Muskogee Police Department

  • Agency: Muskogee Police Department
  • Address: 112 South Third Street, Muskogee, 74402 OK
  • Chief: Rex Eskridge (Chief of Police)
Phone: 918-680-3106 918-683-8000
Fax: 918-680-3197

Muskogee Police Department is located at 112 South Third Street, Muskogee, 74402 OK. The Chief of Police of the department is Rex Eskridge. The Muskogee Police Department phone number is 918-680-3106 918-683-8000.

Muskogee Police Department News

Handcuffing with the explorers today.

Explorer meeting tonite. SIU in the house tonite teaching about what they do for the police department.

We are still looking for kids to join the program. Meetings will be every other tuesday at the Muskogee Police Station. The age range is 14 and completed the 8th grade to 20 years old. We've got alot of fun planned, and we are about to begin our first academy. If anyone is interested, feel free to send a message here, or call 918-680-3167