Boyd Police Department

  • Agency: Boyd Police Department
  • Address: 731 E Rock Island Ave, Boyd, 76023 TX
  • Chief:
Phone: 940-433-8400
Fax: 940-433-5166

Boyd Police Department is located at 731 E Rock Island Ave, Boyd, 76023 TX. The Boyd Police Department phone number is 940-433-8400.

Boyd Police Department News

Boyd Community Trunk or Treat 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm October 31, 2018 Boyd High School Parking Lot

A small section of East Boyd between S Hitt an S Atwood will be shut down while crews remove tree limbs this morning.

K-9 Officer Urbanek and K-9 Nash had another productive weekend.

A public service announcement shared from the Wise County Sheriff's Office.

On top of the cold weather a flood watch has been issued for our area. FM 730 North is still open at this time, but please use caution and do not cross high water areas.

K-9 Officer Urbanek and K-9 Nash found another stash over the weekend.

The heavy rains have forced water over the roadways in several locations. For Meadow Park residents please use extreme caution while entering and exiting your neighborhood.

Early this morning, Officer Hernandez and Sergeant Richie initiated a traffic stop for a moving violation. During the course of the traffic stop, probable cause was established to search the vehicle. Both occupants of the vehicle were placed under arrest and charged with Manufacure Delivery CS PG 1 >=4 grams < 200 grams, tamper fabricate physical evidence and prohibited substance in a correctional facility. Another 31 grams of meth that will not be hitting the streets.

Officer Urbanek spent most of his day in District Court yesterday, testifying against a suspect who he arrested after victimizing several families within our community. The suspect was caught burglarizing several vehicle’s and stealing personal identification and credit cards to further his crime spree. Upon conclusion of the criminal trial, the suspect was sentenced to 15 years in TDCJ. Great job Officer Urbanek for preparing a solid case and devotion to protecting the citizen’s of Boyd.

Here are some more of Nash’s finds over the last month. He’s still on a roll.

It's Auction Time again. We have too many cars in our lot so come get them.

It has been a busy week. K-9 Officer Urbanek and Sergeant Richie have been knocking down members of the ongoing methedimic. It is not just in our community, but every community. Three arrests were made earlier in the week related to traffic stops and calls for service for Poss CS PG 1 >=1g > 4G x2 and Poss CS > 1G. Our devotion to getting this nasty, devastating drug off of the streets continues every single day. We strive to make your community a safer place. As our motto states "Strength In Unity"! We appreciate our Community being involved in helping us fight this seemingly never ending battle. Should you observe suspicious activity or other criminal activity, we ask you to report it. Please contact the Wise County Sheriff's Office dispatch at 940-627-5971. The Sheriff's Office dispatches all of our calls.

On 9-24-18, Sergeant Richie initiated a traffic stop for a moving violation. During the course of the traffic stop, the driver was found to be in possession of 5.2 grams of methamphetamine. The driver was placed under arrest for Possession controlled substance PG 1>=4G < 200G and booked into the Wise County jail.

As of 7:00 AM, FM 730 North is still open. Should the river continue to rise throughout the day and the roadway be closed by TXDOT we will post an update.

A flood warning has been issued for our area. We will monitor 730 North for closure. Please avoid any high water areas and stay safe.

When we use Nash, he'll find your stash. From large amounts to small, Nash finds them all.

During the early morning hours of 09-19-2018, an unknown person lost the below pictured property while either entering or exiting the Allsup's convenience store. If this property belongs to you, feel free to swing by the Boyd Police Department and we will assist you in getting your property back.

A flood advisory has been issued for our area. Please stay safe.