Pickett County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Pickett County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 1 Courthouse Square # 300, Byrdstown, 38549 TN
  • Chief:
Phone: 931-864-3210
Fax: (931)864-7240

Pickett County Sheriff's Office is located at 1 Courthouse Square # 300, Byrdstown, 38549 TN. The Pickett County Sheriff's Office phone number is 931-864-3210.

Pickett County Sheriff's Office News

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Stop by for a treat at the Sheriff’s Office! We are on the front porch! Happy Halloween!

Can you help us identify this individual? On 9/17/2018 a 2009 G3 180 Eagle boat was stolen from Star Point Marina. The vehicle that was shown on the video surveillance was also shown coming into the marina pulling a Tennessee Trailer brand boat trailer with an S&S Marine/Sales Service decal that was stolen from Sunset Marina. If you know the individual in the photo please contact the Pickett County Sheriff's Office at (931)-864-3210.

On Wednesday 9/5/2018 deputies James Hammock, Rodney Insco, and Steve Wilber responded to a complaint of drug activity at a residence located in the Taylor’s Crossroads community. Upon arrival the officers spoke with the residents and advised them of the complaint. While speaking to the residents, consent was given for officers to come into the residence. While inside the residence officers noticed a backpack with items lying around it that caught their attention. After further inspection it was concluded that the officers had located a meth lab. One suspect who was in the room was taken into custody at that time. During a search of the residence officers were alerted that there was another individual hiding inside the residence. Officers were able to locate the second suspect hiding inside a wall inside the bedroom of the residence. The second suspect was immediately apprehended and taken into custody at that time. While checking the residence for other items associated with the meth lab, officers came across a container that had approximately 18 hand grenades inside of it. The officers immediately took emergency precautions and contacted the Tennessee Highway Patrol Special Operations team to check the devices. Agents with the Tennessee Highway Patrol Special Operations team responded to the residence and checked and secured the explosives. The explosives were then taken to a safe location and were destroyed. The investigation is still ongoing and further charges are pending. The Pickett County Sheriff’s office would like to thank Livingston Police Department, District Attorney General Bryant Dunaway and Assistant District Attorney Owen Burnett, Tennessee Highway Patrol Special Operation, and all other agencies who were involved for their assistance in this case.

Today Deputies Storie and Beaty assisted with the Jail-N-Bail at the Pickett County Relay for Life. While doing the Jail-N-Bail the deputies parked their vehicle close to their location, which just so happen to be in the row of vehicles for the car show. After joking about the situation for a moment the decision was made to make the patrol unit appear as if it was in the car show. After noticing the public’s interest, the patrol vehicle was officially entered into the car show to enhance the hilarity of the joke. The voting system for the Relay for Life car show was based on monetary donations by the public. The donation canisters are placed in front of the vehicle and the public donates money based on their interest and appreciation of the vehicle. All money raised by the deputies during the car show went to the Relay for Life. Once the car show concluded the winners were announced. To the surprise of the officers the patrol vehicle won it’s class in the show! Not only did the patrol vehicle win it’s class in the show, it won “People’s Choice” as well! The deputies truly appreciate the crowd being good sports and playing along. We also appreciate everyone coming out to support the Relay for Life and their contributions to the cause. We are glad that our officers were able to contribute to help promote this charity event in our county.

Residents of Pickett County, We ask that, if you will, join us today in paying respects as Private First Class Joe Stanton Elmore’s remains are returned to his hometown of Clinton County, KY. Joe Stanton Elmore was killed in the Battle of the Chosin Reservoir during the Korean War and listed as missing in action in December 1950 but today he will come home. PFC Elmore’s remains will be escorted by law enforcement from Nashville to Clinton County today after a brief ceremony is held in Nashville honoring Elmore’s service and sacrifice for his country. It is estimated that the escort will come through around 3-5pm today. This time may change due to the length of the ceremony, traffic, and other circumstances, but we will provide updates of a more approximate time as it becomes available. Please come out and show your appreciation for this soldier and his family as we honor his service, sacrifice, and return home after 68 years.

