Bethlehem Police Department

  • Agency: Bethlehem Police Department
  • Address: 10 E. Church Street, Bethlehem , 18018 PA
  • Chief: Randall P Miller (Commissioner)

Bethlehem Police Department is located at 10 E. Church Street, Bethlehem , 18018 PA. The Commissioner of the department is Randall P Miller. The Bethlehem Police Department phone number is 610-865-7187.

Bethlehem Police Department News

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 26, 2018 CONTACT INFORMATION: Chief Mark A. DiLuzio Bethlehem Police Department 610.865.7150 WOMAN CHARGED AFTER FILING FALSE COMPLAINT ABOUT OFFICER On June 14, 2018 at 9:00 am, a Bethlehem Police Officer William Marques conducted a traffic stop on a 2017 Honda at E. Fourth Street and Emery Street, in the City of Bethlehem Northampton County, Pennsylvania. The Officer was in uniform and operating a marked BPD cruiser which had a mobile video recorder, commonly referred to as a “Dash Cam,” installed in it. The traffic stop was captured both visually and audibly. Portions of the traffic stop were also captured by video recorders from another Officer and a Supervisor’s vehicle. The operator of the vehicle stopped was identified as THERESA SOKOLOSKI, age 37, of 3235 Farmersville Road, Bethlehem Township, Pa. 18017. SOKOLOSKI was issued a traffic citation for failing to stop at a stop sign. On June 27, 2018 at 10:30 am, SOKOLOSKI came into BPD Headquarters at 10 E. Church Street, Bethlehem, and filed a civilian complaint against Officer Marques. SOKOLOSKI stated that the Officer was abusive in his questioning of her, used profanity towards her, treated her like a drug dealer because she did not know her boyfriend’s address, etc. SOKOLOSKI also stated that the Officer filed the citation wrong, had the wrong location and did not file it in the proper timely manner which resulted in a bench warrant being attached to her citation. SOKOLOSKI signed the civilian complaint form, which indicates that all information submitted is true under penalty of law, in particular Section 4904, Unsworn Falsification to Authorities. An internal investigation was conducted according to Departmental Directives by Sgt. John Lamana and Sgt. Robert Urban. All audio/visual recordings of the traffic stop or any portion thereof were reviewed and interviews were conducted. The filing of the traffic citation was reviewed through Court System records. The investigation determined that SOKOLOSKI’S vehicle did not stop at the intersection, Officer Marques did not use any profanity and was not abusive to her. A further review of the traffic citation showed that the citation, which was filed electronically, was filed correctly and on time. The reason for the bench warrant and other issues was due to SOKOLOSKI not responding to the citation as required by law. On Friday, October 26, 2018, after review by the my Office, BPD Professional Standards Division and Northampton County District Attorney Office, a charge of Unsworn Falsification to Authorities, Title 18, Section 4904(a)(1), was filed against THERESA SOKOLOSKI. This charge is a misdemeanor of the 2nd degree and will be mailed to her via Summons by way of Judge Roy A. Manwarring II Office. The Bethlehem Police Departments is a nationally and State accredited police agency and we take all legitimate complaints against Officers and the way they conduct their duties seriously. On the Civilian Complaint form, it is clearly spelled out to the individual that the information they are alleging must be true and correct under penalty of law. If a civilian complaint is investigated and it is found that the Officer was wrong, that Officer will be held accountable. If a civilian complaint is investigated and it is found out that the citizen made false statements, that citizen will be held to the same standard and will be held accountable. In this investigation, this is exactly what occurred. SOKOLOSKI’S statements were found to be FALSE and the Officer was found to have acted in a manner appropriately to his job function. Mark DiLuzio Chief of Police

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 25, 2018 CONTACT INFORMATION: Chief Mark A. DiLuzio Bethlehem Police Department 610-865-7150 McDonald's Donates to Three Bethlehem Groups Today at 10:00 am, McDonald's Restaurant at Five Points present a generous donation to the Bethlehem Police Department Mounted Unit. It was a pleasure to be there with several of the Mounted Officers and equine partners to accept the check from McDonald's. McDonald's also presented two other checks; one to the Bethlehem Boys and Girls Club and another to the Performing Arts School. Thank you McDonald's Five Points for your generosity, community spirit and support to the Bethlehem Police Department and other community groups in Bethlehem.

