave, Enid, 73701 OK. The Garfield County Sheriff's Office phone number is 580-237-0244.

Garfield County Sheriff's Office News

Do you recognize this truck? It's a late 90's model Ford F-150 with a black headache rack on top. There is a dent on the passenger side. If you have any information please contact Deputy Momsen or Deputy Allison at 580-237-0244.

We are saddened by the unexpected passing of Undersheriff Rick Fagan. Rick was a peace officer of vast experience from dispatcher to OHP troop commander, but even more, a husband, father and grandfather. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

A reminder about saleman coming by your residence. Most communities require permits which the salesperson is required to carry. Ask for identification and references prior to any financial transactions. If you have issues, call your local law enforcement agency or in the county, call the Sheriff's Office. Meat salesmen are working the area today. Remember if it sounds to good of a deal, it probably isn't.

Please obey all signal lights, crossing signs and look both ways.

Deputy Matt Ousley and Oklahoma County Deputy Kelsie Frazier gave a class on the dangers of driving while intoxicated today to the junior senior class at Drummond High School. They held a brief classroom portion where we used the drunk goggles to demonstrate loss of cordination and balance. They set up a driving course outside where we simulated driving under the influence at appriximately .16 bac. Everyone had a great time and hopefully learned something too.

A 911 called about a boat sinking on March 2nd at approximately 3:45 pm, led Deputies Jonathan Teitz and Matt Ousley to a farm pond near 16200 E. US 412. The deputies and landowner seeing a sunken boat in the pond, rowed to it and rescued a male. Taking him to shore, he said his friend was still in the water. Deputies rowed back out, jumping into the water and brought the second victim back to shore, conducting CPR. Victims were transported to the hospital, where the second victim was pronounced deceased. Names have not been released at this time.

Our deputies are assisting on five crashes on roadways. All roadways are slick and hazardous at this time. Please slow down on your way home. Limit ypur travels to emergancy only, please.

Drivers, please slow down and watch the roadways.

The Sheriff's Office is investigating a series of wire thefts mainly in the northern portion of the county. On 02/01/2018, at 11000 N OAKWOOD, LARCENY OF GREEN CASED COPPER WIRING, on 02/04/2018 15100 E BLAINE LARCENY OF COPPER GROUND WIRE. On 02/19/2018, deputies took a stolen vehicle report from 7226 N Cleveland. The vehicle was found south of Ringwood, today, still running. If you have any information on these crimes, call Crimestoppers or the Sheriff's Office at 237 0240.

Littering effects everyone, so dispose of your trash properly. Besides being illegal, the offender is costing either property owners or government to remove it. Do the right thing and show respect for our lands.

Scam Alert!! The past week, several citizens have received phone calls from persons claiming to be with the Sheriff's Office seeking payment on warrants. Our office does not collect fines. We don't take credit cards, green dot cards or paypal. Don't send payment or give out your credit/debit card number for these type payments. Either tell the party you will go to the courthouse or hangup. Call your local law enforcement agency to report these incidents.

The Garfield County Sheriff's Office would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!! As today is the last day of 2017 lets remember to be responsible and safe!!! We would ask if you drink don't drive because we will be out in full force enforcing DUI's. Not only does your life matter, the life's of everyone else on the road matters too. Just remember have a great New Years with joy and fun but don't end up somewhere that will effect your future or your family future!

To each and everyone, have a joyous and safe holiday.

Deputys Ousley and Weber helping out with Shop with a Cop. Hoping everyone has a joyous Christmas.

Happening now: Deputy Ousley is attempting to locate the owner of an abandoned trailer near 24000 East Rupe, unknown if it is stolen at this time. If you have information on this trailer, call 237 0240.

From our work family to you and yours, have a happy Thanksgiving. We pray for safe travels and joyful memories.

Come by the Expo Center for the home show and stop by our booth.

In honor of our veterans,

Thank you for your service.

Happening now: Someone driving a blue Jeep bearing AGG-829 left metal casings covering a quarter mile of buffalo road 1 mile east of 81this morning. If anyone has information on this, call the Sheriff's Office at 237 0240.

Received a message this morning commending the response of our deputies. The mother writes, "These two guys were amazing yesterday. I somehow locked my 3 year old in my car (luckily the ac was on) but regardless of knowing she was ok they came out as fast as if she was in a hot car. They were so amazing and kind and I just want to inform y'all of how amazing they were!" Thank you,Deputies Woodson and Ousley.

Happening now: Deputies are investigating a residential burglary which occurred today between 6:45 am and 1 pm, north of Enid on Robertson Road. Several firearms were taken and the suspect (s) left a dolly at the scene. If you have information on this crime call 237 0240 or Crime stoppers.

Happening now: Deputies recovered a pickup stolen out of Oklahoma City, on US 412 near the Noble County line. No suspects at this time.

Every weekday is take back day at the Sheriff's Office. Bring your unused, expired prescription drugs by for disposal.

One of the missions of the Sheriff's Office is to patrol. Several of our units are equipt with vehicle locate functions which allows dispatchers and supervisor to be able to coordinate response to calls from a screen. It also helps with timelines and patrol activity. The system allows for setting geo-fences to time stamp when a unit is close to a designated area, like this; G44 K9 Unit 24-6 entered zone Koch Nitrogen at 10/22/2017 10:20:31 AM. The Sheriff's Office is committed to being as effective as possible in serving the county.