Exmore Police Department

  • Agency: Exmore Police Department
  • Address: 3305 Main Street, Exmore, 23350 VA
  • Chief: Angelo DiMartino (Chief of Police)
Phone: 757.442.3114
Fax: 757.442.4038

Exmore Police Department is located at 3305 Main Street, Exmore, 23350 VA. The Chief of Police of the department is Angelo DiMartino. The Exmore Police Department phone number is 757.442.3114.

Exmore Police Department News

In todays installment of "Drivers Making Bad Decisions" we introduce a young lady in a hurry to pick up her boyfriend. She is now stranded at the jail, she can't get her car back until she pays the tow company (tomorrow), and has a court date that could end in jail time and serious fines. It's not worth it, slow down and get where you are going safely.

Please be aware of where you’re walking or where you’re reaching for items during the summer. If you have to go outside at night please use a bright flashlight and scan the path you have to walk carefully. This is a copperhead and they are venomous. As you can see this is at night and this is next to a business where cars were parked. Please share and be safe this summer.

Click it or Ticket checking details. Please buckle up and drive safe.


Sgt. Campbell had the best time on the three gun course today. Great job Sgt Jason Campbell.

Exmore PD Qualification and Three Gun Training Day. We train hard so we are prepared for any situation that may arise.

Please be careful out here on the roads. We are getting a lot of high speeds passing through as the weather warms up. This is very dangerous especially for our new teenage drivers out here. Talk to your children and explain to them how important it is to always be alert, watch stop light patterns closely and the vehicles approaching, and always watch for people driving erratically. This subject tried to use the excuse that he had to use the bathroom. #drivesafe #slowdown #gethomesafe

These two deer decided to come out and look at the highway traffic this afternoon. They came out of the woods behind the old Delmarva Power Building and walked next to Broadwater Rd until they reached the front lawn and watched traffic for a minute then turned and walked back to the woods. Please drive safe and watch for these guys, they certainly are not afraid of the cars riding by!

April 22-28 is DMV's Virginia Highway Safety Office Drive to Save Lives campaign (Occupant Protection/belt use, Impaired Driving & Speed). Please wear your seat belts and do the speed limit. If you have been drinking, call a family member or friend. Let’s keep our roads safe so everyone makes it home safely. #sharetheroad #sharetheroadVA #VisionZero

It was our honor to host the Exmore Police Department’s 1st Annual Easter Egg Hunt. The event was a huge success. As you can see by the photos, we had a fantastic turnout and the kids enjoyed the event. We are already looking forward to planning the 2019 Easter Egg Hunt. Thank you to everyone who helped bring our vision to reality. It has always been our departments priority to engage our community in a positive way. We couldn’t think of a better way than by giving back to our children, who will one day become our future leaders. Thank you to Sgt. Jason Campbell for stuffing nearly 3,000 Easter Eggs with candy and thank you to Officer Jonathan Gonzalez for being the Easter Bunny today. A special thank you to Sgt. Campbell, Sgt. Zieger, councilman G.W. Adkins and Chief DiMartino’s wife Spring for hiding the eggs around the park. The tremendous outpouring of the community made this a success. Again, thank you to our residents and local businesses for the donations that helped make this possible. (Seaside Refrigeration, East Coast Construction, Exmore Auto, Dollar General, Amy Rivas)

The Exmore Police Department would like to give a special thanks to Amy Rivas and Bonnie Nordstrom. Amy donated eight dozen hand made confetti eggs. The confetti eggs are a Hispanic tradition where the recipient has the egg broken on them and they receive good luck. Bonnie Nordstrom from Exmore Auto brought in multiple bags of Easter Candy to be provided to the kids tomorrow. Again, we are humbled by the kindness of our businesses, residents and neighbors. The community has really come together to help out with our first annual Easter Egg Hunt.