On Wednesday 7/25/2018 a vehicle was reported stolen from a local business in Byrdstown. Sheriff Dowdy and officers with the sheriff’s office were able to obtain information that the vehicle was spotted in Wayne County, KY. Officers with the Pickett County Sheriff’s Office, Wayne County, KY Sheriffs Office, and Clinton County, KY Sheriffs Office searched the area for the vehicle, but was unable to locate it. On 7/26/2018 Sheriff Jim Guffey received information that the vehicle was spotted in the Cumberland City community in Clinton County. Sheriff Guffey was in that area and was able to respond and noticed the vehicle pulling in to a residence. Sheriff Guffey was able to apprehend one suspect upon approaching the vehicle, but the other fled on foot. Officers with the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office, Kentucky State Police, and officers with the Pickett County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene to assist. Sheriff Guffey was able to apprehend the other individual after tracking them through the woods close to the residence. Sheriff Dowdy and the Pickett County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank Wayne County Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff Guffey and the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office, Kentucky State Police, and all others who assisted with locating the vehicle.

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The Pickett County Sheriff's Office is sad to announce the passing of former Deputy K9 Yuri. Yuri began his service with the Pickett County Sheriff's Office in 2008 with K9 officer Steve Wilber and continued his whole career along officer Wilber's side. During K9 Yuri's career he made numerous narcotic cases and was often an asset to neighboring agencies who requested his assistance for tracking purposes. Yuri was diagnosed with cancer and was therefore retired to spend his final years with his handler. Unfortunately, K9 Yuri's condition progressed quickly and he passed away peacefully in his handler's arms on July 5. We appreciate K9 Yuri's many years of service dedicated to Pickett County and he will be greatly missed.

Happy 4th of July! Make it a happy and SAFE one! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Never forget. Have a safe Memorial Day.

On May 17, 2018 the Pickett County Sheriff’s Office and other law enforcement agencies participated in the Tennessee Highway Safety Office “Hands Across the Border” event. “Hands Across the Border” is a multi agency sobriety checkpoint at neighboring state lines operated under Tennessee Highway Patrol’s General Order. The “Hands Across the Border” event provides agencies with an opportunity to engage in roadblocks and saturation checks by providing more manpower that may not be available to the department throughout the year. A meal was provided to the officers during briefing by the Tennessee Highway Safety Office before the roadblocks were initiated. In 2 hours 217 vehicles were checked, 7 citations were issued, and one felony drug arrest was made. We would like to thank the Tennessee Highway Safety Office and all agencies that participated in the event for helping us to make our community and roads a safer place.

The Pickett County Sheriffs Office would like to thank Pickett County EMS director Tom Storie and his wife Tina for treating the sheriffs office employees to doughnuts today in observance of Law Enforcement Appreciation Week.

Just a reminder, our car seat checkpoint is tomorrow in front of the Emergency Services building. Come by and see us!

The Pickett County Sheriff’s Office would like to introduce our new K9 Morro (pronounced like “morrow”). K9 Officer Nathon Rigney recently completed the K9 Handler’s Course at the Little Rock K-9 Academy with K9 Morro. K9 Morro is a Dual Purpose dog which means that he has been certified in Narcotics Detection, Apprehension, and Tracking. We are pleased to announce K9 Morro as part of our department and look forward to his service.

The Pickett County Sheriff’s Office will be conducting a car seat check at the Pickett County Emergency Services building. Please stop by and let us check your car seats to ensure they are installed correctly and not past their expiration dates. Hope to see you there!

Pickett County Schools will be closed today, March 21, 2018.

Pickett County Schools will be dismissing today at 1:30 due to threat of bad weather. (March 19, 2018)

Update! Pickett County Schools are now CLOSED today, March 12, 2018.