Cashion Police Department

  • Agency: Cashion Police Department
  • Address: 102 S Main St, Cashion, 73016 OK
  • Chief: Jesse Ritchie (Chief of Police)
Phone: 405-433-2881
Fax: 405-433-2685

Cashion Police Department is located at 102 S Main St, Cashion, 73016 OK. The Chief of Police of the department is Jesse Ritchie. The Cashion Police Department phone number is 405-433-2881.

Cashion Police Department News

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT. Starting today the School Zone Lights on County Line/N. Euclid/HWY 74F will be on and active from 7:30am to 4:00pm during school hours. This will only be Monday thru Friday on school days and as some of you have already seen during Football Games as well. Please Share and make others aware of this.

K9 Sasha is ready for tick or treating...FYI, she loves jerky.

Drivers, be aware of littles along the streets tonight. While driving keep your speed slow and you handheld device out of you hands. Treaters, make sure you stay with your parents or assigned groups. Parents, make sure your treater is dressed warmly and safe. Look at their costumes and look for ways to make them well fitting to ensure there is less chance of tripping. If possible find areas to put reflective tape or have them carry a flashlight. We want everyone to have a fun and safe Halloween. Make sure to come by the Trunk or Treat tonight, we have a lot of candy to give away.

Come by our booth at the Trunk or Treat from 5:30-7:00 PM on Main Street in Cashion! We have the Dragon back by request!

I was thrilled to read to the Elementary Students last week. The book we read was also being read across the world on the same day. Last year there were over 50 million kids that read the exact same book on the exact same day! How exciting is that?

The Cashion Police Department mourns the loss of a great man and Cashion Firefighter Trent Gibson. Please keep his family and the Cashion Community in your prayers.

K9 Zach doing what he does best!

Seen roaming on/near Main St and Comanche

Do you know where your dogs are? We have two dogs that were found at Grimes and Fifth. Please come and get them. Also, you must get them a tag at town hall so we can bring them home if they stray.

Earlier this evening it was brought to our attention that a student was making threats against the school. Since that time we have worked with the school officials, interviewed students, taken statements and identified the student. We talked to the Office of Juvenile Affairs prosecutor and we will be filing charges against that child immediately, but they advised due to the fact it is a misdemeanor as well as a juvenile we cannot arrest at this time. The father is taking responsibility for his child and will have him under watch at all times. At this time there is no further threat though we will be taking precautions with extra officers at the school for the remainder of the week to reassure the students and their families that it has been handled. This was a serious matter and even though it was only a threat, it is being treated very strongly. We have identified only one student and no others. We would like to thank the Cashion schools for assisting us so quickly in the matter.

Sgt. Hernandez on the sidelines during lastnights big home game win.

Congrats Cashion Wildcats on your victory!

Tonight is the big War on 74 Home Game! Cashion vs Crescent. We will be out in full force in preparation of the many attending this Game. #allwedoiswin

We would love to thank OMAG again for the body camera grant. Since we have started using them, we have been able to clarify complaints against officers. If you have complaints about the Police Department, please file the complaint with Town Hall. Posting things on Facebook is not the proper the channel to have complaint addressed.

We would like to clarify some issues regarding traffic stops. When we are on a traffic stop, you are not allowed to approach the officers for any reasons. It does not matter if it is on private property or not. State statute supports the officer following through the traffic stop and if you interfere, you may be taken to jail for obstructing a police officer in the performance of his duties. If you are pulled over for failing to stop at a stop sign, please understand that if your wheels did not come to a complete stop and there was not a cessation of forward movement, you are wrong. You must understand that if you fail to stop, you are running the risk of being stopped by the police. Whether you are cited or not depends on the severity of the infraction and your attitude. Attitude is everything in your contact with a police officer. There is no excuse to be rude to a police officer doing his job. They are not trying to harass you, you just gave them an opportunity to meet you. They are just doing their job.

Please join us!!

The Cashion Police Department cordially invites you to our Open House on Tuesday, September 4, from 6 -7 PM. We would like to share our new look after our renovations. There will be cookies and tea. We would love to see you.

The siren by the ball fields West of Town continues to malfunction. Cashion Fire DEPT is currently looking into the issue. If we had a real threat all of the Sirens in Town would be going off simultaneously. The Town is currently out of power we believe when it comes back on the Siren may go off again.

A small video taken at the head of the breach at Falcon Lake. Thankfully it was a very well made dam and it didn’t collapse as badly as the engineers believed it would. A big blessing for all downstream. A slower release is better for all.

The dam at Falcon Lake is ready to break. It may cause issues for people north of that area. The creeks and ponds could could overflow all the way to the Cottonwood. Hopefully it holds, but we want to ensure that everyone is made aware if the situation. News 9 was monitoring it by air earlier and hopefully do so if it breaks. If you live near a creek you may want to take precautions to raise your valuables to a higher location or move them to a safe place until the potential crisis is over.

There is a lot of flooding on the roads. SH 74F and Cimarron is under water. Avoid that area. Stay home if at all possible. Remember...turn around, don’t drown. Be safe.

No tornado, just strong winds and hail. You do not need to seek shelter unless outdoors. Winds up to 60 miles an hour.

Today the Police Department with the Cashion Highschool Football Team, Miller EMS, and the Cashion Fire Department surprised a 7yr old resident of Cashion for his Birthday. We were contacted by the mother after many of his friends were not able to attend his Birthday party this last Saturday. What better way than to get the community together and make this young mans 7th birthday! Thank you all that donated with gifts and assisted us! We love our great community!