Davis Police Department

  • Agency: Davis Police Department
  • Address: 227 E Main St, Davis, 73030 OK
  • Chief: Dan Cooper (Chief of Police)
Phone: 580-369-2323
Fax: 580-369-5184

Davis Police Department is located at 227 E Main St, Davis, 73030 OK. The Chief of Police of the department is Dan Cooper. The Davis Police Department phone number is 580-369-2323.

Davis Police Department News

As to the barricades on 3rd Street this is just a friendly reminder it is illegal to move or damage any barricades that are used for traffic control. Thanks everyone.

The Davis Police Department Reserve Officers Association would like to thank the City of Davis, City Manager Tom Graham, Turner Falls Park Manager Billy Standifer, Chief of Police Dan Cooper, The Davis News,Texoma Country 95.7 KKAJ, and most importantly the 300 people that came out and supported us with our Haunted Forest. We would also like to thank everyone that doesn't work for us but still came out and worked hard to set up and run this thing. Another great year.

SCAM ALERT There is a new scam that has just started in this area. The callers are advising that they have kidnapped your child and if you do not meet their needs they will murder your child. We were advised that these calls maybe originating out of Mexico. The caller will give you directions on how to send the money to a location for them to retrieve it. These locations appear to be in Mexico. Unfortunately this department was just involved in such a hoax. Very un-nerving for the parents and law enforcement. The FBI is working with agencies at this time.

The Number given is not correct. It is a direct number and is not manned 24 hrs. The Secret Service has asked that if you encounter a scanner with a skimming device or anything related to such to please call this number to report it. THE NUMBER TO CALL IS (405) 272-0630.

All, It has come to our attention that certain VeriFone POS (point of sale) terminals are particularly vulnerable and being targeted across Oklahoma and other places in the U.S. for attack by overlay skimming devices. It is recommended that some kind of permanent mark that is easily observed by store personnel be placed on the terminal. It is also recommended that the terminal be visually checked regularly for signs of tampering. If you find point of sale terminals that have been tampered or discover overlay skimmers, protect it, your device just became a crime scene. Take it out of service, but DON’T TOUCH IT. Notify local law enforcement so it may be collected or processed in order to collect any evidence it might contain. Law Enforcement: if you get this call please let the USSS Task Force know about the discovery. U.S. Secret Service Oklahoma City Field Office (405) 272-0630 (THIS IS THE CORRECTED NUMBER TO CALL) I know retailers will not like the idea of taking this kind of equipment out of service, but this important to shutting down the avalanche of skimmer/ATM cash outs that are sweeping the country right now. Please pass on to your retail contacts. David Cathey Investigator Office of the District Attorney 19th District of Oklahoma Member Oklahoma Electronic & Financial Crimes Task Force 117 N. 3rd St. Durant Ok. 74701 580-924-2987

The Davis Police Department Reserve Officers Association will be putting on the Haunted Forest at Turner Falls again this year! We will not do Trunk or Treat this year due to declining numbers the last couple of years. The Haunted Forest will be Saturday October 27th starting at dark and the price will remain 5 dollars per person. Lots of changes to the Forest this year so come on out and see us

Dispatch set the sirens off by accident. There is no weather issues.

Dorothy Eubanks with the National Child Safety Council will be in town asking for donations from the businesses. She is with one to the two programs that we partner with to supply the schools and community with safety and awareness materials through out the year. If you wish to see some of the material we have several copies out at city and various location in town. She has a letter from on our letter head and identification with her. If you should have any questions please feel free to contact the police department. Thank You for all Your Support with these programs, we couldn't do it without your support.

We will be conducting two siren test today at 12 noon. Each will three minutes long.

Avoid Cherry Between South 6th and Hanover the road way is starting to give away and a sink hole had developed.

Okay Round two is passing through west of Hennepin as we speak. It will track straight north from Pooleville toward Elmore City. Not sure if they will issue an alert, but just want to make everyone aware Be weather aware if you are in the Pooleville and Elmore Area.

Every thing is below severe levels at this time. That was just a sudden spin up that caught everyone off guard. But we are good at this time.

Trying to get shelters open. Head to shelters. Not sure came out of no where

A little trivia for y’all this rainy evening 😁. What’s your best guess on the year this Davis picture was taken? Might have to zoom in a little.

The Davis Police Department has two opening at this time. One for a Full Time Patrol Officer and One for a Full Time School Resource Officer. Applications can be picked up at City Hall. Dead Line for Applications is close of business 10/30/2018. A list of qualifications are listed on the Oklahoma C.L.E.E.T. website.

Car wash fund raiser today at Wishy Washy car wash on east Main in Davis. 50/50 fundraiser, we will donate half of the proceeds from the car wash to the proposed splash pad in Davis. Come support two great causes and get your car cleaned up!

Looks we still have rain in the forecast for awhile longer today. Please watch all low laying areas and any water crossing roadways. Be safe and have a great day.

Hwy 77 is now open, but still acceptable to more flooding be safety aware if you have to get out in this weather.

Still advising that if you don't have to get to please stay in. Washed out areas will be harder to see since the sun has gone down. We still have rain coming through out the night. But on a side note, the chances are starting to drop on some weather sites for tomorrow. Turn around and don't drown. We appreciate all of you out there and want you to stay safe.

Warning Please do not go out sight seeing during this rain event. You are hampering Emergency Personal and causing more harm. I know everyone wants to post that photo on social media, but your hampering efforts and emergency personal going to emergency incidents.

We just received word from ODOT that they have closed State Highway 77 From the intersection of State Highway 7 south to Kay Starr Trail due to highwater. We have no idea when it will be reopen.

Weather Advisory All streets, highways and I-35 are experiencing flooding at this time and it is only going to get worst as the day continues. If you do not have to get out today, I suggest you stay in and only venture out when necessary. If you do have to get out, take it slow and watch for water crossing the roadways, better yet try to go around it. Go Around, don't drown. There are three working accidents at this time on the interstate. Please do not go out to these areas to sight see, you will only cause more problems for emergency personal.

SCAM ALERT Just received word that the calls advising you have a warrant that needs to be taken of or you will arrested. The Davis Police Dept. does not work with a third party to collect fines. If you receive one of these calls just hang up. If you have any questions on any fines you may owe contact the Court Clerk at city hall.