Union County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Union County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 220 W. Main Street, Union, 29379 SC
  • Chief:

Union County Sheriff's Office is located at 220 W. Main Street, Union, 29379 SC. The Union County Sheriff's Office phone number is 864-429-1612.

Union County Sheriff's Office News

The Silent Witness Vigil and speak out against Domestic Violence...... Sheriff David Taylor and others speak for and show remembrance to the victims of Domestic Violence in Union County.

October 3, 2018 A bird found at a residence in the vicinity of Union County Airport has been tested by DHEC and found to be positive for West Nile virus. There are no human cases of the disease; however Emergency Management has arranged for a water-based spraying of pesticide to eradicate the mosquito population within a half mile radius of the target address. The pesticide does not pose a health risk to humans or animals. However, beekeepers in the area should relocate or cover their hives until spraying has been completed in the target area. Spraying is scheduled for this evening around 7:00 p.m.

The Union County Sheriff's Office is now accepting applications for Deputy Sheriff. Those interested can pick up an application in our office or apply online. MUST possess a valid SC driver's license, pass a SLED background check and a drug test. Must have a high school diploma and submit to any other required testing or documentation deemed necessary by the Sheriff. Please visit the Union County Sheriff's Office website to apply online.

Another wonderful day playing ball with the Miracle League of Union!

Our K-9 Unit did an outstanding job last night tracking and arresting a subject that broke in the Lil Cricket store in Carlisle. Keep up the good work guys👍🏻 Russell Vinson Matthew Voiselle Hunter Davis Casey Barefoot.

Thank you to The Miracle League of Union County for letting us buddy games this week. We all had a blast!!! (Pictures by Amy Cato Austin)

Union County is now at OPCON level 5. At noon today we will go to OPCON level 4. The Union County Sheriff’s Office and The Union County Emergency Management Department ask that people stay off the roads as much as possible over the weekend. Sunday is predicted by the National Weather Service as being the worst day. High possibility of roads closings,flooding, and trees down....

Deleted the last post. Not the place for arguing or profanity. Thank you to everyone for the support and information you all provide everyday.

The Union County Sheriffs Office is partnering with Sloan Construction to help keep the Road Work Zones on Hwy 176 safe for workers and motorists...... PLEASE obey the posted speed limits in the zones and drive safely or you will find yourself with a ticket.

💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡 The Sheriff's Office and Union County Schools are partnering together to have more of a police presence in our schools. We sincerely hope to build positive relationships with the students and provide a more safe environment for our children. We are looking forward to this opportunity and hope that we can ease the mind of each parent and child. Please help us in sharing this information with others who may not have access to facebook. Many thanks to the parents who have waited patiently for these things to come. #Togetherwewill !! Deputies are not actually assigned to schools without School Resource Officers, however, more officers will be checking in at random.

A Black Samsung cell phone and a set of keys were found in Naruto Japanese Cuisine on South Duncan Bypass in Union. If this belongs to you please come to the Union Sheriff's Office and claim your property.

Just a public service announcement, PLEASE REMEMBER!!! The Sheriff’s Office, The IRS or any other Government agency will not contact you by telephone to make threats of arrest or ask for payments of any kind..... this is a Scam.

Recently a 10 year old child dropped her tablet in the parking lot of Fresh Air Galaxy while her mother’s vehicle was broken down. If anyone has any information about this tablet please contact Union Sheriffs Office or bring the tablet to the Sheriffs Office so it may be returned to this child!

A womens purse was left at TC Jewelers on Main Street on Tuesday July 31st 2018. If you are missing a purse and think this may belong to you please call the Union County Sheriff's Office at 864-429-1612 and speak with Inv. Coffer.

Our South Carolina All-Stars, coming back to Union. The girls had a VERY STRONG 3rd place finish at the World Series in Louisiana. The Union County Sheriff’s Office would like to congratulate all the players, coaches and family. Welcome back Home!!!

We are still having issues with SCAMS!!!! People in Union County are receiving calls that are showing up as The Sheriffs Office (864-429-1612). They are using computer apps to make it appear like the call is coming from our office. No law enforcement agency will ever threaten to arrest you over the telephone if you don’t wire money to them!!!! Ever!!! If you receive any calls like this please call 911 and report it immediately.

Deputies leading our Ponytail All-Stars out of Union!! Louisiana bound!!! Good luck girls!!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

We are receiving reports that you are getting telephone calls, asking for money for a Union County Sheriff’s Office fundraiser. THIS IS A SCAM!! The Sheriff’s Office is not currently doing any type of fundraising or asking for donations. If you receive any call like this please call 911 to report so we can attempt to locate these subjects.

The following items were stolen in multiple burglaries at a Hunt Club Camp on Neal Shoals Rd in Union County recently. .50 cal Muzzle Loader (dark gray and white) Remington 700 .243 Semi Auto Rifle with brown stock PSE Compound Bow, camo color Ruger .270, mod M77, sn: 784-75308 Glock 17, .9mm,sn: MDM052 Hi Point Cross Bow, camo color If you have any information on these thefts please contact our Office 864-429-1612, Crime Stoppers 864-427-0800 or contact Investigator Scott Ruby at 864-466-3631

THANK YOU ALL FOR SHARING! THE OWNER HAS BEEN LOCATED.... An iPhone was found at Foster Park after the fireworks show. If you missing one send private message with description of the lock screen photo or unlock code for phone.

Please join us in welcoming Deputy Kristen Spencer and Deputy Dillon Cribbs to our Family 👍🏻

Everyone please celebrate responsibly and have a great Independence Day. Come see us tonight at Foster Park for the Fireworks!!!

Please come out and support our teams today! $10 a plate. Good food for a good cause!