Comanche Police Department

  • Agency: Comanche Police Department
  • Address: 110 E. Grand, Comanche, 76442 TX
  • Chief: Bruce Bradshaw (Chief of Police)
Phone: (325) 356-3074
Fax: 325-356-7129

Comanche Police Department is located at 110 E. Grand, Comanche, 76442 TX. The Chief of Police of the department is Bruce Bradshaw. The Comanche Police Department phone number is (325) 356-3074.

Comanche Police Department News

Holly and Buddy are ready for their new homes. Please give us a call if you would like to meet either one.

We have received all of the entries for the coloring contest from the kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade students in Comanche ISD. There were 43 student entries from kindergarten, 79 student entries from 1st grade and 30 student entries from 2nd grade. All of the students did a wonderful job and we want to remind everyone to come cast their votes for winners in each grade, this week by Friday at 10 A.M. We hope to see everyone for our Donuts with Cops, Friday morning from 8 a.m. until 10 a.m. in the lobby of the Comanche Police Department.

Due to the inclement weather this evening the Police Department will be passing out candy in the Police Department lobby from 5 P.M. until 7 P.M or until all the candy is gone. For anyone who may not know the Comanche Police Department is located at 110 E. Grand Ave. Please bring all of your ghost and goblins by for some candy. Hope to see everyone this evening.

Holly needs a rescue. She’s a little timid and needs more attention . She is getting friendlier every day. RESCUE ONLY!! Please contact us, comment only for tags to a rescue or the rescue that can take her.

Here’s a quick update on Buddy. He’s doing well and close to be putting up for adoption. Please contact us tomorrow if you would like to fill out an application. You must have a fenced yard.

This pup is safe, located close to the high school. Anyone interested in the pup, please contact us.

The Comanche Police Department would like to introduce their newest police officer to the citizens of Comanche. David Bosecker was sworn in at 4 p.m. today in the lobby of the police department. Officer Bosecker is a resident of Brownwood and brings sixteen years of law enforcement experience to our department. He is a certified Drug Recognition Expert, has extensive training in D.W.I. arrest and also holds a Master Peace Officer certificate. He will begin his field training tomorrow morning with Officer Hastings. If you see him around town please be sure to welcome him.

The Comanche Police Department wanted to update the citizens of Comanche on the status of the animal shelter and animal control officer. The animal shelter’s renovations have been completed, but the hot temperatures have made the shelter unsafe for animals. To help alleviate the hot temperatures in the shelter two coolers have been installed and a system to monitor the temperature. The system monitoring the temperature sends alerts to the animal control officer when the temperature leaves the safe range. The State of Texas recommends the temperature be kept over 40 degrees and under 85 degrees. The Comanche Police Department is currently accepting applications for a part time animal control technician and is currently conducting a background investigation on one of the applicants. We hope to have this position filled in the near future to complete our staff at the animal control shelter. Since our new animal control officer has begun her job in April she has been very busy preparing the shelter for animals and preparing a policy that will dictate how the shelter is operated. Since April she has rescued 22 dogs and has placed them with the help of rescue services. She currently utilizes 4 animal rescues and they are CARE, Hill Country SPCA, Erath County and CAPA. Since April 1, 2018 there have been 7 animals that required veterinarian attention after being picked up. There has been a total of $387.00 spent caring for these animals. The animal control officer has answered a total of 321 calls for service, filed 2 animal cruelty cases with the Comanche County Attorney, issued 13 citations and 21 warning citations since April 1, 2018. A gate has been installed at the animal shelter and water plant facility. This gate was installed to enhance security at this facility because of the importance of the water plant to our community. The security gate was an item taken before the Comanche City Council and approved during a scheduled open meeting. There will be limited access to this facility, but days will be available for public access to the animal shelter for the purpose of adopting animals. The Comanche Police Department plans to announce the re-opening of the shelter in the near future and will issue another press release with that date when determined. The Mission Statement of the Comanche Animal Shelter is: To serve the citizens of the City of Comanche by providing services aimed at keeping animals with their owners and locating rescue organizations or adoptive homes for stray animals. By partnering with rescue organizations it is the City of Comanche’s goal to foster all eligible animals to new forever homes.

