Wagoner Police Department

  • Agency: Wagoner Police Department
  • Address: 105 S Casaver Ave, Wagoner, 74467 OK
  • Chief: Bob Haley (Chief of Police)
Phone: 918-485-5511
Fax: (918) 485-9565

Wagoner Police Department is located at 105 S Casaver Ave, Wagoner, 74467 OK. The Chief of Police of the department is Bob Haley. The Wagoner Police Department phone number is 918-485-5511.

Wagoner Police Department News

The Veterans parade has been canceled because of the weather.

To the person who broke into Creoks Mental Health facility: Congratulations, you have been selected to have your DNA searched via a database because you left a bloody rag outside the window that you decided to make your point of entry. It would be in your best interests to go ahead and turn yourself in before being hunted and arrested for your crime. Thank you, Detective Blair.

The Wagoner Police Department is investigating a stolen trailer report. The trailer was taken from Rural Water District # 6 office on Saturday 09-15-18 at approximately 14:30hrs. Anyone with information on the trailer or truck please contact the Wagoner Police Department at 918-485-5511.

If you have received a call from someone identifying themselves as the IRS, it is a scam. The IRS does not call residents or businesses to notify them of back taxes or pending arrests. If you receive a call from these scammers, do not give them any information at all. If you receive this call in the form of a recording with instructions to call a phone number back in order to stay out of jail, please do not call this number back. Although we appreciate information from our citizens, it is unecessary to report it to us as we are aware of the IRS scam calls. Please call your elderly family & friends to remind and reassure them that this is a scam. Thank you.

Congratulation to our newest Graduates from the CLEET Academy!

On Sunday, May 27th, 2018 the Wagoner Police Department received a 9-1-1 call reporting a female and two males were shooting pellet guns at a dog in the area of SW 6th and Pierce. When confronted by a citizen, the female pointed the pellet gun at the citizen and fired at him, hitting him once in the chest. The citizen then left the area with the injured dog. The female is described as a white female with dark brown hair, short and slender build with multiple tattoos on her body. The two males are described as black males with black hair 20-30 years of age, both wearing long black tank tops on the day of the incident. If anyone knows these subjects or has any information about this incident, please call the Wagoner Police Department at 918-485-5511. You may remain anonymous if you prefer. Thanks goes out to all of our citizens for their help in this and other cases. :)

Second photo available in the recent burglary case. Again, Wagoner Police Department thanks you for all you help.

The Wagoner Police Department would like some help from our citizens on a case: This vehicle and driver were seen in the area of a recent burglary. If you recognize this car or driver, or have information on stolen property, please contact Detective Ben Blair at 918-485-5511. Thank you.

If anyone knows who these 2 people are, please call Detective Ben Blair on our non-emergency line at the Wagoner Police Department, 918-485-5511. You may remain anonymous, if you prefer. Thank you for your help.

Announcement to all businesses in the City of Wagoner: The Officers of the Wagoner Police Department will be dropping off forms at your place of business as they make their rounds on patrol. These forms are voluntary and have information for you to fill out that will help our Department in the event we need to contact someone from your business in the middle of the night. Please follow the instructions on the form. If you do not receive a form in the next week, give us a call on the non-emergency line (485-5511). As always, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, concerns or problems; we are glad to protect and serve.

We have had such a great response to the job opening that we posted last week. For all who are still interested, we have set tomorrow at noon (Tuesday 12-12-17) as the deadline for applications and in order to get this position filled quickly, we will be scheduling interviews for Tuesday and Wednesday (12th & 13th). Thank you all for your interest and support! :)

We would like everyone interested in the Dispatcher/Jailer position to please turn in their application at the Police Department. The response on Facebook has been great but an application in hand will enable us to move more efficiently through the hiring process. Thank you all for your interest and support. :)

Here are a few pics of our awesome citizens from this week & last. One picture of a future Police Officer posing with our everyday heros. The other is of the kindness from some citizens who appreciated the level of service provided, enough to send lunch to our Department. No matter the what is going on everywhere else, Wagoner Citizens and Wagoner Police Department show the rest of the world how working together results in a safe and happy community. Our citizens are awesome! Have a safe and happy weekend. :)

The Wagoner Police Department would like to let the citizens of Wagoner and the surrounding areas know we are getting reports of people passing out fake $100.00 bills. If you pay attention to the bill it clearly says for "Cinematic Use Only" please share this post and pass along to the businesses within our community. If you happen to come across one of the bills please contact the Wagoner Police Department at 918-485-5511

The Wagoner Police Department would like to let the citizens of Wagoner know that South Main street is open but it is only a ONE WAY STREET IT WILL BE ENFORCED IF GOING THE WRONG WAY so please follow the signs posted.

The Wagoner Police Department would like to say Thank You to Wal-Mart for the gifts for National Law Enforcement Appreciation Week.


The Wagoner Police Department is looking for information on a break in. If anyone has information to help identify persons please contact the Police Department at 918-485-5511

The Wagoner Police Department recovered some property adn in it had a prostick memory card with pictures on it. if anyone knows the people in these pictures please contact the Wagoner Police Department at 918-485-5511

The Wagoner Police Departement is asking HELP in identifiying the person of interest involved in an ARMED ROBBERY. Anyone with information or identify this person please call the Wagoner Police Department At 918-485-5511

~PLEASE SHARE~ There have been several citizens in the Wagoner community who received phone calls over the weekend stating that the City if Wagoner needed additional deposit moiney in order to kleep electric services turned on. CITIZENS: PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THIS IS A SCAM. The City of Wagoner does not do business that way and will not call you requesting money over the phone. These callers have been giving out a 1-800 number for people to call. Please be alert and protect yourselves

If you have lost a bicycle come by the Wagoner Police Department we have bikes turned in about every week. If you have the serial number of a stolen bike or proof of purchase come by the police department and look to see if we have it.

Chief Bob Haley and the Wagoner Police Department would like to invite its citizens to the National Prescription Drug Take Back Day being held tomorrow, October 22nd at the Armstrong Bank, 1500 W. Hwy 51, from 10am to 2pm. This event is an opportunity for citizens to clean out old prescription medicines and dispose of them in a safe way that will help protect our environment, and participate in the prevention of prescription drug abuse. Chief Haley would like to thank Coleman Cox, Certified Prevention Specialist for the Cherokee Nation who said all of the prescriptions turned in will be weighed at the end of the event. We are happy to provide this kind of service to the community and hope for a big turn-out. See you there!