Parker County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Parker County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 129 Hogle St, Weatherford, 76086 TX
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Phone: 817-594-8845

Parker County Sheriff's Office is located at 129 Hogle St, Weatherford, 76086 TX. The Parker County Sheriff's Office phone number is 817-594-8845.

Parker County Sheriff's Office News

Girl Scout Rosemarie and Boy Scout Ryan Goebel delivered several boxes of Girl Scout cookies today on behalf of Texas Oklanhoma Plains Troop #4841. Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler and Cpl. Jeremy Vandygriff gladly accepted the cookies for all deputies and staff. Thank you Troop #4841 for thinking of us and for your support!

Sheriff's Criminal Investigations Division Capt. Mark Arnett and Sheriff's Deputy Katherine Buononato log in property recovered from a recent burglary ring. PRESS RELEASE Parker County Sheriff’s Criminal Investigations Division recovered a large amount of stolen property stemming from a vehicle burglary ring. Sheriff’s patrol deputies arrested a man and woman Monday after locating stolen property inside their vehicle during a traffic stop. The case originated earlier that morning when deputies responded to a vehicle burglary call in the 14000-block of Belclaire Avenue in Aledo. The homeowners reported unknown suspects broke into their truck parked outside their home and took a set of keys, a pocket knife and a remote garage door opener. A short time later, one of the victims observed the garage door opening when a white Ford SUV drove passed their home. The other victim followed the vehicle in his truck, and captured the license plate number. Another vehicle burglary was reported a few blocks away on Roderick Road, where construction tools and gear were reported stolen. Deputies conducted a stop North FM 730 where the suspects were arrested. Earlier this week, Sheriff’s investigators recovered a box truck in Fort Worth filled with stolen property from the burglary of Azle Christian Church, connecting it to the suspects through their investigation. Sheriff’s investigators recovered additional stolen items reported from other cases which were located at a trailer lot in Azle where the suspects had been staying. Investigators also located suspected methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia inside the home. The suspects were identified as William Perry Stanley, 39, of Watauga, and Amber Jeanette Pearson, 28, of Fort Worth. Both suspects were charged with burglary of a vehicle. Stanley and Pearson each posted a $2,500 bond. Sheriff’s investigators are seeking additional warrants for the remaining cases pending the investigations. Recovered stolen property includes dozens of power tools and hand tools, construction gear and clothing, ladder, TV, moving equipment, coolers, camera, compressor, sound equipment, generators and a checkbook. “The recent addition of deputies has proven to be valuable to our Patrol and Criminal Investigation Divisions,” said Sheriff Larry Fowler. “Our Criminal Investigations Division often works with our patrol unit to solve cases. In this case, we have solved five burglary cases with the arrest of these two individuals.”

Thank you Parker County REACT and Freedom House for providing food for our deputies and staff. Thank you Tina Mitchell for the special delivery.

SEPTEMBER 17, 2018. PRESS RELEASE Parker County Sheriff’s Criminal Investigations Division is investigating suspected school threats posted on social media over the weekend. Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler said the suspected threats were reported by several Brock Independent School District students and parents Saturday after they observed several Snap Chat posts on a known juvenile male student’s account. Sheriff’s investigators stated they believe certain posts were screen shots of previous posts made last school year from an account, which were re-posted over the weekend, along with new posts. The older posts referenced emojis and references to a gun, a skull, a ‘dead face’, an ‘angry face,’ and an hour glass, stating “time is running out,” while using foul language. Students and parents have expressed their concerns, and we want to assure them we are taking this investigation seriously and that the safety of each student and school staff is our first and foremost priority. “Threats of violence are not a joke, they are not a prank,” said Sheriff Larry fowler. “Anyone making terroristic threats will be arrested and will face charges of making a terroristic threat with intent to interrupt a public place.” This case was staffed with the Parker County District Attorney’s Office which determined that no criminal offense was found to have occurred. The Sheriff’s Office will continue to monitor this investigation and will take action as deemed appropriate with any new developments. No further information regarding this case is available at this time due to the ongoing investigation and age of the juvenile suspect.