This little guy was found in an abandoned house today. He is in foster care, leading to a furever home.

UPDATE: Buddy had his surgery, he’s doing great. He will be going to a medical foster. He’s still at Comanche County Vet Clinic.

We need an owner or a rescue to help. He was found on East Walcott. He’s at the vet now, going to try antibiotics for 2 days and he might lose his leg. Anyone has information on him please contact us. He’s at Comanche County Vet Clinic.

UPDATE: He has found a home!! Jacob needs a home. He’s around 10 years old. He’s neutered and update on shots. He’s a min pin and a lil grouchy towards other males. His recent owner has dementia and has to place him somewhere else.

(Just a friendly reminder) The new city tags are in starting October 1st you must renew, please have your rabies certificate ready when you come in. ( All spayed/neutered dogs or cats are $6.00 and all intact dogs or cats are $10.00)

Update: He was found

Update: She is at the vets office and has a medical foster waiting.

On Saturday, September 8, 2018 the Comanche Police Department was contacted in reference to a video that possibly showed an act of animal cruelty. The animal in question was a small dog that had been hit by a car on E. Walcot St. last Saturday, September 1, 2018. The video has been reviewed by Comanche Police Officers and there is no evidence of animal cruelty. The video showed no criminal acts being committed and this investigation is closed.

Although this is a story about the the meth problem in Georgia it describes the very problem many communities in Central Texas face every day,

The City of Comanche has experienced an increase in thefts, Burglaries of Buildings and Burglaries of vehicles in the last few weeks. The Comanche Police Department encourages the citizens to lock there cars and well as report any suspicious activity. If anyone has any knowledge of these crimes please contact the Comanche Police Department at 325-356-3074. You may remain anonymous if you wish.

Reminder Casting, throwing or firing any squib, rocket, cracker, torpedo, grenade, cap or cartridge, or any other combustible firework of any kind in the City of Comanche is prohibited. (Comanche City Ordinance Division 2 Sec 6-96) A person may be fined up to $2000.00 for violation of this ordinance. Please stay safe and have a Happy 4th of July.

"Operation Home Town Remedy" is officially closed. On Wednesday, June 27, 2018 the Comanche County District Attorney's Office presented the case of Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity against Frank Cox in the 220th District Court. After one full day of testimony and jury deliberation Frank Cox was found guilty of Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity and sentenced to 40 years confinement in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. This concludes "Operation Home Town Remedy." All defendants have been found guilty as a result of a criminal trial, or have plead guilty in open court proceedings.

On Saturday, June 16, 2018 at approximately 9:30 p.m. the Comanche Police Department received a call of a disturbance at the rodeo grounds located in the 9000 of West Central Ave. in Comanche Texas. When officers arrived on scene the disturbance had dispersed and one individual was being treated by emergency personnel. The preliminary investigation has revealed that numerous subjects were involved in the disturbance and the disturbance was a result of prior incident that had occurred outside the city limits of Comanche. The Comanche Police Department has initiated a criminal investigation into the events that occurred on Saturday, June 16, 2018 at the rodeo grounds. All alleged criminal incidents that occurred during this incident will be investigated and all criminal incidents supported by facts, evidence and witness testimony will be forwarded to the appropriate prosecuting authority. If anyone has information on this incident they are asked to contact Investigator Brian Dirickson at 325-356-3074.

Thanks to all who donated or attended the First Annual Open House at the Comanche Police Department. We enjoyed visiting with everyone. Also many thanks to Shopko, Brookshires, Prosperity Bank, Texas Bank, Dollar General, Wendy Conway, Sherry Reynolds and Comanche Florist for helping make this possible. The Memorial Wreath was placed at the Fallen Officer Memorial this morning in recognition of National Police Memorial Week.

The Comanche Police Department would like to remind everyone that the Animal Control shelter is currently closed for renovations. We hope to have the shelter open soon, but it is not currently operational and we cannot shelter animals. There have been several animals dropped off at the shelter unattended and that is illegal and if individuals are caught doing this criminal charges are possible. If you have a animal complaint and need to speak to our animal control officer please contact dispatch (325-356-2222) and she will be notified.