Belle Fourche Police Department

  • Agency: Belle Fourche Police Department
  • Address: 1010 8th Ave, Belle Fourche, 57717 SD
  • Chief: Keith D Schultz (Chief of Police)
Phone: 605-892-4354
Fax: 605-892-4504

Belle Fourche Police Department is located at 1010 8th Ave, Belle Fourche, 57717 SD. The Chief of Police of the department is Keith D Schultz. The Belle Fourche Police Department phone number is 605-892-4354.

Belle Fourche Police Department News

Thank you to the Belle Fourche Police Officers who have served, and are still serving our community today! Thank you for your service.

Cops and Kids! The Belle Fourche Police Department is taking donations for our yearly Cops and Kids Christmas project! This project is one of the most touching things we as Police Officers get to do for families that could use a little help over the holidays. After doing this for the past several years, I have found it very heart wrenching to see these young children buy presents for their family. This is an emotional and fun day that is hard to explain, not only for the kids but the Officers involved. It is difficult to tell these kids that they need to get something for themselves, they are more worried about their siblings. If you wish to donate, please mail your donation to the Belle Fourche Police Department, 1010 8th Avenue Belle Fourche South Dakota 57717. Please mark the envelope Cops and Kids, checks can be made out to "Post 152". Thank you Chief Marlyn Pomrenke

Picked up at 7th and summit, no tags, call 892-5558.

Beagle picked up at common cents. Call 892 5558.

Yet another one!

Another SWAT member at BFACC

We found our SWAT team!

Belle Fourche PD at the rec center!

Thank you to the Emmanuel Baptist Church ladies for the goodies today.

Picked up at 900 6th avenue. Please call 892 5558.

This young pup was picked up this morning near Elkhorn St. Please call 892-2737 if it is your pup!

Lost kitty on north end of town please call 892 2737 if it is yours.

Today Code Enforcement and the Police Department got the opportunity to help out an animal rescue organization. Ripley met her new family this evening and we wish them the best. Thank you Mardi and Debra for helping with her care.

Picked up on 11th avenue, please call 892 4354 to pick up.

Found on hwy 85 between Belle and Spearfish, please message BFPD if this friendly dog is yours. ******owner has been found*******

Chief of Police Marlyn Pomrenke and Code Enforcement Officer Clint Haffner had a great time this morning reading to the wonderful students at South Park Elementary!

Item fell off a flatbed pickup yesterday, call the Police Department to identify.

Kitty picked up at 311 custer. Call 892 5558.

Dog picked up on national street. Call 892 5558.

As winter and our first snowfall approaches, it is helpful to make sure abandoned vehicles, boats, campers, trailers etc. are removed from the streets now, to avoid issues when it snows. Officers will be looking more closely for items being stored on streets in the next few weeks and taking actions to get them removed. Please do your part in making sure these items are not stored on the streets. Attached is a link to the City of Belle Fourche Snow Information Guide. It contains some great information to help you be prepared for snow removal operations. Please take a look through the advisory guide to become familiar when you need to have vehicles off of streets for snow removal. select snow information Thank you for your cooperation!

Small dog picked up on National St today. Please call 892-5558 if it is yours.

Kitty picked up on Aurora street, please call 892 5558.

The Belle Fourche Police Department found a compound bow in the Hat Ranch area. If you are the owner please call and describe it so we can get it to it's rightful owner.