Decherd Police Department

  • Agency: Decherd Police Department
  • Address: 1301 W Main St, Decherd, 37324 TN
  • Chief: Ross Peterson (Chief of Police)
Phone: (931)962-1675
Fax: 931-962-4988

Decherd Police Department is located at 1301 W Main St, Decherd, 37324 TN. The Chief of Police of the department is Ross Peterson. The Decherd Police Department phone number is (931)962-1675.

Decherd Police Department News

Fall is settling in, so are later sunrises, cooler weather, and fog...lots of fog. Please turn on your headlights in foggy weather and until after sunrise. Thank you.

On a rainy, bleary day like today, we would like to remind everyone to turn on your headlights while driving. It's not just the law to have your lights on in bad weather, it helps make the road safer by making your vehicle more visible to others. Thank you.

We would like to remind everyone of the FCHS Homecoming parade at 1 PM today, and the traffic that comes with it. Access to the Bypass will be shut down from around 1 PM until the parade clears the Bypass. Please plan accordingly.

TCA 55-12-139 – Compliance with financial responsibility law required — Evidence of compliance The Decherd Police Department would like to help explain the law regarding having "proof of insurance" on a motor vehicle. The law actually requires the DRIVER of any vehicle to be able to provide proof of financial responsibility (either current insurance paperwork or a related government certificate) at the time of a traffic stop or vehicle crash. The proof can be a current insurance card, current insurance declarations page, or proof through the insurance company's app. A payment receipt or bank draft can not be accepted as proof. While the state CAN verify that a vehicle has insurance through it's system at the time of a traffic stop or accident, it can only do so if the insurance company reports it. This system does not provide coverage info, policy numbers or dates of coverage. If you do not have valid insurance at the time a citation is issued, the state will suspend your driver's license after sending an official letter to the address of record on the license. This is also a good reason to update that address if you've moved since your last license was issued. If you are issued a citation for not having proof of insurance, that citation can be dismissed by providing proof that the vehicle had valid proof of coverage at the time of the stop/accident. We would appreciate your help sharing this post, to spread the word about how this law works. Thank you.

The Decherd Police Department would like to remind everyone to lock their vehicles and to not leave any valuables in them overnight. Vehicle burglaries are typically crimes of opportunity, meaning the criminal is looking for an easy target, such as an unlocked vehicle with things like purses, backpacks, and other things in plain view. Thank you.

We have had complaints about traffic near Decherd Elementary in the afternoons and checked into the situation. We are asking all pickup parents that come in from College St to keep in a single file line until turning into the school. This will allow traffic to flow smoothly back out of the school, keeping things moving. Traffic is not allowed to go from S Bratton St onto Bennett St during morning and afternoon school zones. We also ask everyone to help keep driveways and roadways clear, so nobody is blocked in. Thank you and drive safely.

Spring St has been reopened at this time.

This person was responsible for a number of recent burglaries in Decherd but he has been identified and charges have been filed.

Personnel from Decherd Public Safety would like to extend their deepest sympathies to the family, friends and co-workers of La Vergne Fire Rescue Chief Rick McCormick. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all during this difficult time.

SAFE Campaign (Seatbelts are for everyone) Tennessee Highway Safety Office (THSO) Fewer fatal crashes in Tennessee for 2018! Today, around 10 AM, a Decherd Police officer stood near the intersection of Decherd Blvd and West Main Street, like he did back on February 15, 2018. He was doing the same thing he did back then (counting who was and wasn't buckled up for the SAFE campaign run by THSO), but this time, he had a smile on his face afterward. Again, only counting when he could definitely tell if seatbelts were being worn or not, he saw that 83 out of 101 people (passengers AND drivers) were definitely wearing them. Last time, only 75 out of 100 people were reducing their risk of death or serious injury. Everyone he could see in professional vehicles were buckled up, too. According to THSO, as of last night, there have been 620 traffic fatalities in TN. Of the 435 passenger vehicle fatalities, 207 (47.6%) were buckled up and 191 (43.9%) weren't. High speeds were a contributing factor in most fatal crashes when buckled passengers were killed. 70 of the killed were pedestrians (11.3%). 46 teen drivers (age 13-19) and 147 senior drivers (age 65+) were involved in fatal crashes, meaning everyone else was between 20-64 years old. 75 involved big trucks or buses and 100 involved motorcycles. About half of the total fatal crashes (304 of 620) were rural, so driving in the country isn't much safer than driving in town. These numbers don't include injuries that occur in crashes, like that front passenger who wasn't buckled up and ended up going head first into the window, almost knocking the window out when another vehicle decided they could make it through oncoming traffic... If you're in a vehicle that's going to be moving, PLEASE, be safe and buckle up. It's also the law: TCA 55-9-603 Use of Safety Belts in Passenger Vehicles TCA 55-9-602 Child Passenger Restraint Systems All stats available at

Today's Local Traffic PSA: 55-8-151. Overtaking and passing school, youth or church bus-Markings Discharging passengers-Penalties. The short version is all drivers must stop if they meet a school, church, or youth bus that has stopped for the purpose of picking up or dropping off children. These buses should be clearly marked, with flashing lights and stop signs. This also applies to roads with more than two lanes, such as W Main St, meaning all traffic must stop until the bus has turned off its equipment. Failing to do so is a Class A misdemeanor, meaning the charge has to go to General Sessions court. Please help keep our children safe, thank you.

