Brownsboro Independent School District Police

  • Agency: Brownsboro Independent School District Police
  • Address: 11351 Willow St, Brownsboro, 75756 TX
  • Chief:
Phone: 903-852-6761

Brownsboro Independent School District Police is located at 11351 Willow St, Brownsboro, 75756 TX. The Brownsboro Independent School District Police phone number is 903-852-6761.

Brownsboro Independent School District Police News

Hello, Chief Ford here. Just a reminder that Saturday is our annual pioneer day festivities. Starting between 9 and 9:15 am a parade will line up at Stuart and Saylors street and go down saylors street to the High School. After the parade come and join us at the many booths and games that will be set up at the practice field between the High school and the Junior high school. Dress those children warm as the day will start out a little cool.

Hello Brownsboro, Chief Ford here. Just wanted to let everyone know that Halloween will not be at the City park, due to possible rain in the area. Halloween has been moved to the Union Hill Baptist Church located on FM 3204 approximately one mile off SH 31 on the right from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm. So everyone come and have a good time. Again, please be aware of the road constrution on Stuart street. On 10-29-18, a gas main was broken on stuart St. at SH 31. Stuart St. will be shut down until repairs are completed. The gas company advised there is no danger in the area. That the whole city of Brownsboro will not have gas for several hours.

Hello Brownsboro, Chief Ford here. Just a note that starting soon, Road construction will start on stuart street and go to Boles st. Please be cautious in these areas, as heavy equipment and workers will be moving around. I will get back with everyone on the start date. Also our spooks in the park will be at the city park OCTOBER 31st, from 5:30 PM until 7:00 PM, Bring the kids and have some fun.

Hello Brownsboro Chief Ford here. Just a Quick note. I have just been informed that Henderson county has been placed under a BURN BAN FOR THE NEXT 30 DAYS. This also includes the City Of Brownsboro. LET's all be safe it's getting really dry out there. Have a great day. Thanks Chief Ford

Happy father's day to all you dad's out there.

Good morning Brownsboro! I just want to let everyone know about our next Town Hall meeting to talk about the Road Project again. Tuesday night, that is tomorrow night, the 24th of April, @6:30pm at the Brownsboro City Hall Council Chambers. Mayor Josh Fulgham will be here with more information about the project as well as some of your City Councilmen to answer any questions you may have. So far we have had two previous meeting with both having very positive feed back, and we are looking forward to having a third one, and possibly voting on moving forward with the next step, so we can start to see some change in the near future. So all you citizens of Brownsboro, come see us tomorrow night at 6:30pm. Thank you, Chief

Good Afternoon Brownsboro, First of all, let me say thank you to all the people who have called and emailed, and flagged one of us down to show and give our Brownsboro Police your support. Your encouragement to us because of this ludicrous social media post and subsequent news story has been very welcome and appreciated. It never ceases to amaze me how this monster called social media can totally and absolutely determine the opinions of the masses by reading the post of others, especially when they don’t have all the facts. Keyboard courage is not factual. For instance, in 2016 a traffic volume study conducted by TXDOT revealed that over 12,213 cars a day go through Brownsboro, that’s over 4 million cars a YEAR! So, if you do the math, since we wrote 2,088 citations last year, that’s ONLY .0004% of the total amount of cars coming through our small town. Oh, and did I mention that the post and story that followed failed to report that 1,423 of those citations were for 15mph and ABOVE the posted limit. So out of the 665 citations left, 216 were for 11-15 over, and the rest are for various other offenses not pertaining to traffic. You see, they don’t want to research the facts and REPORT THE TRUTH. Now let’s discuss the claim that Brownsboro has some of the highest property crime and violent crime in the state, really? The gentleman that posted put this post up obtained this information acquired it from a real estate website based out of Washington State. So far, I have reached out to the company to find out where they got their statistics from because these statistics are grossly inaccurate. If you look at the stats on file for the last five years, we have a 6% property crimes average instead of the 76% that the post claims. If you want to talk about the violent crime, we sit at 13% average over the last five years; I’d say that is pretty low for any town of our size. My point is, it sounds scary when you pull numbers off a website, that as far as I know, their statistics are taken from an unaccredited source, instead of going to the source, the police department. Again, report the truth. All in all, they say we are out simply to generate revenue instead of protecting our citizens; however, they showed the public nothing of the statistics that would prove otherwise. I have been in law enforcement now for over 18 years and take a tremendous amount of pride in the fact, I know and realize first and foremost, I am a servant of the people, and always have. I started my career based on the desire to help people. I was not going to respond to this in any way at first, because as a law enforcement professional, you get accustomed to people always talking negative, or about you. But because of YOU, the people of Brownsboro and the unrelentless support from our citizens that has prompted me to speak up. Our community has taken this issue as a personal attack on the place where we raise our families, attend church and worship together, and proudly support our local schools and organizations. To question our town’s integrity with blatant disregard for our residents, by someone who is upset, they got caught in a moving violation and chose to slander the name of our town and our police dept. That’s the truth.