The golf cart has been recovered. The Bethlehem Police Department is still seeking the identity of the suspect. If you can provide any information on the suspect, please contact Officer Sam Elias, badge #343, at 610-865-7187.

Take Back Day is scheduled for Saturday, October 27th from 10am until 2pm. Various locations around Lehigh County will be accepting unused and expired over-the-counter and prescription medications.

The Bethlehem Police Department is looking for the public's help relating to a theft of a golf cart. At approximately 6:45am an unidentified male stole a golf cart from the Field House at Northeast Middle School. A witness reported seeing the golf cart driving in the area of Minsi Trail St., across E. Washington Ave., and then proceed east on Walters St. An item from the golf cart was located in the area of Walters St. and Carlisle St. The male is described as having dark hair, approximately 5'9'' to 6', appears to be in his 20's to 30's, and was wearing a grey long sleeved shirt or jacket, tan pants, and white sneakers. The golf cart is white in color with a white roof. It is missing the front bumper and has a Bethlehem Steel "I-Beam" sticker located on it. At the time of the theft, the male was carrying a brown cardboard box which he placed on the back of the golf cart. Anyone with information relating to the male or the location of the golf cart, please contact the Officer Sam Elias #343 at the non-emergency number, 610-865-7187.

*Public Safety Test Announcement* Tomorrow between 2:18 pm and 2:20 pm, FEMA will be conducting a test in coordination with the FCC testing the EAS (Emergency Alert System) and the WEA (Wireless Emergency Alert) system. If your mobile phone is powered on, you will receive a notification. This is a test. Please spread the word to avoid unnecessary calls to 911 Centers.

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 19, 2018 CONTACT INFORMATION: Chief Mark A. DiLuzio Bethlehem Police Department 10 East Church Street Bethlehem, PA 18018 610.865.7150 Pet Life Saving Equipment Donated to Bethlehem First Responders On Wednesday, September 19, 2018, at 10:30 pm, there was a press conference at Bethlehem City Hall, 10 E. Church Street, Bethlehem, Pa. 18018, attended by City First Responders and Media. Ms. Gail Hoover, who holds an “Annual Gail Hoover Birthday Bash” party each year, donated pet lifesaving equipment to the Bethlehem Police Department. At her annual party, she accepts contributions and donates those to local charity groups and public service agencies. Each year she picks a different group. This year, Ms. Hoover selected the Bethlehem Police Department. Ms. Hoover donated (35) Pet Oxygen Rescue Mask Kits, (3) Portable Collapsible Pet Cages and (3) large Pet Storage Crates for the City’s Animal Control Services. The Pet Oxygen Rescue Mask Kits will be placed into each of the City’s marked Patrol cruisers and other City First Responder Emergency Vehicles. Thank you Gail Hoover for your life saving donation and you commitment to helping public safety agencies save all lives.

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 18, 2018 CONTACT INFORMATION: Chief Mark A. DiLuzio Bethlehem Police Department 10 East Church Street Bethlehem, PA 18018 610.865.7150 On Tuesday, September 18, 2018, at 5pm, Officer Edgar Brito graduated from the Allentown Police Academy in a graduation ceremony at Cedar Crest College attended by his family and staff. Officer Brito was in the 102nd Police Training Class which went from April 9, 2018 through September 18, 2018. There were 21 cadets in the class. Officer Brito will receive an additional month and half of In-Service Training and then will be assigned to our Patrol Division. He will ride and be supervised by one of the Departments Field Training Officers. Congratulations Officer Brito.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRESS RELEASE September 14, 2018 CONTACT INFORMATION: Chief Mark A. DiLuzio Bethlehem Police Department 10 East Church Street Bethlehem, PA 18018 610.865.7150 TWO ARRESTED IN BUSINESS ROBBERY Two individuals were arrested Thursday evening by Bethlehem Police Detectives and Patrol Officers in connection with a business robbery that took place earlier this week. On Tuesday, September 12, 2018 at approximately 7:20 pm, two suspects entered Ike’s Shell Station at 1310 Center Street, Bethlehem, Northampton County, Pennsylvania A handgun was displayed and the suspects wore bandannas over their faces. No one was injured in the robbery. Both suspects fled on foot from the scene with an amount of cash. Through investigation, two suspects were developed and stopped by Officers on September 13, 2018. The two suspects facing criminal charges in this robbery are: 1-ANGELO MELENDEZ, age 18, of 248 Sixth Ave., Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. 2- A 15 year old juvenile male of Bethlehem. The 15 year old juvenile male is being charged as an adult. Both suspects were arraigned before Northampton County Duty Judge Grifo. Melendez’s bail was set at $60,000.00 and the 15 year old juvenile’s bail was set at $50,000.00. Both were committed to Northampton County Prison in lieu of bail. Both suspects face charges of Robbery, Theft, Criminal Conspiracy to Commit Robbery and Possession of Instrument of Crime. The investigation is active and ongoing at this time. Any individual who has any type of information on these two suspects and the Ike’s Shell Station robbery or the Bethlehem Star Dry Cleaner Shop robbery on September 7, 2018 or may have seen these suspects fleeing either robbery scene is asked to contact Det. Sgt. Tim Cooper at Bethlehem Police Detectives at 610-865-7187. The information you supply may be kept confidential. Thank You MAD#223