Thank you Gina Osborn and Don Markum with the Parker County Elections Office for delivering drinks, snacks and supplies in honor of 9-11 Patriots Day and remembering our law enforcement first responders. Items were collected and donated from Parker County Offices and personel. We are blessed to have such a wonderful team supporting our LEO deputies and backing our community!

Our friendly neighborhood dental office brought us breakfast last week! Thank you to this wonderful group for your support and blessing!

AUGUST 29, 2018. PRESS RELEASE Parker County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a woman in connection of two theft cases, both occurring during her employment as a cleaning woman. Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler said the suspect was identified as Evan Michelle Williams-Sears, 29, of Weatherford. A Weatherford victim contacted the Sheriff’s Office reporting she hired Williams-Sears from a Facebook post to come clean her residence. The victim stated she placed two envelopes of cash marked with the amounts contained in them in a dresser drawer before Williams-Sears came to her home. The victim left her residence for about two hours, allowing Williams-Sears time to clean the house. Once the victim returned, she noticed her house was not cleaned and prescription medications were missing. She went to retrieve the money and observed the amounts had been erased and marked with new lower amounts and cash missing from each envelope. The total amount missing was $600. The victim contacted Williams-Sears, offering her the opportunity to return the money and prescriptions without pressing charges. Williams-Sears declined the offer. She was arrested and booked into the Parker County Jail on Aug. 11, charged with theft. She was released on $1,500 bond later that same day. Five days later, a second victim in Aledo contacted the Sheriff’s Office, reporting Williams-Sears had taken money from her home when she also hired her from a FaceBook post. The victim stated Williams-Sears came to the residence on Aug. 16, and cleaned for about an hour and a half, then left. The victim noticed a jar containing about $150 in change was missing from her desk. Williams-Sears was arrested this morning for a second charge of theft. The charged was enhanced due to the age of the victim being an elderly woman. Williams-Sears bond has not been set. The Parker County Sheriff’s Criminal Investigations Division is asking if anyone has hired this suspect and is a victim of theft, they should contact the Parker County Sheriff’s Office to file a report.

We enjoyed teaching Stranger Danger awarenes and 911 Safety education with these Little Texas Stars!

TELECOMMUNCIATOR POSITION OPENING: **DO NOT REPLY TO THIS POST OR THROUGH PRIVATE MESSENGER. DO NOT SUBMIT APPLICATIONS OR RESUMES THROUGH FACEBOOK** Education: - Minimum of High School diploma or equivalent; TCOLE certification or the ability to obtain it. Job Requirements: - Answers emergency and non-emergency calls for multiple agencies; maintains communication between deputies in the field and communications center ensuring all necessary information is obtained and relayed to the deputies; enters and confirms warrant information through TCIC/ NCIC and other documentation as necessary. Special Requirements: - Rotating shift work including holidays, nights, weekdays & weekends - Prior experience as a telecommunicator and 9-1-1 operator **Applications and Submissions accepted ONLY at the Parker County Employee Benefits Office located at 1112 Santa Fe Drive Weatherford, TX 76086

Parker County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a man after responding to a call where a dog was stabbed in the head. Sheriff Larry Fowler said deputies responded to the 100-block of Brook Drive in Cresson, Parker County around 9 p.m. Monday, and discovered a brindle-colored female pit bull dog bleeding in the bathtub, with the suspect holding an alcoholic beverage inside the home exhibiting signs of intoxication. The suspect, identified as Matthew Shane Clements, 30, of Cresson, reported “he got mad because she is in heat.” When the other dogs began sniffing the dog, he told them no, and the female dog “snapped” at him, so he “hit the dog on the head.” He then told the deputies he went to his neighbor’s home and asked them to “call the cops because he just put his knife through his dog’s head,” and that he “tried to kill her,” but later said, “that’s not right.” Clements’ described the knife as a small, black pocket knife. Sheriff’s deputies observed the dog whining and rubbing her head on the ground. She suffered a stab wound above her right eye, and was taken to an emergency veterinarian clinic for treatment. According to the doctor, the dog may not make a full recovery, because the tip of the knife remains in her skull. Due to its location, surgery is not recommended, and would present a life-threatening procedure. Sheriff Fowler said the dog is still under the care of the veterinarian. “The dog has been surrendered to the custody of Parker County,” Fowler said. “We are making certain she continues to receive proper medical care.” Clements was arrested and charged with cruelty to non-livestock animals; torture. As of Wednesday morning, he remained incarceration. His bond has not been set.

