Tonkawa Police Department

  • Agency: Tonkawa Police Department
  • Address: 110 E Noc Dr, Tonkawa, 74653 OK
  • Chief: William (Bill) Ward (Chief of Police)
Phone: 580-628-2516
Fax: 580-628-5029

Tonkawa Police Department is located at 110 E Noc Dr, Tonkawa, 74653 OK. The Chief of Police of the department is William (Bill) Ward. The Tonkawa Police Department phone number is 580-628-2516.

Tonkawa Police Department News

Damage to the range by people requesting its use. Please leave the range in better condition when you leave. Also, report those in violation.

Ridiculous. Non-enforcement of the laws we already have on the books are what creates calls for more laws, especially gun control laws. No enforcement = continued victimization. People don't obey laws without punishment. Why should they? Our justice system allows YOU - the public - to be repeatedly victimized. It's unforgivable. Why continue to vote these people back in office? Vote wisely.

People in high crime communities complain that police are overzealous regarding incessant stops. But proactive policing was debated and thoroughly examined by everyone including the media over the course of decades. It’s not as if cops decided to do this on their own. Why would they? Every stop means greater danger and unwanted public entanglements. Why would anyone risk their lives or sanity needlessly? Officers were ordered to do this by affected communities, mayors, city councils, and governors.

Hey dad, when do we eat?

The officers were eventually placed in the desperate situation of having to make a hostage rescue shot, and a tragedy ensued when the suspect forced them to attempt lifesaving action.

K9 Senna.

Hmmm....... Justice?

K9 Senna and I are in business! We'll be out improving our community by catching drug dealers and users. If you would, please consider a small donation to our K9 program. We're still working to fund our efforts through grants and donations. Thank you!

“Unarmed” assailants kill more than 3,000 people every year. “Unarmed” persons killed 11 percent of all officers murdered in the line of duty from 2013 to 2015.

There are about 34,000 arrests each day in this country and well over 10 million a year, and in many of those arrests suspects are taken into custody safely even when many are extremely violent. Only a very small number result in shots fired.

The IC3 accepts online Internet crime complaints from either the actual victim or from a third party to the complainant.

Don’t let the minority of people that don’t like police jade you, because the majority of people love their police and they need you.

A white three-quarter-ton pickup truck inexplicably veered onto the shoulder....