Richfield City Police Department

  • Agency: Richfield City Police Department
  • Address: 77 E Center St, Richfield, 84701 UT
  • Chief:
Phone: 435-896-8484

Richfield City Police Department is located at 77 E Center St, Richfield, 84701 UT. The Richfield City Police Department phone number is 435-896-8484.

Richfield City Police Department News

Here is a copy of the Homecoming parade route for 18.

************UPDATE************** Sydni has been located and is safe. Thank you for all your help sharing this information. *****MISSING PERSON***** Sydni Dennett. 16 years old. Last seen in Richfield at approximately 4:30 pm today near 100 S Main. She was last seen wearing a red/black plaid long sleeve shirt, blue jeans, and flip flops. She has below shoulder length brown hair which was pulled up in a bun, approximately 5’2” tall. If you have seen her or know her whereabouts contact the Richfield City Police Department at 435-896-8484.

How many of you have had this call today? ITS A SCAM!!! Don't answer the call. Never give out any personal information. if you have given out any personal information call your bank and the Social Security Administration. Check your credit report and put a fraud alert out on your name. With any scam it can also be reported to the FBI @

Richfield City residents we are having a rash of Vehicle Burglaries and Stolen Cars. Please take in your keys and lock your vehicles.

It’s that time of year again. Please remember to slow down and watch for kids walking to school. We hope everyone in Richfield has a safe and wonderful first day of school.

We have a few dogs in our shelter from last night. Call us at 896-8484 before they are taken out to the County Shelter later today. Thanks!

The Fourth of July is a fun holiday for us all!! While we are enjoying all of the festivities let us remember our pets. Help us out by taking care of yours! More pets run away on the 4th than any other day of the year. July 5th is the busiest day of the year for Animal Shelters nationwide. 30% Increase in the number of lost pets between July 4th - 6th nationwide. What can you do: Check ID. Does your pet have current tags that are secure? Secure the perimeter. Gates locked, fence sturdy with no holes a frightened dog can escape out. Safe Spot. Does your pet have a crate or room they feel safe. You can close blinds and turn on a radio or tv to drown out the sounds Busy Busy Busy dogs are sometimes too happy to even notice what is going on. A favorite chew toy or game can occupy the mind so it focuses less on the big booms. If you happen to lose your pet call dispatch at 435-896-6471 or the office during business hours at 435-896-8484. The Sevier County Animal Shelter is 435-896-5370.

One last reminder. Chairs are not to be put out early and no overnight parking on main July 3rd.

Please stay clear of the area.

Please keep this in mind for the 4th of July, and let everyone know.

We have picked up a turtle 🐢 in Richfield. If you are missing yours or know someone with one, give us a call at 435-896-8484