The Bethlehem Police Department is currently seeking applications for the position of Reserve Adult Crossing Guards with the potential of Permanent Adult Crossing Guard. The position pays $10.98 per hour to start and hours vary week to week. Applicants must be able to drive and pass a background investigation. For more information please contact Sergeant Robert Kieffer at 610-865-7153 or e-mail

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRESS RELEASE August 21, 2018 CONTACT INFORMATION: Chief Mark A. DiLuzio Bethlehem Police Department 10 East Church Street Bethlehem, PA 18018 610.865.7150 BANK ROBBERY On Tuesday, August 21, 2018, at approximately 1:30 pm, the Santander Bank on West Union Blvd. in Bethlehem, Lehigh County was robbed by a Hispanic-looking male. The male was dressed in dark clothing, and a firearm was displayed. An amount of cash taken. The male fled on foot towards Allentown. No one was injured in the robbery. The below photo of the male is from the bank. Anyone who knows this male or has any information about this male is asked to contact Bethlehem Police Department Detectives at 610-865-7187.

PRESS RELEASE AUGUST 21, 2018 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT INFORMATION: Chief Mark A. DiLuzio Bethlehem Police Department 10 East Church Street Bethlehem, PA 18018 610.865.7150 THE LABOR DAY HOLIDAY & DUI Law Enforcement will be working hard this Labor Day Labor Day Impaired Driving Enforcement begins August 15 through September 3, 2018 (August 15, 2018) - Harrisburg, PA - The Pennsylvania Driving Under the Influence Association, (PA DUI Assoc.) extends our heartfelt thanks to the hard-working citizens of Pennsylvania for all they do on a daily basis to make the Commonwealth a great place to live and work. As you take some well-deserved time off in recognition of your hard work, the PA DUI Association reminds all citizens to exercise sound judgement by NOT drinking and driving or driving while under the influence of controlled substances. It only takes one bad decision to forever destroy a lifetime of hard work. Data from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration indicates that over 10,000 people were killed on our nation's highways in crashes involving impaired motorists in 2017. Across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, there were 1,137 crash related fatalities in 2017. Roughly 1/3 of those fatalities were the result of impaired drivers. More specifically, during the Labor Day Holiday period in 2017 there were 314 alcohol related crashes resulting in 11 fatalities and 119 drug related crashes resulting in 3 fatalities across the Commonwealth. Police officers across the Commonwealth arrested 7,360 individuals for DUI during the months of August and September in 2016. During that same time in 2017, police made 7,707 DUI arrests - an increase of 347 impaired driving incidents. Due to this upward trend, police will be out in force during this Labor Day Holiday period seeking, apprehending and prosecuting impaired drivers. Executive Director of the PA DUI Association C. Stephen Erni said "The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is a great state due to the hardworking men and women who call it home. We at the PA DUI Association are grateful for all they do and extend our best wishes for a safe and well-earned holiday weekend. With that in mind, we would ask all motorists to refrain from driving impaired - the life you save may be your own." Director Erni went on to say "Often times people are unaware of the potential side effects of prescription medication or the reaction when those medications are mixed with alcohol. Impairment can result leading to potentially tragic consequences. All motorists should consult with their doctors concerning their prescribed medications and exercise caution before getting behind the wheel." The PA DUI Association reminds motorists that ALL impaired driving related fatalities and injuries are preventable. Simply exercising sound judgement and planning for alternate transportation can save lives - maybe even your own. Impaired driving is never acceptable and often leads to tragedy. Police will be working hard this Labor Day Holiday to remove all impaired motorists from the Commonwealth's highways. Police are specially trained to recognize impairment whether the result of alcohol, controlled substances or some combination thereof. Impaired is impaired regardless of whether the impairment is the result of alcohol, illegal drugs or prescribed medications; law enforcement makes no distinction when arresting impaired drivers. The Bethlehem Police Department, along with other State, County, and Local Police Departments across the Commonwealth, will be out and on patrol watching for drivers who are driving unsafe and/or under the influence. Please, if you do drink over the Labor Day Holiday, do not drink and drive. It’s not worth risking your life, the life of another and/or family. On behalf of the 180 members of Bethlehem Police Department, have a happy and safe Labor Day Holiday, and please do not drink and drive. Thank You.

