Cherokee County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Cherokee County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 272 Underwood St, Rusk, 75785 TX
  • Chief:
Phone: 903-683-2271

Cherokee County Sheriff's Office is located at 272 Underwood St, Rusk, 75785 TX. The Cherokee County Sheriff's Office phone number is 903-683-2271.

Cherokee County Sheriff's Office News

To the Citizens of Cherokee County: The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office has recently been made aware of a telephone scam. The scammers are identifying themselves as Cherokee County Deputies or Investigators. They call individuals, identifying themselves as law enforcement and inform the individuals that they are going to be arrested for failing to report for Jury Duty. THIS IS COMPLETELY FALSE! The scammers continue that if the fine is paid the arrest warrant will be recalled. They will direct the individual to go and buy Green Dot Money Cards and read the pin number to them. The scammers will insist that you stay on the telephone with them until you provide the number. They will sometimes provide a telephone number to a false "Sheriff's Office", which they will answer through an automated system. Cherokee County Sheriff's Office does NOT have an automated system. The Cherokee County Sheriff's Office correct phone number is 903-683-2271. Be aware that: 1) No governmental agency, of any type, will ever demand payment with i-Tune, MoneyGram, Green Dot, etc. 2) No law enforcement agency (Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office) will ever call to inform you of an arrest warrant and allow you to pay a fine over the phone instead. If you receive a call of this type or are unsure of the caller's intent, please contact your local law enforcement agency before providing any information.

We had a pleasant surprise visit from the youth of First Baptist Church in Rusk, bearing trays of delicious sweets for all employees. Thank you very much!

The marker for Sara has been set in place at the Sheriff's Office.

CHEROKEE COUNTY CITIZENS - BEWARE... There is a SCAM where an individual will receive a call stating that a family member or loved one is in jail and is needing money sent to get them out of jail. They will pretend to be that person or someone calling for him/her. They will even go to the extent that a "lawyer" calls. They will tell you not to tell anyone, because your family member or loved one is "embarrassed". If you receive any calls like this, it is best to check with your family members to verify or discredit the information. As always - do not give out ANY personal information or send money to unknown persons.

Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Officer, SARA, passed away on September 5, 2017. Sara – K-9 Officer was born in November 2007 in Poland. She made her way to the United States to Jackson Mississippi where she was ultimately recruited by the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office in December 2008 as a young dog. Sara served Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office faithfully in the capacity of a Narcotic detection dog as well as performing community policing duties allowing school children and adults alike to pet her and love on her. Sara’s first partner with the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office was Detective Martin Pepin and she ended her patrol services with Detective Brent Dickson. Sara retired in November 2016 due to recovering from ACL surgery that she underwent due to injuries sustained on the job. She spent her retirement enjoying life as a pet with Detective Brent Dickson, his family and dachshund brother, Max, playing ball and chase. She was loved by and a part of the Pepin and Dickson families as well as the entire Sheriff’s Office family. Sheriff James Campbell was quoted “Sara was a good Deputy who provided an outstanding service to the citizens of Cherokee County”. Sara has been laid to rest at the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office.


A SHOUT out to Nicholas Pet Haven, with special THANKS to Cindy Nash along with Woody Weaver for their assistance with the rescue of some animals during an on-going investigation in Cherokee County.

Funeral Services for Ronnie Kimbrough, Cherokee County Emergency Management Coordinator, will be held on Sunday, July 16th at 2:00 pm at Laird Funeral Home (2116 South Street Nacogdoches). Visitation will be around 1:00 pm to 1:30 pm prior to the service.