**********LOCATED******** The Decherd Police Department is currently looking for Darlene Putman and Timothy Sanders (pictured below) for questioning in regards to a burglary that occured in the city. If you know their whereabouts, please contact the Franklin County Communications at 931-967-2331 and ask to speak with a Decherd officer. You may also message us with any information you may have. Thank you.

Today's Local Traffic PSAs: 1) With school back in session, we would like to remind everyone that it is illegal to use any mobile device while driving in a school zone, unless it is hand-free calling. It is also illegal for any driver under the age of 18 to use a mobile device in any way while driving. 2) Spring Street (behind Decherd Elementary School) has a posted 20 MPH speed limit at all times, not just during school zone times. This extends from the curve at S Front St to the Decherd city limits where it becomes Blue Spring Rd (which only has a 30 MPH limit). There's also a big red Decherd city limits sign and a 20 MPH sign when you're coming from Hwy 64, so drivers can know where to slow down. Thank you and keep helping us make local driving safer for everyone.

Decherd Police Department is attempting to identify this person regarding an ongoing investigation. If you have any information, please contact us via PM or call Franklin County Communications at 9672331 and ask to speak with an officer. Thank you.

Everyone has probably seen a crash in a high traffic area and wondered which lane they need to be in or when to switch lanes. Decherd Public Safety would like to offer some help with that today. In this clip, an officer is directing vehicles in the left hand lane to stop while signaling those in the right lane to continue moving. He could signal for the right lane cars to stop and allow other cars to change lanes if there was difficulty merging, too. We ask drivers to help us by signaling turns and lane changes, so we know where to direct them and help make sure it's safe for them to switch lanes. Also, please watch for other drivers near any crash scenes, as they may not see your signal. Finally, please slow down and move over for emergency vehicles. Not only is it the law, it could save a life. Thank you and drive safely.

Decherd Police Department has recovered two bicycles that are believed to have been stolen, then later left behind. If you believe one may belong to you, please call Franklin County Communications at 9672331 and ask to speak with an officer. Please be ready to provide some kind of identifying information, such as a serial number or detailed description of the bicycle. We will also require personal ID, to verify who we are returning the bikes to. We hope to get these bicycles returned to their owners as quickly as possible. Please help spread the word, thank you.

With the 4th of July holiday quickly approaching, the Decherd Public Safety would like to remind all citizens that there is a city ordinance for the days and hours allowed to shoot off fireworks. The permitted times are June 20th - July 5th from 10:00 am - 11:30 pm with the exception of July 3rd and 4th where the time is extended until 12:30 am. Please be advised of these times and be considerate to your neighbors. Also make sure when shooting off fireworks that you have plenty of open space to do so and have a constant water supply close by in case of an emergency. During the summer, sparks from fireworks can quickly ignite a flame and we want to ensure all our residents are safe.

Today's post is in the interest of public safety, as well as the safety of motorcycle and bicycle riders. TCA 55-8-170 Putting glass, nails and other substances on Highway Prohibited The short version is we are not to put or leave anything on the road that can cause dangerous driving conditions. Grass is included as "other substance" because freshly cut grass can be very slippery and cause vehicles to skid and potentially crash. Please help us keep our roadways safer. Thank you.

UPDATE: Fire fighter Eric Bohanan is out of surgery and is in recovery. He is doing well. Please continue to pray for a quick easy recovery. The family wants to thank everyone for their prays, calls and texts. Right now they are asking for some quiet time to unwind from today’s events. Thanks again to everyone! The Decherd Public Safety would like to request prayers for one of our Fire fighters Eric Bohanan and his family during this time. Details are not being released at the moment. Thank you.

We posted back in February how we were seeing a significant amount of money being used that has Chinese markings. This money is not real. Please be aware when you are accepting change or payment at the money you receive. These reports are still coming in. This week alone we have had 3 separate reports of counterfeit $20 bills being taken by fast food restaurants. Please make all employees aware of what to look for. We have seen $10, $20 and $100 bills all with these markings.

Decherd Police Department worked a crash in front of CO-OP yesterday around 1 PM. We'd like to thank the witnesses who helped us identify what happened, but one left before we were able to get any of her information. Please contact us at 9672331 and ask to speak with Sgt Jamie Ocheltree. Thank you.

Today the Decherd Police Department was notified of four male juveniles who were running back and forth through traffic and running up behind stopped cars near the red light on East Main Street on Friday night, between 10:00-10:30 PM. They then left the area without any incident. They were not out after curfew, but their actions were putting themselves and drivers in the area at risk. Our concern is the safety of these juveniles and any drivers in that situation. We are not looking for any information about these juveniles at this time, but if their parents know who they were, we ask you talk to them before someone gets hurt. Thank you.

Mr. Long has been captured and is currently being interviewed. Decherd Police Department is looking for this person for questioning. Please contact Dispatch at 9319672331and ask to speak with a Decherd officer if you have any information regarding his location. Thank you.

Thank you for your help, they've been identified! Decherd Police Department is looking for help identifying these subjects, regarding an ongoing investigation. Feel free to contact us via PM. Thank you.