North Texas Veterinary Hospital Dr. Craig Sweatt and Dr. Tom Hutchins, present Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler and Sheriff’s Animal Control Supervisor Karen Kessler with a donation to the Sheriff’s Animal Cruelty Reward Fund. “The NTVH often assists the Sheriff’s Office with the care and treatment of animals which have been seized in abuse cases,” said Sheriff Fowler. “We sincerely appreciate their assistance and support in our animal abuse investigative cases.”

*******Update******* The suspect has been arrested. JULY 19, 2018. CRIME OF THE WEEK PRESS RELEASE Parker County Sheriff’s deputies are seeking the location of a Weatherford man in connection with the death of a dog stemming from animal cruelty and abandonment. Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler said Animal Control officers and deputies were dispatched to the 5300-block of North FM 51, where a dead dog was discovered in a dumpster Tuesday afternoon. A concerned citizen reported the incident to the Parker County Sheriff’s Office. A witness observed the suspect drag the dog from the back of his home. The suspect was identified as Kyle Rufus Childers, 25, of Weatherford. The Sheriff’s Office is not identifying the witness. The witness informed deputies that the dog had been recently abandoned in the trailer park by its previous owner, later identified as Anthony Leigh West, 39, of Weatherford. The dog had since been wandering the area. The witness had been caring for the dog, providing it with food and water. When the witness observed Childers dragging the dog from the back of his property, they confronted him. Childers then told the witness, “The dog was bothering him so he broke its neck.” The witness then observed Childers continue to drag the dog to the front of the park and disposed of it in a dumpster. The dog was taken to a local veterinarian where X-rays were taken, providing evidence that the dog had died from a broken neck. “This was an atrocious act – as bad as we have ever seen,” said Sheriff Fowler. “This poor dog was first abandoned by its owner and ultimately met a gruesome death by the violent hands of another. He only knew love for a brief moment though a stranger who tried to care. Even that was stripped away from him when the suspect broke this dog’s neck, displaying a blatant disrespect for the life of a beautiful creature.” The case was filed with the Sheriff’s Criminal Investigations Division, where investigators spoke with the previous owner who implicated himself in the abandonment by stating the dog “had gotten out” for several days and “upon its return, it started destroying the park, so he drove it to a nearby farm and let it go.” West was arrested Wednesday on a charge of cruelty to non-livestock animals, abandonment. As of this press release, West’s bond had not been set. Sheriff’s investigators are seeking the location of Childers on a charge of cruelty to non-livestock animals causing death. Anyone with information regarding the location of Childers is encouraged to contact the Sheriff’s Office at (817) 594-8845, or the Parker County Crime Stoppers hotline at (817) 599-5555. You may remain anonymous when calling Crime Stoppers. Parker County Crime Stoppers will pay up to a $1,000 reward for information leading to this arrest.

