Bellville Police Department

  • Agency: Bellville Police Department
  • Address: 37 N Bell St, Bellville, 77418 TX
  • Chief: Larry Matthews (Chief of Police)
Phone: 979-865-3122
Fax: 979-865-9061

Bellville Police Department is located at 37 N Bell St, Bellville, 77418 TX. The Chief of Police of the department is Larry Matthews. The Bellville Police Department phone number is 979-865-3122.

Bellville Police Department News

Our prayers are with our neighboring county this morning as they suffered the loss of one of their own last night.

2018 Austin County Fair Parade. Great parade, great weather and great crowd!

*****REMINDER***** The trail riders will be making their way through Bellville this afternoon to the Austin County Fairgrounds (usually around 3PM). Also, tomorrow the Austin County Fair Parade will be making its way from the courthouse to the fairgrounds at 10AM. Traffic traveling on State Hwy 36, FM 529 and FM 159 East will be detoured beginning at 9:40AM until the parade concludes, usually around 11:30AM. Many city streets, in and around the parade route, will be barricaded. Please provide yourself extra time if you will be traveling within, or through, Bellville during these times. It should also be noted that 18 wheelers traveling through Bellville during these times will be held until the parade concludes. We urge any 18 wheelers to find an alternate route if traveling through Bellville between 9:40AM and 11:30AM tomorrow. Our goal is to provide a safe and secure environment for all that will be attending the parade tomorrow. Thank you for your cooperation, and please go out and support our youth at the 2018 Austin County Fair this year.

*****ALERT***** Our agency has been notified of two instances within the Bell Oaks Subdivision which involve fires that appear to be intentionally set in 2 different homes recently. The first fire was extinguished by the Bellville Fire Department, the second fire burned itself out. Both residences are vacant (one is an older home and the other is under construction). Both fires are currently under investigation by our agency and the State Fire Marshall's Office. We are urging citizens in all of our neighborhoods to be vigilant and to report any suspicious activity immediately to the police by calling (979) 865-3122 or 911. If anyone has information that may be beneficial to the investigation of our agencies, we ask that you contact us, or Austin County Crime Stoppers at 979-865-2949. Thank you!

*****Reminder****** In light of some school districts that are already dealing with threats made by students, we would like to ask parents to make sure that your children are aware of the seriousness and consequences associated with threats being made directly or indirectly .......and furthermore, to please report any threats, or acts, made by other students that may have potential to cause harm, directly to school staff, faculty members, or school officials. Thank you!

*****NOTICE***** Just FYI, the Bellville Independent School District has contracted for 4 school resource officers to be placed at the BISD campuses this upcoming school year. Beginning on the first day of school, there will be uniformed law enforcement at the campuses composed of officers, deputies and troopers representing the Bellville Police Department, the Austin County Sheriff's Office and the Texas Department of Public Safety. Please visit the BISD home page at to read more about all of the effort that has been put in place to ensure a safe learning environment by the BISD Board of Directors, the BISD Administration, as well as the BISD Faculty & Staff. We applaud BISD’s efforts in keeping our schools safe for our children.

There was an auto/train accident at FM 1456 and Holland Street. The train is blocking the track crossings at FM 1456, Glenn Street and Main Street. It will not be moving for some time. Please use the crossing at North Granville or Hacienda @ Hwy 36 as an alternative route if you have to cross the tracks. Officers are busy at the accident. Thank you for your cooperation.

******SCAM ALERT****** It has been reported that someone has been calling citizens of our community attempting to solicit money for the Bellville Volunteer Fire Department. The fire department advised us that this is a scam.........please DO NOT donate money to anyone representing themselves, over the phone, as being with the Bellville Volunteer Fire Department.

FM 159 East was opened all the way through last night. No detour.

******UPDATE******* 5:26 PM The Western International 1 mile evacuation has been lifted. FM 159 East still remains open to traffic to Langberg Road EXCEPT for 18 wheelers. If traveling FM 159 East to Hempstead, or past Western International, traffic is still being detoured off of FM 159 East to Langberg Road to FM 1456 in order to avoid Western International at the moment. Currently 18 wheelers are being detoured to FM 529 to Waller County.

*****UPDATE***** 3:40 PM FM 159 East is open now to vehicles. Vehicles will be detoured onto Langberg Road to FM 1456 if traveling to Hempstead, or past Western International. All 18 wheelers still need to access FM 1456 and FM 529, or Hwy 36 North to Brenham, if traveling to Waller County or Hempstead. The 1 mile evacuation radius is still in effect at this time.

*****UPDATE***** NEW UPDATE (1:31 P.M.): FM 1456 is accessible now to 159 East around the incident (to and from Bellville/Hempstead). There is still a 5 mile evacuation radius in place for residences at this time. ******UPDATE***** The 5 mile evacuation within the Western International area will remain in place for the next several hours, if not more. FM 159 East to Hempstead/Bellville will remain closed. FM 1456 is OPEN to access 159 East around the incident. Other alternate routes to Hempstead, and College Station, would be Hwy 36 North to Brenham accessing Hwy 290. Anyone attempting to travel on Hwy 159 East will be stopped by law enforcement if you are not assisting with the fire or mutual aide. Also, St. John’s Lutheran Church and Faith Academy, in Bellville, have opened their doors to anyone affected by the 5 mile evacuation. Thank you for your patience. We will advise when it’s all clear and safe to travel on FM 159 East again.

*****ALERT***** There is an active fire at Western International on Hwy 159 East. No injuries reported at this time. However, the highway is not passable due to smoke and the fire. Please use alternate route FM 1456 through Buckhorn to travel to and from Hempstead. There is no time frame as to when the fire will be out, nor when the highway will be open. We will advise when all is clear. Please share. Thank you in advance.

*****UPDATE****** A 15 year old juvenile has been charged with Unauthorized Use of A Motor Vehicle in connection with the truck that was stolen on July 2nd. The case is still under investigation with potential charges to be filed on others who may be involved. The State Fire Marshall’s Office is also assisting in the case as well. The public’s assistance in sharing the information provided on social media, and in the Bellville Times, played a valuable role in finding the responsible parties. Thank you! Our agency is investigating a theft of a vehicle that occurred during the early morning hours of July 2nd. A blue 2008 Chevrolet pickup truck was stolen from an address located on East 3rd Street in Bellville. The vehicle was found burning in a pasture within the 5000 block of Kuykendall Road just outside of the city limits. A search was conducted of the area, but no one was located. If anyone has any information about this matter, they are urged to contact Lt. Jason Smalley with the Bellville Police Department at (979) 865-3122, or by anonymously calling Austin County Crime Stoppers at (979) 865-2949. Thank you.

Don’t forget about the blood drive tomorrow. Thanks in advance!


Our annual blood drive is right around the corner............