Crockett Police Department

  • Agency: Crockett Police Department
  • Address: 200 N 5th St, Crockett, 75835 TX
  • Chief: Mike McKay (Chief of Police)
Phone: 936-544-2021
Fax: 936-546-2236

Crockett Police Department is located at 200 N 5th St, Crockett, 75835 TX. The Chief of Police of the department is Mike McKay. The Crockett Police Department phone number is 936-544-2021.

Crockett Police Department News

It has been reported to the Crockett Police that people are coming around to residences and leaving the notice that is included in this post. If you encounter anyone leaving this notice please contact the Crockett Police Department immediately. At this time no one has obtained a permit through the city of Crockett for any of these types of services.

Crockett Police Department would like to thank everyone who has dropped food, gifts, and snacks off at our office for National Police Week. Your kindness and support is appreciated more than you know!!

Updated Information about Yesterdays Post: Yesterday morning I asked my Public Information Officer, Lt. Clayton Smith to post some important information on our Facebook page that was a public awareness about a potential threat in our schools. It was investigated and discovered that the threat was not originating from our school but was from a school in Clovis, New Mexico. All Crockett CHS student are safe. In the post the suspect was described as a black male. The photo that we received was extremely small and the resolution was bad and through further reading we have not been able to correctly identify the race of the unknown male in the photo. He is only being identified as a 17 year old male. After reviewing some of the comments on our page we took another look at the photo after enlarging it. It was determined that the male could possibly be a Hispanic or White but the race is still undetermined at this time. This was brought to our attention shortly after our post and we corrected this on our Facebook page within hours of the original post. We apologize for anyone that was offended and will do better in the future and just label the suspects as male or female unless we are 100% sure of the race. Thank all of you who called or posted and brought this to our attention. Chief David Cross Crockett PD

Public Awareness of Threatening Photo on Internet and Instagram: There is a photo circulating on the internet of a male subject holding an assault rifle and making comments about CHS and don’t go to school TMRW. This male subject was identified and was arrested in Clovis, New Mexico and attending Clovis High School ( CHS) and has nothing to do with Crockett High School (CHS). The only thing similar is the CHS and persons are spreading this around but there is nothing to be alarmed about in Crockett or any other school that has the school initials CHS. All happened in Clovis, New Mexico. Chief Cross Crockett Police Department

The 3rd Annual Crockett Police Department and Crockett Fire Department East Egg Hunt was a huge sucess this year. This years event had several hundred children and families in attendance. We had a over 6,000 eggs and numerous prizes, including a hot dog lunch. We would like to thank everyone who attended. We would also like to thank our sponsors who were involved in this years event. Wal-Mart, HEB, Sears-Crockett, Randy and Patty Harrove, Daphne Session-County Attorney, Rita Rodriguez-Crockett City Council, Crockett Area Chamber of Commerce, Morris Luker-Constable Precint 1, Angels & Elves Organization, Crockett Leo's, Angelina College and Nadine Roberts. The event was also co-sponsored by both Crockett Police and Crockett Fire Associations.

Dont forget about the 3rd Annual Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow at the Crockett Civic Center starting at 9:30AM. Please make plans to attend. We will have prizes for the kids, hot dogs, drinks and a movie.

We will be having our 3rd Annual Crockett Police & Fire Community-Wide Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday March 24, 2018. This year we will start the event at 9:30AM with a Easter Movie inside the civic center which will be followed by Easter Egg Hunting and Lunch. There will be prizes for the kids and appearences by Sparky and the Easter Bunny. This years event is co-sponsored by HEB, Wal-Mart, Grapeland Messenger, Kalins Center, and Crockett Area Chamber of Commerce.

Please be on the lookout for these two suspects. If you recognize either of the two please contact Crockett Police Department at 936-544-2021 or East Texas Crime Stoppers at 936-639-TIPS.

Please don't forget about your outdoor pets. The frigid temperatures have set in and will hang around for several days. Make sure your pets have shelter, food, water, and a source of heat/warmth during these cold days and nights. Also keep an eye out for your elderly family, friends and neighbors. Make sure they have the supplies and necessities to stay warm. Hope everyone had a safe and Happy New Year!!

The Crockett Police Department would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!! Please remember to be responsible and have a designated driver. It's not worth your life or anyone else's!! 👮🏼 🚔

Please be on the lookout for this pup.

With cold weather setting in please remember to protect your pets. Please make sure that your pets have proper shelter and bedding to help stay warm during the cold days and nights.

The Crockett Police Officer’s Association would like to thank everyone that helped make our first Back-The-Blue BBQ Cook-off and Concert a success. We appreciate everyone who signed up to cook as well as everyone who attended the concert. The money raised from this year’s event will be put towards equipment for our officers and used to plan community events for the children throughout the year. Within the coming weeks we will start making plans for next year’s event. We would like to say a special thank you to the following sponsors who made all of this possible. Crockett Ice Company Spellman’s K-Hill Ranch (Chuck & Kim Spellman) Callaway Allee Funeral Home (The Allee's) Tata’s Holiday Inn (Joby & Nikki Hardwick) Kevin & Dianna Maxwell Crockett Sand & Gravel Houston County Ready Mix Holsey Mining (The Holsey Family) C&C Heating and Air (Blue & Kandias Choate) Whataburger (Crockett) Willey Josey Paint & Body Houston County District Attorney (Donna Kaspar) Asst. Houston County District Attorney (Roger White) Houston County District Attorney Investigator (Randy Hargrove) Sears (Crockett) (Kerrian Grounds)

We are having issues with the phone lines here at the Police Department. They are working to get service restored as quickly as possible.

Suspect inside store

We will also include some video clips of the suspects approaching and entering the business. Please contact Crockett Police Department at 936-544-2021 or East Texas Crime Stoppers at 936-639-TIPS with any information.

We appreciate the support that our community gives us each and every day!

Houston County is under a FLASH FLOOD WARNING from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM. Keep a close eye on the weather and don't leave home unless you have to. These rain bands can dump heavy amounts of rainfall in a short period of time causing the roads to flood. We will continue to do our best to keep everyone updated throughout the day.


Continue to monitor the weather closely as Harvey inches closer to the Texas Coast.

Everyone please pay close attention to the weather as it will begin to deteriorate in our area as soon as tomorrow afternoon/evening. It is still unknown for sure where Hurricane Harvey will come on shore; therefore it is unknown exactly how much rain/wind and storms we will have here. We do expect to receive flooding rains here in Crockett and Houston County. The Crockett Police Department has initiated it Major Incident Response Plan and have begun making preparations for the storm and possible evacuees from cities south of Crockett and Houston County. We will keep everyone updated with road conditions around the city of Crockett as the storm moves in. Please remember if you must drive during flooding rains please pay close attention to the roads. Never drive through high water for any reason. Remember if you come up on a location that has been barricaded off; do not drive around the barricade for any reason. These barricades are placed out for your safety. If at all possible try to stay home and not get out until conditions have improved. We recently spoke with the manager of our Crockett Wal-Mart and he wanted everyone to know that the store has stocked up on water and supplies and they will do their best to keep those supplies available for the citizens of Crockett and Houston County. If you havent already you can download the Hyper- Reach Mass Notification System on your cell phone by visiting the link listed below. With this app you will be able to customize preferences for receiving emergency notifications. That link is...

Come out to Walmart we are here with the Crockett Fire Department collecting school supplies for our annual back to school funday!!