Public Service Announcement: Texas Heat & Pet Care Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler made a public service announcement Wednesday morning regarding proper summer care for pets. “All outdoor animals require extra care and monitoring due to the extreme Texas heat,” said Sheriff Fowler. “We are adding extra animal patrol during these periods of high temperatures.” “All pets require having plenty of clean, fresh water in a secured container that will not spill or tip over,” Sheriff Fowler said. “That container needs to be placed in the shade and changed daily.” Parker County has a leash law. Make certain your pet in contained securely within your property and has adequate shade. “Keeping any animal outdoors without proper shade and water in high temperatures will result in a bleak outcome regarding the life of your pet,” Sheriff’s Animal Control Supervisor Karen Kessler said. Sheriff Fowler said shade and water are not enough when it comes to the care of your pet. “If your pet has a doghouse, we highly recommend one that is well-ventilated,” Sheriff Fowler said. “Dome-type dog houses do not allow proper ventilation and in high temperatures, result in the pet having a heat stroke,” Kessler said, adding the number one cause of pet heat-related deaths is lack of water and shade. Another leading cause of heat-related deaths in animals is leaving them inside of a vehicle. Even two minutes is too long. “You wouldn’t leave your child in a car or truck,” Sheriff Fowler said. “The consequence for leaving an animal in your vehicle will result in not only the death of your animal, but in criminal prosecution as well. We are asking for the public to be diligent in the care of your pets because we will be vigilant in monitoring animal care throughout the county.” Tips for proper care for your outdoor pet: • Adequate shade • Clean, fresh water changed daily • Properly contained within your property • Proper tether, (NOT chained or staked) • Check on your pet for signs of heat trauma Animal heatstroke symptoms: • Panting • Dehydration • Excessive drooling • Increased body temperature • Reddened gums • Vomiting • Rapid heart rate • Seizure(s) • Black stool • Muscle tremors • Ataxia- wobbled, uncoordinated gait or walk


A look into the Sheriff's Office Dispatch Center during the Fourth of July this year. The Sheriff's Office received over 400 fireworks calls from 8:30pm to Midnight and generated 188 calls for service due to the firework ban. In the video you will see patrol Lt. Marc Fletcher answering calls and Sheriff Larry Fowler overseeing the Dispatch Center. "We appologize if you didn't get to see a deputy for your fireworks call on the Fourth. We were alittle overwhelmed." Sheriff Fowler stated.

TELECOMMUNCIATOR POSITION OPENING: **DO NOT REPLY TO THIS POST OR THROUGH PRIVATE MESSENGER. DO NOT SUBMIT APPLICATIONS OR RESUMES THROUGH FACEBOOK** Education: - Minimum of High School diploma or equivalent; TCOLE certification or the ability to obtain it. Job Requirements: - Answers emergency and non-emergency calls for multiple agencies; maintains communication between deputies in the field and communications center ensuring all necessary information is obtained and relayed to the deputies; enters and confirms warrant information through TCIC/ NCIC and other documentation as necessary. Special Requirements: - Rotating shift work including holidays, nights, weekdays & weekends - Prior experience as a telecommunicator and 9-1-1 operator **Applications and Submissions accepted ONLY at the Parker County Employee Benefits Office located at 1112 Santa Fe Drive Weatherford, TX 76086

County Judge Declares Local Disaster; Ban on Use of Fireworks Parker County Judge Mark Riley has declared a local state of disaster due to the imminent threat to life and property from wildfires and has banned the use of all fireworks in Parker County. The Texas Disaster Act allows County Judges to ban the use of fireworks during a disaster for up to 60 hours. The act allows for the governor to extend the ban. Fire Danger and drought conditions are measured by the Keetch Byram Drought Index (KBDI), a scale from zero to 800. Low fire danger is zero to 200 on the scale. Moderate fire danger is a KBDI of 200 to 400. High fire danger is 400 to 600 on the KBDI index and extreme fire danger is 600 to 800 on the scale. Parker County’s KBDI number as of Thursday, July 3 stands at 629. Violation of this order is a Class C Misdemeanor and could result in a fine of up to $500 plus court costs and the seizure of the fireworks. Licensed professional firework shows are still allowed, The ban is only for personal use.

A community that prays together, stays together. Last night's fun at the Battle of the Badges softball game.