The Exmore Police Department would like to give a special thanks to Greg Parks, owner of East Coast Construction. Greg reached out to us yesterday and wanted to donate to the Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday. East Coast Construction donated cash for the 5-10 age group. So there will be 20 special prize eggs with an East Coast Construction business card and $5.00! The generosity of our businesses and residents overwhelms us. Thank you!

The Exmore Police Department would like to give a special thanks to Pat Geary, owner of Seaside Refrigeration. Seaside Refrigeration was generous enough to donate eggs and stuffed animals for the Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday. We have placed Seaside Refrigeration cards in some of the eggs that will be placed in the 1-4 age group area. If your child finds a business card in his or her special egg, they need to see the Easter Bunny. He will be there to give them one of the stuffed animals. The Easter Bunny was graciously provided to us by the Exmore Moose Lodge to use for the day. We are very thankful for the kindness of our community and outpouring of help on this Easter Egg Hunt. It should be a great time for the kids.

Exmore Police Department hosted Girl Scouts Troop 1082 tonight. Every girl received a shoulder patch, was finger printed and was given a special behind the scenes tour of the police department. We enjoyed our visit with this outstanding group of girls. The Exmore Police Department strives to promote a positive relationship between our youth and police officers. We would like to give a special thank you to the Girl Scouts for the hand made police book and basket of cookies.

The Exmore Police Dept. is happy to announce their first Easter Egg Hunt. It will be held at the Exmore Town Park on Saturday, March 24th. It will begin at 10am. Rain date will be Sunday March 25th at 10am. There will be two areas designated according to age groups. Ages 1-4 and 5-10. The eggs will be filled with delicious candy treats for the kids but be advised, we cannot guarantee they will not have peanut additives. Throughout the year, the Exmore Police Dept. receives donations from multiple local businesses and residents. The Police Dept is using donated money to fund this family-oriented event. A big shout out to Dollar General, Ace Hardware, El Maguey, Peebles, Exmore Auto, New York-New York, Western Auto and Pasco for helping us give back to our community.

Slow down and move over when approaching emergency vehicles on the side of the road. It’s the law, and it’s the right thing to do.

There have been questions about why our officers were at Broadwater Academy today. Due to threats against another school on the Eastern Shore we increased our presence, there were no threats against Broadwater Academy, its students, or staff. Broadwater Academy is currently planning security meetings with Parents, Faculty and Law Enforcement to discuss the continued and future safety of their students. School safety is a paramount concern for our agency and we will continue to provide a presence on the campuses.

SCAM ALERT! It has come to our attention that there is a local individual fraudulently representing himself as an agent from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). He has been collecting applications and fees in excess of $100 for USDA Repair and Rehabilitation Loans, there are no fees to apply for these programs. If you have been victimized by this individual please contact USDA Single Family Housing Specialists Jeanie Barbrow (276-484-9382) or Kerry Crowley (276-484-9377). If you have any questions about this please feel free to reach out to our agency, we can help. Jeanie Barbrow and Kerry Crowley are also available if you need assistance with these USDA Repair and Rehabilitation Loans, they would be glad to walk you through the process, at no cost.

This is Jaleel Thomas from Occohannock Elementary School. Jaleel's goal in life is to be a policeman when he grows up. We were contacted after he wore a police costume to school last week. School officials asked if we could help out with his uniform and we knew just what we could do, these patches will make an excellent addition for an amazing kid.

We found this bag today on Jackson Street. We believe it may have been stolen and discarded during Wednesday nights thefts. If you know who this bag belongs to, please contact us.

Early this morning we took several reports of thefts from cars around town. This was not isolated to one area of town. Over a dozen cars were searched and several items were stolen. Every one of these cars had been left unlocked, none were broken into. Please remember to lock your vehicles and take anything of value into your house with you. If your car was gone through and you did not report it, please contact us. If you see anyone suspicious in town, please call and report them.

Does anyone know who this man is or recognize this 1968 Firebird? If you have any information please inbox us or call 757-442-5405.

Mike Johnson and his guys have done a great job decorating the town for the holidays. How many people have seen the new tree at the park?