Alva Police Department

  • Agency: Alva Police Department
  • Address: 415 4th St A, Alva, 73717 OK
  • Chief: Arlo D Darr (Chief of Police)
Phone: 580-327-2121

Alva Police Department is located at 415 4th St A, Alva, 73717 OK. The Chief of Police of the department is Arlo D Darr. The Alva Police Department phone number is 580-327-2121.

Alva Police Department News

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Today is the last day to get your FREE pumpkin from the Pumpkin Patch! Just go by City Hall before 5pm today and pick up a voucher! ****Please share so no kid misses out****

The Cops are very sad to have to make this announcement, but Kids & Cops will not be able to paint pumpkins with the kiddos this year. But because we don’t want you to make the Kids sad too; Who wants a free pumpkin from the pumpkin patch!? All you have to do is visit City Hall before Wednesday and ask about a free pumpkin certificate! Take it to the pumpkin patch and get your free pumpkin! Unfortunately there is a limited number of pumpkins so this is only available until they run out!! While you are at City Hall ask about our new 2018-19 Kids & Cops t-shirt order forms! You are going to love this year’s design!

Looking for a cheap lunch!? Let Assistant Chief Patrick Hawley serve you hotdogs two hotdogs and a drink for just a $1.00 at Atwoods until 2:00pm. All proceeds go to help fund our Kids & Cops Christmas event. ***please share to help spread the word***

If you have a child that goes to Washington School, ask them if they learned any Halloween safety tips today! Thank you Officer Tim Clapp and Asst. Chief Patrick Hawley for taking the time to remind us about being as safe as possible on Halloween.

National Walk to School Day! Who else walked to school? Share your pictures with us in our comments!

Based on statements made on Facebook and numerous phone calls asking about the truth of the statements, the Alva Police Department began an investigation involving people being followed, stalked, harassed and/or a “human trafficking ring” attempting to take persons while shopping at Walmart. Through our investigations we have found no evidence to support any such activity or any reason for anyone to be alarmed. Like always we encourage people to be aware of their surrounding and if someone is doing something to make you feel threatened or uneasy, report it. Quickly get to an area or space you feel safe or where there are more people around and call 911. Give us the best description you can of the person or persons and their actions.