SCAM ALERT PRESS RELEASE The Parker County Sheriff’s Office is issuing a public service announcement regarding phone scams. Sheriff Larry Fowler said the Sheriff’s dispatch call center received two complaints today from citizens who received scam phone calls pertaining to a man identifying himself as “Matt Carter,” stating he is with the Parker County Sheriff’s Office. The caller then informs the victim that they are the subject of a law suit, and if they do not pay their “court fees,” they will be arrested. A third man reported he received a scam call from (817) 592-6499. The scammer identified himself as “Matt Newsom,” claiming he was with a certified public accounting office. The suspect asked the caller to verify their correct address, asking the victim if this address is where they received government and federal mail. The victim stated when he began asking questions to the scammer to verify who he was and who he was associated with, the scammer hung up. Sheriff Fowler said, “Our office will not contact any citizen in an attempt to collect court fees. This is a scam. If anyone receives a similar call, we advise them to contact the Sheriff’s Office or local law enforcement agency immediately to report the incident.” Sheriff Fowler added anyone with questions regarding law suits or court-related fees, can verify that with the court or log onto, and follow the prompts under the Judicial Records Search. “Be aware, that scammers will frequently access public records in order to obtain your information and use it to appear legitimate,” Sheriff Fowler said. “We caution the public that anyone receiving a phone call from persons seeking money should always verify who the individual is and the agency they claim to be associated with. The best way to avoid becoming a victim is to simply hang up.”

Congratulations to the PCSO team for winning the annual Battle of the Badges softball game against WPD. Both teams played a great game! Congratulations to Jeff Mitchell, who won the 9mm Glock raffle tonight! All PCSO proceeds from the game went toward Children’s Advocacy Center of Parker County! All proceeds from WPD proceeds went to the Parker County Committee on Aging. We love our LEO deputies and officers!

Thank you Brother Robert & Sherrian Gilcrease of Stepping Stone Outreach, Inc, from Hemphill, TX for donating 12-Step Bibles to the Parker County Sheriff's Office and the Parker County Jail.

Please pray for the family and all public service branch members today, as we stand in unison with our community to lay Weatherford Firefighter Andy Loller Jr to rest. We appreciate your patience and respect during the procession throughout our town during our final tribute to our brother. Go rest high, Andy. We salute you honorably.

Parker County Sheriff’s Office is proud to announce Patrol Sgt. Rick Crosley has been named one of Parker County’s most eligible bachelors by Parker County Today Magazine. We need your help in supporting Sgt. Crosley and his chosen charity, the Children’s Advocacy Center of Parker County. Crosley has partnered with Vintage Grill in raising funds through ticket sales and donations to attend the Boots, Barbecue & Bachelors event on July 19, at 6:30 p.m., at the Brooks of Weatherford, located at 1185 West Lake Drive. Vintage Grill Chef Aaron Austin will compete at the event for the Chef’s award title. The bachelor with the most ticket sales and donations will win the Bachelor of the Year title. 100-percent of the proceeds from the PCSO fundraiser and ticket sales from Sgt. Crosley will benefit the Children’s Advocacy Center. Tickets are $50 each. VIP tables will seat 10 for $1,000, and will include a VIP pre-party with extra refreshments, music and hors d'oeuvres. Vintage Grill will be selling tickets for the event at the restaurant. Businesses wishing to donate funds or purchase tickets may contact Danie Huffman at (682) 229-2358. There are two additional ways to donate to this charity in Sgt. Rick Crosley's name: A Law Enforcement Agency softball game will be held on Monday, June 25, beginning at 7 pm. Current Champion Team: Parker County Sheriff’s Office will be competing against the Weatherford Police Department for the annual Battle of the Badges title. The game will be held at Shirley Hall Middle School varsity ball field on South Bowie Drive. Donations for the Bachelor/CAC event will be accepted at the game, as well as ticket sales for two drawings will also be held during the ball game. 100-percent of the drawing proceeds and donations collected by PCSO employees during the ball game will go toward the CAC. The drawings to be held after the game will be for a Glock 9mm G43 ($10 each ticket or three tickets for $25); and a private training session with the Parker County Special Operations Group (SWAT), for two (tickets = $20 each). A Daddy Daughter Dance fundraiser will also be held on Friday, June 15, from 7 to 9 p.m., at the Parker County Sheriff’s Posse Grounds. A portion of the ticket sales from the dance will benefit the CAC. Tickets are $50 for each couple. Additional tickets are $10 each.