Lee County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Lee County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 113 Gregg St, Bishopville, 29010 SC
  • Chief:
Phone: 803-484-5353

Lee County Sheriff's Office is located at 113 Gregg St, Bishopville, 29010 SC. The Lee County Sheriff's Office phone number is 803-484-5353.

Lee County Sheriff's Office News

Another hero has fallen.


Sheriff Daniel simon and his office staff are keeping the officer’s of the Florence Police Department and Deputies with Florence County Sheriffs Office in their prayers. Several officers and deputies were shot responding to an active shooter incident this afternoon in Florence. Please say a prayer for those affected in this tragedy.

All Lee County Bridges are open and as of this time waters are getting a bit lower. Safe Travels

It's Monday, and the storm has passed. But do not think the danger is over! Trees are down, power is still out in some areas, water is rising in our rivers and low areas. If you must get out, use extreme caution and do not drive into flooded areas. It may be a while before help arrives in an emergency. Please be safe. Report down power lines and stay safe Lee County!

LEE COUNTY WILL HAVE AN EMERGENCY SHELTER OPENING WEDNESDAY, September 12,2018 at 6 PM Location- Lee Central High School 1800 Wisacky Hwy. Bishopvllle, SC 29010 Public evacuation shelters do not provide comforts. Shelter evacuees will be placed in hallways while winds are in excess of 39 mph. Shelter capacities are determined by allocation of 15 square feet per person. Shelters are meant to provide a safe and secure structure from a storm or another disaster. WHAT TO BRING TO A SHELTER: Bedding-blankets, sleeping bags, and pillows 1 Day Food Supply - consider dietary needs Essential Medications - fill any prescriptions to ensure enough supply Phone and Charger Personal Hygiene items - toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. Clothing - consider rain gear and sturdy shoes Infant needs - formula, diapers, etc. Children's items - reading books, stuffed animals or coloring books and crayons



Something to think about? What a story.

Missing Juvenile: If you see her or know of her whereabouts Please Contact Local Law Enforcement or 9-1-1

Smile a little while and have a great day Lee County!


Something to think about. Keep our children safe. #FoxNews

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News from Texas. You cannot make this up folks.


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