Special thanks goes out to Brooklyn and her family for supporting our K9 Unit!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRESS RELEASE August 13, 2018 CONTACT INFORMATION: Chief Mark A. DiLuzio Bethlehem Police Department 10 East Church Street Bethlehem, PA 18018 610.865.7150 SHOTS FIRED, MALE IN CUSTODY AFTER STANDOFF On Sunday evening, August 12, 2018, at approximately 9:45 pm, the Bethlehem Police Department 911 Center received a call from a female. The female caller stated that she was Face Timing on her cell phone with a male friend who was depressed and acting suicidal. From the Face Time video, the location was established to be 420 Wyandotte Street, 3rd floor apartment, Bethlehem, Northampton County, Pennsylvania. During the course of the FaceTime conversation, the male picked up a semi-automatic handgun, placed it to his head and threatened to kill himself. The male then fired the semi-automatic handgun multiple times (5 gunshots) from the door of the fire escape of the apartment and hung up from FaceTime. The female called Bethlehem Police Department 911 and reported what just happened. Police responded to 420 Wyandotte Street, Bethlehem, Northampton County, Pennsylvania and attempted to speak with the male. Phone contact was made with the male. He continued to threaten suicide indicating that he had a handgun. Occupants of the apartment building on the first and second floor were evacuated to safety by Officers. Bethlehem Emergency Management found the occupants shelter for the evening and morning hours. The 400 block of Wyandotte Street (Route 378) had to be closed for public safety reasons. Vehicle traffic and pedestrian traffic was heavy due to the fireworks and other events in the City and was detoured. City EMS and Bethlehem Fire Department assisted. The Bethlehem Police Department Emergency Response Team (ERT) and Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT) responded to the scene. Several Bethlehem Police Crisis Negotiators were able to set up communication with the male by phone, text and Facebook. ERT Officers assisted CNT since the male had discharged multiple rounds in the apartment and created an immediate threat to public safety. After speaking with Police Crisis Officers for approximately 5 hours and 45 minutes, the male agreed to come out of the apartment unarmed and surrender to ERT Officers. The male did so without incident and was taken to St. Lukes Hospital for treatment. Detectives executed a search warrant at 420 Wyandotte Street, 3rd floor. Detectives recovered 2 handguns and ammunition for those handguns. The male is this incident, from court paperwork filed, is Rolando Rolon, age 29. Rolon is charged with (4) counts of Recklessly Endangering Another Person, Disorderly Conduct-Misdemeanor grade and Discharging a Firearm in the City. As we all know, not all incidents like this end with a peaceful resolution. I would like to thank the Bethlehem Police ERT and CNT Units for their professional handling of this incident. Thank you also to Bethlehem Fire, EMS and Emergency Management for their assistance at the scene and finding a place to stay overnight for the families displaced by this incident. Thank you.

A great pic taken by Officer Shaw last night on Main St. Who’s festing tonight? Be safe and have a great weekend!

