Houston County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Houston County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 3330 Highway 149, Erin, 37061 TN
  • Chief:
Phone: 931-289-4613
Fax: 931-289-5579

Houston County Sheriff's Office is located at 3330 Highway 149, Erin, 37061 TN. The Houston County Sheriff's Office phone number is 931-289-4613.

Houston County Sheriff's Office News

Multiple members of the Houston County Sheriff's Office as well as multiple Officers from the City of Erin Police Department immediately responded to Dickson County yesterday to assist with the search for Steven Wiggins. Wiggins is the suspect in shooting and killing Dickson County Sheriff's Office Deputy Daniel Baker yesterday morning. We assisted Local, State, and Federal agencies with clearing multiple possible suspect sightings as well as some long and exhausting searches in areas of treacherous terrain. We stayed all day and into the night to assist our neighboring County in their time of need, knowing that they would do the same for us during a crisis situation. Upon returning to Houston County last night, we continue to keep the Dickson County Sheriff's Office and the Baker family in our thoughts and prayers and ask that you do the same. We also ask that you stay alert and aware that this subject could be anywhere. Do not take it for granted that he is not in our County or the immediate area around you. He is armed and extremely dangerous and any possible sighting should be reported immediately by calling 911.

HE HAS BEEN FOUND. THANK YOU for all the tips and assistance! HCSO

We were delighted to have a real "kitchen inspector" drop by the Sheriff's Office yesterday. Mrs. Gladys Young toured the kitchen she used to manage here at the Sheriff's Office for 10+ years and was excited to see that some of her old ways of kitchen management and recipes are still being used today. She also got to see the artwork over the kitchen door that dedicated the kitchen, "Gladys' Kitchen" to her in honor of her many years of loyal service.

DON'T GET SPOOFED!! Spoofing calls have been coming in to residences as well as businesses in Houston County. These calls show a number or name that is actually NOT who it says it is. These callers will try to obtain information from you or your business that they can then use for illegal purposes such as identity theft or fraud. PLEASE DO NOT give out any personal information over the phone. Be aware that these callers may use trickery or even loved one's names sometimes in order to obtain what they want. If it seems odd, just don't talk to them and hang up and call the number back if you want to verify the caller's identity. Also, Even the Sheriff's Office phone number has been used today by these "Spoofers" to make prank calls and "phishing" calls to Houston County Residents. Please be aware that this practice is occurring and remember that the caller is probably not who it appears to be. Thank You

This is just another scam text that has been sent to a Houston Countian. Please be aware that these types of contact are scams and that you should not respond or react to them. Thank You. HCSO

In response to the State Comptroller's findings at Houston County Sheriff's Office, Sheriff Sugg states the following: The auditors were called in by me to audit the evidence room after discrepancies were discovered within. There is no local record of the evidence room ever being audited by the State. This will be a continuing process as long as I am Sheriff and if there was illegal activity involved, criminal charges will be forthcoming. Some Items in the evidence room have been there 10 years or more and there is no record of them or their existence therein. More information will be posted as it comes forth. *Sheriff Kevin Sugg.

After completing an investigation in Stewart yesterday (8-8-17), a total of 10 Marijuana Plants and multiple firearms were seized by the Houston County Sheriff's Office. Two off road vehicles were also seized that were being used in the cultivation of the marijuana. Three Individuals received criminal charges as a result of this investigation. (Bart Stephenson, Lacrisha Houghtaling, and Clay McClurken). The Sheriff's Office is constantly striving to make your community a better place!

Hunter Education Class coming up at ECN in Erin. See link below. https://twra.state.tn.us/HunterEdEventRegistration/EventDetails.aspx?eventid=2354

UPDATE: SUBJECT WAS APPREHENDED.!!!We need help Identifying this subject. He may go by the name Taate (Tah-Tay). (His real name may be Aaron Cheveyo). He is originally from Seattle Washington and lives in Clarksville, TN. He was in Houston County last night in the Emerald Acres area. If you know his full name or location, please call the Sheriff's Office at 931-289-4614.