Good Morning Brownsboro! How is everyone this morning? Wanted to remind everyone who came to the last Town Hall Meeting about the road project; that our next meeting is February 15, at 10:00 am this time. Tell your friends, and please come again if you can. We had a real good meeting last time and I believe everyone who came saw that the Mayor and City Council have been working real hard on these proposals and want you to be informed and to hear from YOU. I want to thank everyone for their support and input. May you all have a blessed day, Chief

Hello Brownsboro, wanted to remind everyone again about the meeting Thursday night on the 25th of Jan, and also wanted to follow up on a comment from the previous post. This meeting is for the residents of the City of Brownsboro. If you live outside the city limits, you cannot vote on this issue when the primaries come around in few months, however I know a lot more people than just the residents drive our streets. If you do not live in the city, your still welcome to come and listen, but its the residents of the city we need to listen and hear from, as they will be the ones who need to decide. Thank you.

Good morning Brownsboro! Want to remind everyone, if you haven't read the Chandler/Brownsboro Statesmen this week yet; we are having a Town Hall meeting this week the 25th of Jan. to discuss the road repair project for the city. Please we want to hear from you, and we want you to hear what this can do for our town and you it's people. So.....we will see you Thursday night 6pm. at City Hall.

Hello B-town, please if you don't have to get out, please stay home. The roads are starting to refreeze already from the lack of traffic. If you do get out, remember to use your engine to slow down and not your brakes so much.


Good morning Brownsboro, just want to thank all the volunteers and organizations that helped with Hometown Heroes this year. We had another great year and was overwhelmed with joy for all the kids we were allowed to bless this year.

Reminder: This week is City Council meeting, and we would like to hear from you about the street project we have been working on. So if you want to hear more, or want to say something, please come and see us. Thursday, Dec. 14th, 5pm at the city hall, come one, come all.

Hello B-town, Wanted to give a heads up and shout out this morning to some people who are just trying to spread God's love and help the community through prayer. I'm doing this because some people have called in thinking they are soliciting for donations, however that is not the case, they just want to pray for you. So next time you see them at the corner of Hwy 31 and FM 314 or 31 and Moss street stop in and say hi and let these folks bless you with a prayer.

Good Morning Brownsboro, wanna give a shout out and thank you to Sarah Bagley who for a school project showed her appreciation to her local police dept by fixing us a basket of snacks and goodies. Thank you Sarah for your appreciation. Thank you, to our entire community, because we know that all of you support us, and without your support, our jobs would be that much more difficult. Thank you Brownsboro.

Good morning Brownsboro! Hey we got Halloween coming up in a few days, so you know what that means; Spooks in the Park! All businesses that want to participate it is never to late to sign up, call Judge Carver at the Municipal Court (903)852-6761 or Mr. Charles Cox at the Brownsboro Intermediate School. Mr. Cox is our president of the KBB (Keep Brownsboro Beautiful) Committee here in town. So parents, get ready, Halloween night, bring the kids down to the city park for fun and treats at; SPOOKS IN THE PARK!!!

Yes, It is true, I will be participating in the Pioneer Days Pie Throwing, so come on down and let's test your throwing arm.

Good morning Brownsboro, For those who didn't see our latest comment on our post from yesterday, we are cancelling National Night Out tonight due to the weather. Sorry for the inconvenience but hey we still got Spooks in the park coming up at the end of the month on HALLOWEEN. Chief Sorry again for cancellation.

Hello Brownsboro, Tomorrow Night is National Night Out, come to the park and eat some hot dogs with us and fellowship with us and your neighbors. See you there. Chief

Good afternoon Brownsboro! Just wanted to make everyone aware that we will be testing off and on our new warning siren for weather emergencies. So, you may hear short burst, and eventually a 3 minute test of the siren. Please don't be alarmed. Thank you, Chief Robertson

Good morning Brownsboro, TX! I want to thank everyone; parents, students, faculty, and staff for a smooth first few weeks of school, and I believe things have gotten off to a good start this year. Several people have called in about the inconsistency with the school zone lights that begin @Moss street and proceed West to the intersection of FM 607. We are aware of the problem, and have notified TXDOT. TXDOT assures us as soon as all the proper paperwork is completed they will remedy the problem. The police dept. no longer has any say in the matter of the time and or synchronization of the lights, it all falls to the superintendent of the school. Therefore direct all future calls to his office @(903)852-3701. Thank you and have a blessed day. Chief

I know this is little late, but THANK YOU to the Vacation Bible School kiddos from the Calvary Baptist Church in Brownsboro, for collecting and donating to the Hometown Heroes fund for our Christmas toy drive. Chief

Hello B-town, Just wanted to say thank you to some volunteers that I saw picking up all the trash at the playground yesterday, and to the parents who keep letting their kids throw the trash on the ground, don't let your kids bring snacks and bottles to the park, if they can't pick them up and put them in the trash can please. Thank you, Chief