Holdenville Police Department

  • Agency: Holdenville Police Department
  • Address: 100 N Creek St, Holdenville, 74848 OK
  • Chief: Jerry Young (Chief of Police)
Phone: 405-379-6627
Fax: 405-379-3909

Holdenville Police Department is located at 100 N Creek St, Holdenville, 74848 OK. The Chief of Police of the department is Jerry Young. The Holdenville Police Department phone number is 405-379-6627.

Holdenville Police Department News

Update. Crystle was located and is safe

A HUGE Thank you from Holdenville Police Department to Paul B. Smith!

When a crime is committed please call the police department and report it. Posting on facebook isn’t a good way to report a crime. We don’t monitor Facebook nor are we all friends with everyone on Facebook so we don’t see your posts. We for sure can’t do anything about the car breakins or anything if its not being reported to the police department. We are here to help and yes we do indeed want to help and stop crime.

ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAUTION!!!!!!! If you can’t tell how deep the water is or if it is moving quickly please turn around and go a different way! Quick moving water will sweep your car away! Turn around don’t drown!

ATTENTION!!!!! CAUTION!!!!!!!!!! Road conditions are deteriorating, bridges and streets are slick. We suggest that you don't drive unless necessary, if you have to drive give your self some extra time to reach your destination. Drive carefully and keep your distance from the car in front of you. Drive slowly and brake easy when coming to a stop. We have already had several wrecks.

Please everyone stay home! Do not drive unless it’s an absolute must! We have had numerous wrecks due to the very slick and hazardous roads!

If anyone has had a woman’s ring stolen please come to Holdenville pd and fill out a detailed statement to claim.

ATTENTION!!! PLEASE READ AND SHARE!!! Please when you see a crime or something suspicious call the police department or 911. If it’s not reported we don’t know that it’s happening. Please don’t rely on Facebook to report things we don’t always see it in time. We are here to help please call.

Thank you Hughes County Sheriff’s Office for allowing us to be apart of shop with a cop today. The smiles on the Childrens faces was the best part of today!

We would like to give a huge thank you to Subway and First United Bank for the good and drinks the last to days. We all really appreciated it! Thank you!

We had a lot of fun today at the Halloween Carnival! Thank you Tammy White Simpson for letting the pd be apart of the event!

Look what your awesome Judge made for the Police Department! Thank you Judge Ryan PITTS!!!!

On Sunday October 22, 2017 Officer Anthony Regian received a call of a burglary on Burgess St. Officer Regian as well as Captain Nowlin gathered Intel throughout the day on October 23, 2017. Officer Regian was able to gain probable cause to arrest the suspect. At approximately 1700 hours Officer Regian, Officer Johnson, Officer Langdon, Officer Whisnant as well asChief Linda Crawford affected the arrest of the suspect. After receiving consent to search, officers found several items that were stolen from the residence on Burgess St. Officers also found meth and meth paraphernalia inside the residence. Officers were provided additional Intel and Officer Regian was able to recover several other items that were previously sold by the suspect.

Holdenville PD Officers arrested a man this evening that local law enforcement has been trying to apprehend. Mr Lee Benton was taken into custody tonight by Holdenville Pd at our local Walmart. HPD has been in 2 pursuits with Benton within the last 2 months, one in which caused an officer to obtain injuries that he still hasn't recovered from both cars Benton was driving were stolen, one car had 3.3 grams of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia . Benton was arrested on at least one $50k felony warrant.

We are now accepting applications for dispatchers. Please come to the police department Monday- Friday 8-4 to apply.

Full bellies and full hearts...... Our blue family got together to have dinner and spend some time together with each others families. Despite the heat and short notice, this cookout was a success! First of many hopefully

We want to give a HUGE thank you to Diana Swadley for the amazing pulled pork today! We all enjoyed it! Thank you again!

DUID Poss of marijuana Poss of CDS TOC Arrest was made in Holdenville city limits.

We still remember you a year later! One year ago today Dallas Police Department lost 5 officers in the line of duty. #Bluelivmatter #Thinblueline #DPD

We would like to say thank you to Mary Chronister and her granddaughter Zoe for bringing donuts to the PD today!

WARNING ⚠️ The Holdenville Police Department isn't taking donations for the Police Chief. Citizens are calling to report phone calls asking for donations for the Holdenville Police Chief. We believe this is a scam

We are now accepting applications for 2 full time certified police officer. Apply at Holdenville Police Department.

Just to clarify there is NOT a curfew on adults and there never has been a curfew on adults.