Kingfisher Police Department

  • Agency: Kingfisher Police Department
  • Address: 117 W Miles Ave, Kingfisher, 73750 OK
  • Chief: Dennis Baker (Chief of Police)
Phone: 405-375-4674
Fax: 405-375-4994

Kingfisher Police Department is located at 117 W Miles Ave, Kingfisher, 73750 OK. The Chief of Police of the department is Dennis Baker. The Kingfisher Police Department phone number is 405-375-4674.

Kingfisher Police Department News

If you get a call from someone claiming your grandchild has been in an accident or has been jailed and you need to purchase gift cards - Green Dot cards - and send money to help them, this is a scam ("Grandparent Scam"). This has been going around for a while, but we had a local resident lose money just last week to this scam before we were alerted. Once the card information has been given to the caller to redeem, there is nothing we can do to get it back for you. NEVER give sensitive personal information or banking information to unsolicited callers or emails. Please alert your elderly loved ones and neighbors as well.

Wishing everyone a happy and safe Memorial Day. Our greatest appreciation goes out to those who sacrificed all in service to our country. May God bless the men and women still currently serving and their families.

As the new signal light system construction at Main and Broadway (Hwy 81&33) continues, please be prepared for slow-downs and congestion. If possible, plan an alternate route to avoid this intersection. We apologize for the inconvenience, but are confident that the improvement outcome will be worth it!

We have successfully identified our 'person of interest' in our recent auto burglary investigation. We want to thank everyone who commented and shared our post! 367 shares and almost 32,000 people reached gets results! Thank you!

Road conditions are deteriorating. Please slow down and use caution as you navigate to your destinations. Unnecessary travel is discouraged at this point.

As inclement weather pushes its way toward Kingfisher County, please stay weather-aware and monitor travel routes.

Fire Chief Tony Stewart and Police Chief Dennis Baker would like to thank a number of people and organizations who helped make our annual Guns & Hoses Blood Drive a huge success! Thank you to: Morgan Winters for the use of her building! The Kingfisher Sheriff’s Office, Oklahoma Highway Patrol and Kingfisher County District Attorney’s Office who came out in numbers for us! Pizza Hut for pizza donations! McDonalds for tea, water and cookie donations! United Supermarket for chips donations! Loves / Subway for sub sandwich donations! And for sure, Kingfisher area residents who supported us in a huge way. Thank you!!

The Guns & Hoses Blood Drive Challenge numbers are in! And this year, the Guns have it with an official score of 65-41! Chief Stewart and I want to personally thank everyone who came out in uncooperative weather to make this drive a huge success. 89 successful donations made this a record year for us and the Kingfisher area residents deserve the credit! We were told this morning that, due to inclement weather, over 500 units of blood have been cancelled in the OBI’s appointment system just this morning alone. So with this drive, and your overwhelming support, Oklahoman's are the REAL winners! Thank you all again for supporting us! We hope to see you all again next year!

If you have made an appointment to donate blood today at our Guns & Hoses drive, or plan to do a walk-in appointment, please use the Donor Express link below to answer the pre-screen questions and save time. We wish the weather was cooperating better, but we appreciate your help today!

We are overwhelmed at the number of people who have made appointments to come out and support our Guns & Hoses Blood drive tomorrow! There are ONLY 10 open appointment slots left! Would you help us fill those by clicking the link below? Walk-ins will be accepted between the hours of 11am-6pm, but those with appointments will get priority. Thank you to everyone who plans to come out and support us!!

One Week! Just one week away!! Click the link below to look at all of the spaces that are filled up! BUT, there are still some appointment spaces available. Chief Stewart and I will be out this afternoon hanging up some posters. We'd also love for you to come donate and visit with us on Tuesday, February 20th. Reserve your space today and come eat lunch and get a commemorative T-shirt! Thank you to everyone who supports this great effort!

If you have availability to come out and support us this year for our Guns & Hoses Blood drive, please click the link below or call us to schedule your time at 375-4674. All donors will receive a free commemorative T-Shirt and lunch will be available for lunchtime donors. Thank you all for supporting "Police" this year as we try to bring home the win!!!

Officer Chod Trout reading for Story Time at Kingfisher Memorial Library.

Please be prepared for slow-downs through this area while repairs are being made and plan your travel routes appropriately.