South Carolina Bureau of Protective Services (BPS)

  • Agency: South Carolina Bureau of Protective Services (BPS)
  • Address: 10311 Wilson Blvd., Blythewood, 29016 SC
  • Chief:
Phone: 803-896-3870

South Carolina Bureau of Protective Services (BPS) is located at 10311 Wilson Blvd., Blythewood, 29016 SC. The South Carolina Bureau of Protective Services (BPS) phone number is 803-896-3870.

South Carolina Bureau of Protective Services (BPS) News

The South Carolina Department of Public Safety web site is getting a new look and a new address. Starting this weekend, visit us at

At a glance: Reminders from SCDPS about changes coming as part of the new moped law. #TargetZeroTuesday

The SCDPS State Transport Police held its Officer of the Year and graduation ceremonies yesterday in Blythewood. Congratulations to our 13 new STP officers and award winners. STP also gave out several special awards. Region of the Year went to Region 1; Top Recruiter of the Year: Officer Jeffrey Haigler Jr.; Public Servant of the Year, Ms. Barbara Taylor. The Overall Statewide Winner for Officer of the Year was L/Cpl. Jessie A. Whiteside, Region Six. Whiteside competed among six regional winners including Region One: L/Cpl. Khanh Q. Phan; Region Two: L/Cpl. Timothy C. Smallwood; Region Three: Officer James L. Hudson; Region Four: Officer Alton S. May; Region Five: Officer Cody S. Alexander; Regional Six: L/Cpl. Jessie A. Whiteside. Graduates (along with their hometowns and county of assignment) include: Officer Donny M. Bonneau, San Antonio, TX, Region 1; Officer Trey B. Patterson, Eastover, Region 1; Officer Nicholas G. Santageio, Blythewood, Region 3; L/Cpl. Daren W. Jenkins, Lancaster, Region 4; Officer Sean L. Huffman, Summerville, Region 6; Officer Peter Rudofski, Commerce Township, MI, Region 6; Jessie Witherspoon, Sumter, New Entrant Safety Auditor; Officer Earnest L. Hampton, Pinewood, Region 1; Officer Marcus A. O’Dell, Ware Shoals, Region 3; L/Cpl. Justin Altman, Lancaster, Region 4; Officer Alston F. Hall, Lexington, Region 6; Officer Travis McElreath, Seneca, Region 6; Loretta Staten, Effingham, New Entrant Safety Auditor.

A great reminder from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) about keeping children safe around school buses. Remember to watch out for children getting on and off the bus. For more helpful information and resources, visit the SCDPS Back to School Safety link:

Reminder: Beginning Monday, November 19, 2018, moped owners or operators must have their moped registered with the SCDMV to drive it legally on any state road.

Staying safe on Halloween takes everyone working together. Parents: Make sure your little ghosts and goblins can be seen: -- Pedestrians should always wear retro-reflective or white clothing at dusk or night and brightly colored clothing with retro-reflective materials during daylight. -- Place retro-reflective material on areas of movement such as elbows, knees, and ankles in addition to the wrists and chest. -- Walk facing traffic and out of the roadway when possible; if there is no shoulder on the roadway, walk as close to the edge of roadway as possible. Motorists: Look out for and expect to see pedestrian traffic on Halloween: -- Use high beams at night when possible, especially on rural roads and areas with low visibility. -- Scan ahead for pedestrian activity and be prepared to react – avoid distractions in your vehicle that may take your eyes off the roadway. -- Adjust speed on poorly lit, rural roadways where the majority of fatal pedestrian collisions occur. #TargetZeroTuesday

The South Carolina Highway Patrol welcomes seven members to its Criminal Interdiction Unit (CIU). SCHP’s newest troopers – seven canines -- just returned from training in Alabama and are ready for duty. They will work alongside members of the recently formed Criminal Interdiction Unit. Each of the K9s was named after—and in honor of—SCHP troopers who lost their lives in the line of duty. We are proud to introduce: K9 Parker -- named in honor of Jonathan Wayne Parker, EOW 5/16/2005; K9 Yonce -- named in honor of Henry C. Yonce, EOW 5/19/1959; K9 Rebman -- named in honor of Daniel Keith Rebman Jr., EOW 10/24/2017; K9 Cusack -- named in honor of Dana Kevin Cusack, EOW 3/27/2010; K9 Ham -- named in honor of Jacob Ham, EOW 2/8/1998; K9 Smalls -- named in honor of Bruce K. Smalls, EOW 9/27/1985; K9 Lingard -- named in honor of Frankie Lee Lingard, EOW 12/31/1997. In addition to the seven newest members of the CIU, K9 KJ -- named in honor of Kenneth Jeffrey Johnson, EOW 7/7/2002, and K9 Rao – named in honor of S/Tpr. Michael Joseph Rao, EOW: 6/12/2002, were already serving in Troop Eight and will also be part of the team. The Highway Patrol recently retired K9 Shea, named in honor of L/Cpl. J.S. Nash, EOW 9/19/09, and K9 Coates, named in honor of L/Cpl. Mark Hunter Coates, EOW 11/20/1992, after many years of dedicated service.

