Safety Season: Common Holiday Hazards


The holidays are great, filled with fun, food, and family. Sometimes though we get so caught up in the adventure, we fail to realize there are also possible dangers we need to be aware of and take action to prevent. Don’t let these hazards ruin your holidays.


Burns and Cuts


Holidays mean food and lots of cooking and baking. The dangers of getting burnt, cut or scalded skyrocket around the holidays. Always keep a first aid kit on hand with Band-Aids and Neosporin to prevent infections. When handling hot kitchen items use potholders or oven mats.




holiday fire hazard


Halloween is a dangerous time for a fire. Dry leaves and jack-o-lanterns with real flames are a recipe for disaster. Instead use safe, LED lights to light your paths and pumpkins. Don’t use real candles in and around homes with kids or pets. At Christmas the danger of fire is also higher, with a real pine tree and fireplaces filled with logs, a stray spark can result in a tragedy. Always make sure your smoke alarms have fresh batteries in them. Do not leave fires unattended and keep a fire extinguisher on hand.




Halloween decorations can present dangers of their own. Small pieces can be a choking hazard for babies and small children. Family members can be impaled or cut on other crafty ornaments with sharp edges. Watch out for glass ornaments that can easily break and be dangerous to kids and pets.


Pet Poisoning


With so many unusual things going on, different foods, toys, and presents a pet may be overlooked and eat something and then get sick or choke on a small piece. Keep a close eye on pets during the holidays, so they don’t eat a bunch of candy, raw uncooked food or swallow toys.


Stress and Heart Health


The holidays can be very stressful, shopping for gifts, making meals and dealing with family. Heart attacks and other serious health issues occur quite frequently around the holidays. Don’t ignore the warning signs, seem immediate medical attention if you feel “off” in any way. Make time for breaks and regular health regimens to remain your best throughout the holidays.


Food Poisoning and Illness

food poisoning on Halloween


Your kids collect droves of candy during Halloween and not all of it is safe. Spoiled food or tampered with items can present a danger but so can items with nuts for kids with allergies. Take the extra time to examine every candy before your children indulge. A little time now will prevent disaster later.


Toys and Presents

Hundreds of people visit the ER each year around Christmas after getting cut or hurt opening packages. Use safe scissors to open kids toys and watch out for jagged edges, sharp metal pieces or anything else what you can be injured on. Another danger around the holiday is tripping over toys left out on the floor. Be sure to clean up after the festivities, so no one gets hurt.



With electric lights and other colorful, lit-up decorations the holidays are an awful time to think about electrocution, but it does happen. Always exercise caution and extra safety with holiday lights and anything that is plugged into electric sockets. Plastic LED candles are a nice alternative that keeps you safe.


Car Accidents

car accidents during holidays


With more people on the roads than any time of year, car accidents soar around the holidays. When driving to Christmas shop or trick-or-treat with your kids, stay alert and focused. Watch out for kids in the street and people in cars not paying attention. Go slow and observe all road rules.




Greeting family with hugs and kisses can spread viruses like wildfire. Always wash your hands plenty around the holidays, especially before eating. Dress warmly to prevent colds, the flu, and pneumonia. Be especially careful around older family members who may be more susceptible to illness. If you have a cold, keep your distance.

The holidays are meant to be a time of joy, love, and peace, not of horror or tragedy. Take a few precautions and stay aware of these dangers to make your holidays memorable with fun times and no accidents or injuries and if you notice something strange going on with your neighbors or strangers, report to the police immediately.