Kingfisher County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Kingfisher County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 119 S Main St, Kingfisher, 73750 OK
  • Chief:
Phone: 405-375-4242

Kingfisher County Sheriff's Office is located at 119 S Main St, Kingfisher, 73750 OK. The Kingfisher County Sheriff's Office phone number is 405-375-4242.

Kingfisher County Sheriff's Office News

As we approach the weekend and more rain chances coming, please remember to pay attention to road conditions. If there is water crossing the road it is always recommended to turn around and find an alternative route to travel. If road signs/barricades are up, please don’t drive around them. They are there for your protection as well. If you see a problematic area that needs attention please call our dispatch center at (405) 375-4242 and let them know where the road is located at and what the conditions are. They will contact the appropriate personnel to take care of it.

Starting this morning another section of Highway 81 between Kingfisher and Okarche will be reduced to one lane traffic on both sides of the highway. The intersection of 860 will be closed to traffic. I believe this project is slated for 90 days.

Currently looking for a part time jailer. Hours are Saturday evenings 5-12 and Sunday day shift 8-4. More hours available as needed. Please stop by and pick up an application.

Please share: the water resources board is at falcon lake in far NE Canadian county looking at the dam. There is a high potential of the dam breaching. They are now requesting Waterloo Road to be shut down and everyone downstream be notified. If you know of someone living north of Falcon Lake or in the area please let them know. We will have deputies in the area soon to go door to door as well. This affects far SE Kingfisher County. UPDATE: 9:17 pm. The water resources board has reported that the dam is deteriorating quickly. It is strongly recommended that the first 4-5 homes directly north of Waterloo evacuate. This will be next to the bridge and the east side of N 2976 road. UPDATE 8-16-18 8:45am The dam breached shortly after 12am. Fortunately it held fairly well and was able to contain the outflow of water to a slower pace than anticipated. Crews will be out surveying the area today to determine if any damage was done.

Our office has been informed of a road closure in the eastern part of the county due to a bridge collapse over the weekend. The road will be 720 between 2970 & 2960. For those of us who prefer the old system of directions: it’s one mile north of six mile bar on Sheridan blacktop, then the bridge is located 1/8 mile back west. It is unknown at this time how long the road will be closed for repairs to be made.

On Monday August 13, 2018 Newfield Exploration will begin having increased truck activity south of the Lomega High School. They will be limiting the routes of their trucks for drilling activity in the area. From the correction line south of the High School, they will be travelling up to one mile east, and a couple miles west. They will also be using the Omega Blacktop to travel to and from Hwy 33. They will be diverting their trucks to not go past the high school. To keep children and families safe, it is suggested that they try and approach the high school from the north. We will have a deputy in the area as much as possible in the mornings and afternoons when traffic is increased for the start and finish of school. This project is expected to take up to 40 days. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call.

Want to thank all these individuals for their hardwork in making this project a reality. On Monday July 16, 2018 we had the official groundbreaking of the new Kingfisher County Juctice Center. Pictured from L-R are: Jerry Copeland, Jail Trust Member; Van Storm, General Contractor Team; Jeff Moss, County Commissioner; Jim Simmons, Excise Board Member and Jail Trust Member; Keith Schroder, County Commissioner and Jail Trust Member; Ray Shimanek, County Commissioner; James Matousek, Jail Trust Member; Kyle Glazier, Jail Trust Vice-Chairman; Dennis Banther, Sheriff and Jail Trust Member; Mandy Cox, Jail Administrator; Robert Barnett, AIP Architectural Firm; Ben Smith, AIP Architectural Firm. Not Pictured is Kyle Mecklenburg who served as Chairman of the Jail Trust and Joe D. Hall who is Chairman of Joe D. Hall Contractors who will be building the facility.

Kingfisher County Jail is now hiring full time and part time jailers. Benefits include excellent insurance, comparable pay, 2 weeks paid vacation after 1 year. Must have good background check and be able to pass drug test. Please pick up an application at Kingfisher County Sheriff’s Office.

This is a secret shopper scam. We cannot express enough to our public how many of these scams are going on. Please do not ever deposit a check into your account unless you are 100% sure if where the funds came from. This alert citizen saved herself a lot of money and time by being vigilant in reviewing this paperwork.

NOTICE OF ROAD CLOSURE: On January 4, 2018 the intersection of 2860 & 870 roads will be closed from 8:00 am until completion of replacing the existing drainage culvert. The project is expected to take up to 2 days. This location is the end of the blacktop east on Duffy Road.

UPDATE: Highway is open again OHP is working a two vehicle accident at the intersection of the Wheeler Bros. Grain Elevator west of Kingfisher on Highway 33. Traffic is being diverted one mile either north or south and two miles east/west around this location. If you are being re-routed at the calumet road, you will need to travel 4 miles west prior to returning back to highway 33. We will let you know when the highway is open again.

Be alert today

Video of the helicopter stringing electrical wire across the highway

Please use caution today as you travel Highway 81 between Kingfisher and Okarche. Crews will be installing power lines across the highway throughout the day causing temporary delays of traffic. Sheriffs Dept personnel will be located on each end of the construction zone to assist with this process.

Call if you see her

We have two roads in the county that have been closed today. Cemetery road and Lake Elmer road west of Kingfisher have been closed between Highway 33 and Airport Road. If water recedes enough Lake Elmer Road might re-open for the weekend. However, Cemetery Road is closed until further notice.

The scam artists are calling in full force to residents of our county again. Be weary of people you don't know offering you money or services for things you didn't ask for. SCAM #1 You have just won the Publishers Clearing House Jackpot. All you have to do is give them personal information about yourself and arrange a meeting date and time. Then there is the processing fee that you will have to pay for. Note: one citizen played along long enough to get the caller to ask if she would just give him some money. Lol SCAM #2 Your computer is very badly infected. You need to turn it on and follow the callers directions to fix it immediately. By the end of the call, the caller has enough information to access what credit cards and bank accounts you have. They tend to get upset when you begin asking questions about the location of your computer and what disease it has contracted. When you ask how your computer contacted them and why they didn't fix the problem then they have no answer. The common rule of thumb is listen to that little voice of reason in your head. If it is telling you that this doesn't sound right, it isn't.

It would appear that there is a new phishing scam going aroud Facebook. The scam is masking itself as sprint and is insisting that you have taken out an account/lease. They will have your name and email address along with any other publicly availiable information connected to your account. This scam has the ability to access your friends list and private information. Please use extreme caution on the internet. Use the security settings in your account and do not open links you are not sure of. Please report any instances of this scam to the Kingfisher County Sheriff's Dept.

Earlier today our office received a possible sighting of Michael Vance. Undersheriff Bryon Blankenship was able to locate the vehicle and determine the occupant was in our county doing legitimate business.

We would like to say thank you to LifeWay Church for the gift basket they dropped off today. During this time of uncertainty in our nation, it is always comforting to know that we live in an area where public service is appreciated.

The two occupants of this vehicle are from the states of Washington and Oregon. They claim to be selling meat for an Oklahoma City company using the chest freezer in the back of the pickup. They have been caught looking in the windows of homes in our county. When confronted by the homeowners their claims of legitimate business diminish. If you see these individuals or this vehicle please call our office.

Just a reminder to everyone the sheriff's race will be decided tuesday as both canidates are Republican so please go vote for Deniis Banther