We found a rock at the Sheriff's Office! We want to thank the community for the continued support of the Sheriff's Office.

The Houston County Sheriff's Office is currently accepting applications for the position of Corrections Officer. Applicants must be able to complete and pass a background investigation, psychological examination and medical examination upon receiving an offer of employment. Applications may be picked up at the Houston County Sheriff's Office located at 3330 Hwy 149, Erin TN. You may also complete a application on our website at www.hcsotn.org.

Tonight from 600 to 1000 is the Houston County relay for life. The Sheriff's Office will be cooking food at the event. Everyone please come out and show your support. Thank you Sheriff Kevin Sugg http://main.acsevents.org/site/TR?fr_id=82245&pg=informational&sid=209328

We would like to thank everyone who made donations to the cops and bobbers event. There were over 230 kids who participated today. Every kid was able to receive a prize because of all the support. Special Thank you to Officer Nick Luper of TWRA who works very hard to make this event possible. Also thank you to all the Sheriff's Office and Police Department Employees for all their hard work.

Congratulations to everyone Graduating tonight. Please stay safe tonight as you celebrate after graduation.

The Houston County Sheriff's Office is currently accepting applications for the position of Sheriff's Deputy. Applicants must be able to complete and pass a background investigation, psychological examination and medical examination upon receiving an offer of employment. Certified Law Enforcement Officers are preferred but not required. Applications may be picked up at the Houston County Sheriff's Office located at 3330 Hwy 149, Erin TN. You may also complete a application on our website at www.hcsotn.org. If you wish to apply please complete your application ASAP.

We have received several complaints of different scams over the past few days. Remember if it doesn't sound right it probably isn't. If some one is trying to get you to send money through money gram, western union, or different types of gift cards this is more than likely a scam. These people typically target the elderly. Talk to your family members about these scams. If you need to feel free to call the sheriff's office and we will help determine if it's a scam.

Update- Mrs. Brero has been in contact with her family. We will be having an officer meet with Mrs. Brero but at this time we believe she is safe. Thank you everyone for the tips and helping to locate her Update- Mrs. Brero was seen several times between yesterday at noon and this morning. Last know sighting of Mrs. Brero was this morning. She crossed the ferry in Cumberland city heading toward Stewart County. Mrs. Brero was on a black Harley motorcycle with a white male. Believed to be head to the Montgomery county area. Again we would just like to locate her to make sure she is ok. The Sheriff's Office is looking for Sierra Brero to check her welfare. Mrs. Brero was last seen at magnolia creek yesterday around noon. Mrs. Brero is 21 years old, 5'4" approximately 113 pounds. We have seen some Facebook post that contain incorrect information. No one has been arrested. We have spoken to her boyfriend and he is being very cooperative. We are just trying to find Mrs. Brero at this time to make sure she is ok. Anyone with information is asked to contact central dispatch at 931-721-4019.

Some areas of the county were still with out water today. The Sheriff Office and Police department delivered more water today to elderly and other families in need. A citizen donated a pallet of water and TEMA brought in 4 more pallets.

From the City of Erin Water Department

Due to the water outage in the area the Sheriff's Office moved all inmates to other facilities. We would like to thank Stewart County Sheriffs Office , Humphreys County Sheriff's Office , Dickson County Sheriff's , Tennessee Highway Patrol and the Houston county School system for help in moving and housing all the inmates. We did keep a few inmates who are out with work crews helping to distribute water and anything else they are needed for during this period. If you know of anyone that may need to be checked on or may have a great need for water (elderly or families with small children) please let us know by contacting central dispatch and we will do what we can to help. Thank you Sheriff Sugg

Booking Log Feb 20th- April 9th http://hcsotn.org/node/2

We took several inmates back to the humane society today. We took another load of food and other items. Also several people stopped and dropped off items while we were there. In talking to personnel there the biggest need at this time will be monetary donations as the animals are in need of vet care. Donations can be made through there Facebook page Humane Society of Dickson County. Thank you for all the help.