SCDPS is remembering Trooper Daniel Keith Rebman, Jr. Trooper Rebman lost his life in the line-of-duty one year ago today. Our thoughts and prayers are with Trooper Rebman's family. The SC Highway Patrol has named one of its newest members in his honor: K9 Rebman. (Below: SCDPS Director Leroy Smith and Col. Chris Williamson with K9 Rebman and his handler).

Roads are being paved and other improvements are underway on interstates, highways and secondary roadways statewide. That means workers are present. Help keep them safe by slowing down and avoiding distractions in work zones. #TargetZeroTuesday

Our hearts are saddened by the loss of Investigator Farrah Turner of the Florence County Sheriff’s Office. The men and women of SCDPS extend heartfelt condolences to the families and Florence law enforcement community as you mourn the loss of two dedicated officers in recent weeks.

Before and after. A huge THANK YOU for the notes of encouragement and kindness you left for our troopers and officers at the South Carolina State Fair. We will be sharing many of these with our men and women in uniform who serve all over our state.

The South Carolina Highway Patrol reminds you to keep safety in mind as you enjoy Fall in South Carolina. As the temperatures become milder, more pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists will be on the road. If you are one of them, wear reflective or white clothing to make sure you can be seen. If you are a motorist, be aware that it is getting dark sooner. Always watch out for pedestrians. Use your high beams, when possible, to help you scan ahead for pedestrians in the roadway.

Stop by and see us at the South Carolina State Fair in the Ruff Building...and don't forget to leave a note for us while you are there. We appreciate all the kinds words for our men and women who serve.

Report downed power lines to authorities. Stay away! #Michael

If you come to an intersection where the traffic signal is not working, follow these steps. #Michael #scwx

Watch out for falling trees and debris on the roadway. To monitor incidents, follow SCHP Real-Time Traffic at #Michael

Hydroplaning is when the vehicle’s tires are not making contact with the pavement due to standing water in the roadway. If at all possible, limit travel during heavy rain/flood events or avoid areas you know are flood-prone; Remember these important safety tips if you must travel during heavy rain events: -- Make sure you turn on your headlights during rain; -- Always be on the lookout for standing water that can cause you to lose traction and control of your vehicle. -- Keep a safe following distance between you and the vehicle in front of you – at least three car lengths; -- Reduce your speed and do not use cruise control during a rain event.#Michael #scwx

Avoid flooded roadways as heavy rain from Tropical Depression #Michael pushes through the state. If you do encounter flooded roadways, remember this important message. #TurnAroundDon'tDrown

Good advice from Trooper Judd in advance of rains from #HurricaneMichael. Wipers on, headlights on.

Fall is the time of year when deer collisions are on the rise. Be on the lookout for deer especially around dawn and dusk and on rural and dark roadways. Last year, there were more than 2,600 collisions involving deer in South Carolina, including two fatalities and 498 injuries. How can you prevent or minimize the damage in a deer-related collision? Slow down on rural roadways; scan ahead and remain attentive to avoid collisions. If you do encounter a deer in the roadway, apply your brakes firmly and avoid swerving. #TargetZeroTuesday

SCDPS extends its deepest condolences to the Florence Police Department and the family of Officer Terrence Carraway who was killed in the line-of-duty on October 3. Our thoughts and prayers remain with the injured officers from the Florence Police Department and Florence County Sheriff's Office.

It may still be warm outside, but Fall is here. That means daylight saving time ends November 4. Make sure if you are riding a bicycle on the roadway that you are visibile to motorists. Wear reflective clothing; ensure your bicycle has a head lamp and/or reflectors. Don't assume motorists can see you. Make sure you dress to be seen. #TargetZeroTuesday