Columbia Police Department

  • Agency: Columbia Police Department
  • Address: 1 Justice Square, Columbia, 29201 SC
  • Chief:
Phone: 803-545-3500

Columbia Police Department is located at 1 Justice Square, Columbia, 29201 SC. The Columbia Police Department phone number is 803-545-3500.

Columbia Police Department News

The City of Columbia Police Department would like to thank everyone who came out to support Coffee with a Cop today at Zombie Coffee and Donuts we had a great time with you all! If you didn’t make it to this one keep an eye out for our next one in November!

Cpt.Roberts is at Zombie Coffee and Donuts come out and have great conversation and Coffee.

Hey today’s the day COFFEE WITH A COP! Come out to Zombie Coffee and Donuts and enjoy a cup of coffee and conversation! Oh and did we mention they have GREAT Donuts! See you there!!

Come out an join us for Coffee with a cop!! At Zombie Coffee and Donuts 650 Lincoln Street Columbia, SC 29201 October 19th 8-11am

CPD @ SC STATE FAIR 2018 (Goodman Bldg)

Join CPD officers at the 2018 SC State Fair!

Lt. Blendowski has a message for you! Columbia Police Dept on Twitter

Please stay safe and remember to avoid driving through standing water! SCDPS on Twitter

During a Hurricane: During the storm, howling winds, driving rain, and the threat of tornadoes make riding out a hurricane a scary ordeal. Follow these tips for staying safe in your home during a hurricane: • Stay inside and away from windows, skylights, and glass doors. Find a safe area in your home (an interior room, a closet or bathroom on the lower level). • If flooding threatens your home, turn off electricity at the main breaker. • If you lose power, turn off major appliances such as the air conditioner and water heater to reduce damage. • Do not use electrical appliances, including your computer. • Do not go outside. If the eye of the storm passes over your area, there will be a short period of calm, but at the other side of the eye, the wind speed rapidly increases to hurricane force and will come from the opposite direction. Also, do not go outside to see "what the wind feels like." It is too easy to be hit by flying debris. • Beware of lightning. Stay away from electrical equipment. Don't use the phone or take a bath/shower during the storm. After a Hurricane More deaths and injury occur after a hurricane hits than during. Usually because people are too anxious to get outside and survey the damage and come into contact with downed power lines or unstable trees. Follow these suggestions for staying safe after a hurricane: • Remain indoors until an official "all clear" is given. • Do not touch fallen or low-hanging wires of any kind under any circumstances. Stay away from puddles with wires in or near them. Do not touch trees or other objects in contact with power lines. • USE PHONES FOR EMERGENCIES ONLY. Call 911 only for life-threatening situations. • Call police or utility companies immediately to report hazards such as downed power lines, broken gas or water mains, overturned gas tanks, or any other dangerous situation you come across. • Watch for weakened roads, bridges, tree limbs or porches that could collapse unexpectedly. • After power is restored, check refrigerated food for spoilage. (Spoiled food is the cause of much sickness two days to a week after the storm.) • When reinstalling a CB, TV or satellite antenna, check in all directions to be sure no power lines are nearby. The same goes for climbing trees to clear debris. • Do not operate charcoal grills, propane camping stoves or generators indoors.

East Region officers enjoyed Roll Call and dinner with the Peach Grove community.

2018 Mayor's Walk Against Domestic Violence | Finlay Park

2018 National Coffee with a COP day @ Cromer's

Catch the must-see #FatherDaughter video with North Region's Officer Gee Walls

Road Closure: Main and College Streets The City of Columbia is notifying its citizens of a detour at the intersection of Main and College Streets from October 2-24, 2018. Please be advised that Columbia Water staff will be replacing a sewer main and the intersection will be closed to through-traffic until repairs are completed. The intersection will be open only to pedestrian traffic beginning Wednesday October 3rd. The City urges its citizens to adhere to the detour signs and reroute accordingly. Columbia Water apologizes for any inconvenience that this may cause to our customers. We ask for your patience as we work to improve the infrastructure in your area. Please see the attached map for traffic flow information. Any other questions or concerns regarding this traffic advisory can be made to The City of Columbia Customer Care Center at 803.545.3300.

Officer G. Walls having lunch with the children at A. j. Lewis Greenview Elementary School

Thank you Killian Elementary school for having officer G. Walls come out and speak to the kids about safety!!! 💪🏽👮🏽‍♂️

Safety event with CPD & CFD at 150 Harbison Blvd (OLD NAVY) 👮🏽‍♂️👩🏼‍🚒

CPD Officers Deploy to Horry County for Hurricane Florence Relief Six CPD officers packed up vehicles with life-saving equipment including water, MREs (meals ready to eat), life jackets, and water rescue gear as they deploy to Horry County this afternoon. Captain E. M. Marsh says, "This is what we do as a law enforcement agency. We help people. We will do whatever is needed to assist the folks of Horry County." The officers will spend the next 7 days in Aynor to assist the local law enforcement agencies and the SC Law Enforcement Division (SLED) with Hurricane Florence recovery efforts. The officers met this morning for a lesson on the proper ways of using the water rescue equipment before loading up equipment. Many of the officers understand what it's like to live through the devastating aftermath of flooding when Columbia experienced the same in 2015. Officer T. Heustess says, "This is our way of paying it forward." The officers, many of whom have lengthy military experience, volunteered for the 7-day deployment. The CPD team will receive their assignments when they arrive in Horry County's Aynor High School. Officers will work in 12-hour shifts and plan to return on October 7th.

Check them out: We wanted to share more information about our newest group of police officers. B. Taylor (Columbia, SC) T. Loughery (Cayce, SC) C. Bourke, Jr. (Beaufort, SC) B. Brown (Colorado Springs, Colorado) M. Holmes (Savannah, GA) T. Montefusco (Hoboken, NJ) S. Rollins (Denver, Colorado) J. Avila (Bronx, NY) D. Cantey (Columbia, SC) D. Gibb IV, (Utica, NY) J. Nanola (Manila, Phillippines) E. Walker (Greenville, SC) C. Mitchell (Florence, SC) G. Finley (Columbia, SC) J. Robinson (Columbia, SC)

Wow! What a proud moment for the CPD family and the relatives of these new police officers. They took the oath of office and have received their new assignments - the first of which begins tonight! They will head to the S.C. Criminal Justice Academy (CJA) in December for the 12-weeks of law enforcement training. They've spent time in the CPD's Basic Candidate School (BCS) learning the ropes in preparation of the CJA. Help us in congratulating them !

Officer G. Walls visiting with children from Education Express! 💪🏽👮🏽‍♂️

The City of Columbia Police departments Hosted it’s College Forum today with Allen University and Benedict College to discuss ways the colleges and the Police Department could work together and bring more awareness to the Colleges about our entertainment districts and much more!