Glade Spring Police Department

  • Agency: Glade Spring Police Department
  • Address: 113 E Glade St, Glade Spring, 24340 VA
  • Chief: Tony Richardson (Chief of Police)
Phone: 276-429-5134

Glade Spring Police Department is located at 113 E Glade St, Glade Spring, 24340 VA. The Chief of Police of the department is Tony Richardson. The Glade Spring Police Department phone number is 276-429-5134.

Glade Spring Police Department News

Good afternoon, I havent used the police department facebook page as of late, as we have been working short handed for a little while. However I must take a moment to say thank you to this community for allowing me to serve over the last nine years, its been the best part of my life. Unfortunately the new budget was passed tonight eliminating my position as an employee of the town/police department as of July 1st 2018. Again thank you to all those who have supported me through out my service.

At approximately the midnight hour on may 19th/20th 2018, vehicles and a pedestrian were being watched for suspicious activity at a local "closed" business. A subsequent traffic stop was performed on a vehicle for an expired registration out of Mississippi, the registration had valid VA decals that had been removed from another vehicle. Officers discovered four occupants in the vehicle, all occupants had a suspended license. A K9 officer was called to assist on the call, and a positive K9 alert led to a vehicle search and the arrest of all four occupants for possession of Methamphetamine. Each person arrested is only charged under VA law and is considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Steven Kennedy of Abingdon, released on his own recognizance. Kevin Odum of Meadowview VA, releases on his own recognizance. Krystal Broady of Meadowview VA, released on her own recognizance. Eric Odum of Meadowview VA, held without bond. A big thank you to the Washington County Sheriffs Office and the 3 deputies who assisted with the stop and transportation to the jail.

Wanted to say thank you to the ladies at the Glade Spring branch Highlands Union Bank for providing lunch and goodies for our area law enforcement today!

February 12 2018, Glade Spring Police Department was dispatched to the Spirit Mart to a report of a female drinking an alcoholic beverage outside of the store and eating candy. Upon arrival a female (Lisa Brickey) was located sitting at a table near the entrance drinking an alcoholic beverage and eating mellow cups. It was determined that Mrs. Brickey had taken 4 packs of mellow cups and one alcoholic beverage, and when confronted by an employee, threatened to assault the worker and attempted to use the alcoholic beverage as a weapon. Mrs. Brickey was arrested and charged with the following charges: 4.1-308 Drinking in Public 18.2-57 Assault 18.2-58 Robbery Mrs. Brickey is being held without bond at the Southwest Virginia Regional Jail in Abingdon. All persons charged/arrested are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

The Glade Spring Police Department would like to thank everyone who came out in support of our Coffe with Cops event lastnight at the Glade Spring Library. A big thanks to the Iron Skillet for supplying the coffee and snacks for each event. We also want to thank each citizen who also brought additional treats and snacks. Our topic lastnight was about personal safety and our guest speaker was the Honorable Sheriff Newman. As always a huge thank you is in order as our sheriff is very busy but always finds time for our community when called upon. In total we had 16 participants in attendance for the evening. We also took this time to announce that Officer Widener is in his final week with our agency and will soon be moving to another local law enforcment agency. We wish Officer Widener the best of luck in his future endeavors. Our next scheduled meeting is set for May 18th at the Library in Glade Spring. We would like to invite everyone who can, please attend a future meeting as we attempt to bridge the gap between citizens and police officers.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Tonight at 6pm at the Glade Spring Town Hall in Glade Spring there will be a candidate forum for the upcoming November town election. I would encourage everyone available to attend and mee the candidates!

Last chance, tomorrow at 5 pm is the deadline if you wish to apply for the open patrol position with the Glade Spring Police Department. If you have and application please be sure to have it notorized and turned in to the town hall by 5 pm 9-30-16. The town of Glade Spring is an equal opportunity employer.

The town of Glade Spring is currently accepting applications for the position of patrolman/patrol woman. The application deadline is September 30th 2016 at 5pm. For more information call the Town Hall during normal business hours. 276-429-5134.

Today, the Town of Glade Spring honored all emergency service and military personnel during our annual 9/11 remembrance ceremony. Glade Spring Life Saving Crew, Damascus FD, Glade FD, Glade PD and The National Guard all had members present. Today is always a somber day, but we strive to remember that in a dire situation First Responders and citizens alike, rose above and beyond to rescue and to help their fellow citizens. This, to us, is the most important part of such a tragic event. As Emergency Service personnel, we stand proud and honor those we lost and continue to lose on a daily basis.

Coffee with cops tonight at the Glade Spring Library at 6pm. Everyone welcome!

While it's possible you may find Squirtle in front of Town Hall (not yet verified) and Petro may be a Pokestop (also not yet verified), we would like to remind those playing Pokémon Go to have fun, but also to please look up from your phone and look both ways before you cross the street. Safe Pokémon Trainers are the best Pokémon Trainers!

Coffe with cops starting now to Glade Spring Library everyone welcome free food provided

Reminder: The Coffee with Cops event is Thursday February the 18th at 6:00 PM. The event will be at the Glade Spring Library. Refreshments will be provided by the Iron Skillet. Please do not miss out on a great opportunity to meet your local law enforcement team. Adults and children are encouraged to attend, check out our flyer and please share this information. Thank you in advance!

We just wanted to take a moment to talk about the cold weather. Here are some important tips to keep you and your family safe during extreme cold. Also as a reminder, if you have an emergency, please do not hesitate to call 911. However, please remember calling for weather updates and calling to report power outages do not constitute emergencies and tie up the 911 lines. If you need assistance during severe weather that is non-emergency, please contact your local emergency agencies directly, or you can call the dispatch center on the non-emergency numbers. Here are a few numbers for Glade Spring and Washington County residents: Town of Glade Spring: Town Hall 276-429-5134 Fire Dept. 276-429-2421 Police Dept. 276-429-2333 Washington County: Dispatch Non-Emergency 276-676-6277 Sheriffs Office 276-676-6000 And Virginia State Police can be reached by dialing #77 on your cell phone. Thanks and Stay Safe!

Here is a cheap and effective way to clean your car windows when they are frosted over. Stay safe and warm!

We wanted to share this article (be it a short one) because after our research, the Glade Spring Police Department decided the Sig P320 was the best weapons option on the market for a department as small as ours. The ability to customize this weapon to better suit the comfort of the officers individuality. This has several desired positive effects. The accuracy of the user can be improved, the ability to improve weapon retention, and adapt accessories will all improve officer and citizen saftey. Secondly the ability to change the weapon to suit an officer can be at a minimal cost and not changing the weapons' serial numbers. And the ability to adjust calibers without changing weapons in the future will allow the dept to adapt smoothly with a simple upgrade, again not having to purchase new weapons. When we carried the Glock 22 Platform we carried .40 caliber ammunition, which for us was costly. Now with the Sig P320 we have changed to 9mm ammunition. FBI studies have proven that the 9mm technology has improved to the point that the effectiveness of the 9mm is as close to or equal to a .40 caliber round, but allows officers to carry more ammunition and at a cost savings for the dept. The cost savings in ammunition for our dept. paired with trading in our Glocks to the dealer allowed our agency to change weapons without spending a penny on the change of weapons. The only investment we had to make was the purchase of the new duty hoslters. We hope this information is beneficial and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Thank you for your interest in our department.

Since being selected to hold the position as the Chief of Police for the town of Glade Spring I have had the opportunity to select or be involved in the selection of our new officers. Today our newest officer graduated from the Southwest Virginia Criminal Justice Academy as the highest ranking student in academic performance. I am very proud to have yet another employee perform so well in the academy. Congratulations to Officer Widener!