Connell Police Department

  • Agency: Connell Police Department
  • Address: 104 E. Adams Street, Connell, 99326 WA
  • Chief: Mike Kessler (Chief of Police)

Connell Police Department is located at 104 E. Adams Street, Connell, 99326 WA. The Chief of Police of the department is Mike Kessler. The Connell Police Department phone number is 509-234-4141.

Connell Police Department News

I hope you all who support this page have taken a look at Connell's official page. We serve a great community.

Today's Event in tri city's. Cpt. Rouchleau former Connell chief of police

Connell Police Department now has an official page. I will keep this page in support to the official one. Thanks for the support, we truly serve an amazing community.

We had a visitor yesterday! John Bujosa is a LE officer from the Spokane area. Pretty cool guy.

Lunch at the best pizza place around ( pizza station ) with the boss!

This so to funny to not share.

Our Chief of Police<3 he's been amazing for our community.

I absolutely love serving our community. Even though it rained the whole day.

Excuse the language, one of the best tools an officer can have on their belt, hurt yes, but very effective use of force tool we can carry. Taser. Enjoy!

A Whittier Police Officer died yesterday during a traffic stop, Rest easy brother, your life mattered.

I've been serving our community for 12 years, first picture when I started in 2005:)

Chief Turner was a Deputy Sheriff previously with Fcso!

Taken last summer, Evoc. Just part of our annual training.

Beautiful in my sight. # thinblueline

Chief having lunch with this sweet little boy.

This awesome picture comes from one of our many LE supporters Jeff Ossman . Thank you.

Love receiving thin blue line gifts<3 handcrafted with love from a dear family member. Hope you all enjoyed your holidays.

This gave me a little chuckle

We lost a sister in blue, we are with you Orlando,Florida. Rest easy sister!

Yours truly serving our community today. Hope all had safe and happy New Year's Eve/day. Let's make 2017 a fabulous year.

Want to wish all a Happy New Years Eve, and day. Please consider your actions tonight and do not drink and drive. Have a plan in action, such as a designated driver. Let's go into 2017 with a Big Bang.