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRESS RELEASE August 6, 2018 CONTACT INFORMATION: Chief Mark A. DiLuzio Bethlehem Police Department 10 East Church Street Bethlehem, PA 18018 610.865.7150 THANK YOU JIM & BARRY!! On Sunday, August 5, 2018, two community members, Jim “the Judge” Stocklas and Barry Bartakovits, donated $10,000.00 in Muskifest food and beverage tickets to Bethlehem’s Emergency Service Personnel working Musikfest. Many of these personnel work 16 or more hours a day during the ten days of Musikfest, only returning home to get some sleep and shower. When an unscheduled event occurs, like Saturday’s flooding of three areas of Musikfest, many have to serve more hours to “get the job” done and “get Musikfest back to the great event it is known for.” Jim and Barry observed this. They observed the work being done, in front and behind the scenes. They saw the long hours cleaning up, standing a post or blocking an area, whatever your duty was. They saw the teamwork between Bethlehem Emergency Management, Police Fire, EMS, Health and all the Musikfest personnel to get this unexpected problem cleaned up and Musikfest back on track. They saw the job get done. On behalf of the Fraternal Order of Police, Star Lodge # 20 and all its Officers, Bethlehem Firefighters, EMS Personnel, Health, Public Works, and Emergency Service Personnel, FOP President Bill Audello and myself, THANK you Jim and Barry for your thoughtful and heart felt donation towards City Emergency Services. Thank you for your commitment to your community and support for Emergency Services and the job they do. Sincerely; Mark A. DiLuzio Chief of Police Officer William Audello President, FOP Star Lodge # 20

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRESS RELEASE August 2, 2018 CONTACT INFORMATION: Chief Mark A. DiLuzio Bethlehem Police Department 10 East Church Street Bethlehem, PA 18018 610.865.7150 WANTED PERSON The Bethlehem Police Department is looking for BERNARDO FONTANEZ-CINTRON, age 49, no current address, for luring and exposing himself to two young children. On July 6, 2018 and July 8, 2018, FONTANEZ-CINTRON, lured two females juveniles, ages 7 and 8 years of age, over to his motor vehicle where he exposed himself and performed a sex act on himself. In both incidents, the females immediately ran to adults and FONTANEZ-CINTRON fled the area in a red color sedan. The first incident happened at 6th and Buchanan Streets in the Bethlehem and the second incident happened at 6th and Lynn Streets in the Bethlehem. FONTANEZ-CINTRON is not a Bethlehem resident. He has been in Bethlehem for 3-4 weeks after leaving Chicago. Prior to coming to Bethlehem, he has been involved in similar acts in Chicago. His latest arrest in Chicago was on May 1, 2018, where he called juveniles over to a vehicle and performed a sex act on himself in front of them. He subsequently fled Chicago after that arrest. BPD Detectives currently have an open arrest warrant for FONTANES-CINTRON. He is charged with: (2) Counts Corruption of Minors – Felony 3rd degree. (2) Counts Luring Child into Vehicle or Structure – Felony 2nd degree. (2) Counts Indecent Exposure - Misdemeanor 1st degree. BERNANDO FONTANEZ-CINTRON has no permanent address. Information indicates that FONTANEZ-CINTRON may of fled the Bethlehem area possibly back to the Chicago area. NOTE: He is no longer operating the maroon in color Chevrolet Cobalt. If you have information or you know the current whereabouts of BERNANDO FONTANEZ-CINTRON, please contact the Bethlehem Police Department at 610-865-7187. We need the public help in locating this individual and getting him off the street so he cannot victimize any more children.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRESS RELEASE July 25, 2018 CONTACT INFORMATION: Chief Mark A. DiLuzio Bethlehem Police Department 10 East Church Street Bethlehem, PA 18018 610.865.7150 BOLO – BE ON THE LOOKOUT The pictured individual was reported missing since Saturday, July 21, 2018. This individual is known as “Mr. Sun” aka “Helios” to the Greeks, aka “Sol” to the Romans, and aka “the big bright thing in the sky.” “Mr. Sun” is described as: Height and Weight : the largest star in our Solar system Diameter – 1,390,000 kilometers Temp. – 5800 Kelvin (surface), 15,600,000 Kelvin (Core) Scars, Marks Tattoos – sometimes has “Sunspots.” LKA – Last Known Address – being summer now, last known address is supposed to be high in the sky and very hot. If anyone happens to find him, please return to Bethlehem. We have Musikfest 2018 starting next week and I need to have a talk with him about his behavior over the past several days of dreary and horrible weather.