Pasco Police Department

  • Agency: Pasco Police Department
  • Address: 215 W. Sylvester Street, Pasco, 99301 WA
  • Chief: Denis W Austin (Chief of Police)
Phone: (509) 545-3510

Pasco Police Department is located at 215 W. Sylvester Street, Pasco, 99301 WA. The Chief of Police of the department is Denis W Austin. The Pasco Police Department phone number is (509) 545-3510.

Pasco Police Department News

A QUICK SHOUT-OUT to the west Richland Les Schwab Tires shop. (By that, we mean the Les Schwab in the west end of Richland.) We had instructors and students out at HAMMER on the EVOC course for a couple weeks in May. We had a couple tire issues while we were out there, and we were a long way from our usual Pasco stores. The West Richland Les Schwab gave the guys the fast lane treatment when they limped in. Thanks! #theycomerunnin #notliterallybutfiguratively #inserttirepunhere

UPDATE AND THE REST OF THE STORY: Quan Bounhomsavanh, DOB 032098 of Pasco, has been cited for shoplift in this case and Sgt Scott Warren is just cleaning up the paperwork two hours after this post went up. A response on the original post suggested Bounhomsavanh. Sgt Warren, the original investigating officer, saw that photos available for him resembled the suspect, and that Bounhomsavanh was currently booked in Franklin County Jail on an unrelated charge. He had been arrested the day after the shoplift of Keystone Ice occurred. He has been cited for the shoplift and the case is closed. #niceworkbyfacebooknation #keystoneice LAST WEEK the clerk at Circle K on Rd 68 had this unknown male, AKA The Smelly Bandit, come into the store and steal a can of malt liquor. It was a nice day out and he probablly was thirsty. We still need to pay for our drinks. The one thing the clerk recalled was the pungent odor left behind by The Smelly Bandit. Their surveillance camera did get these great pics of him. If you know the true identity of The Smelly Bandit let us here at PPD know. Case PP18-26494 Shoplift at Circle-K on 052218. #TheSmellyBandit #whoami

Memorial Day weekend, and Matt Decker was one of the Pasco officers at Juniper Dunes helping out FCSO. #sandfordays. #keepthecleansideup. #isthereacleanside?

Franklin County’s Juniper Dunes are a popular place on Memorial Day weekend. The isolation of the dunes can make it challenging to keep people safe and assist with the occasional medical emergencies. FCSO invited other agencies with off-road equipment to assist them. This year, that will include two Pasco officers on our ATV’s! The first step, of course, is to know your limitations. The guys got the guided tour of the area from FCSO, and tried their hands at different dune challenges. Officers Santiago, Fox, and Decker will be among the officers and deputies out there helping on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings. If you see them out there, say hi! #youcangetatvsstuck! #somuchsand. #dispatchiminthesandbyasagebrush

Putting this up for the whole weekend.

Its all that hard work and dedication! This week Officer Madsen and #K9Lemon were at the Pacific NW Police Detection Dog Association training and conference in Baker City, OR. We want to wish them congratulations on being re-certified as a narcotic detection team! The narcotic detection certification from the group above is the hardest certification test in the nation for K9 teams. It includes 2 double-blind tests, and another single-blind test, where Ofc. Madsen and #K9Lemon have to be 100% #hardworkpaysoff #itsnotajobitsalifestyle #woofwoof #hideandseekchamp #donteventrytohide

***Update*** The roadway is open and fire units are clearing the scene. They are still investigation the cause of the fire. Currently assisting Pasco Fire with an apartment balcony fire. No one was injured and the fire was contained to the balcony area. Chapel Hill Blvd is closed from Aintree to Churchill Downs. Please use caution in the area.

Officer Ramos says that if anyone needs help with a tire change, call and ask for her specifically because she’s practically a pro now 😉 Sometimes those curbs just sort of jump out in front of you. Somebody really should put a sign up or something to let you know it’s there. Geez! #AAAwithabadge

Two vehicle accident at Road 68 and Sandifur Parkway. Police and Fire are currently investigating and providing medical aid. Minor injuries reported to the parties involved. And as you can see by the pictures, significant damage to both vehicles. Tow trucks just arrived on scene and the intersection should be cleared shortly.

Wednesday was a beautiful day to wind up Pasco PD's time at HAMMER brushing up on EVOC and PIT driving.

Seatbelts, Everyone, Every-time! Extra patrols area now on nation-wide and state-wide for seatbelt patrols. Just some of the statistics: More than half of people killed in nighttime collisions weren’t wearing a seatbelt. In 2014, 57% of 18 to 34 year olds killed in crashes weren’t buckled up. Lastly, in 2014, 61% of pickup truck occupants killed in crashes weren’t wearing a seat belt. The ticket will cost you $136, but will hopefully save your life! #ClickItOrTicket #Buckleup #itonlytakesasecond #seatbeltssavelives

UPDATE: A 12-twelve-year-old Pasco juvenile was arrested last night by Pasco officers for this burglary. Two suspects are still at large. And he did not take our advice; the rosary and other property is still missing. Since he is 12, we took his photos down. DEAR BURGLAR, YOUR PHOTOS ARE READY. Your pictures were taken Tuesday morning at about 8:30 AM on the 2100-block of N 19th Drive near Richardson Park. You left with two flatscreens and expensive jewelry. The rosary was valued at $3000; if you keep it until we find you, you will not have to pay restitution on it. Think about it. We would also like to speak with your friend the getaway driver and locate the van. Call Dispatch at (509)545-3510, or email Officer Jason Griffin at, or email Officer Jeremy Jones at Stop making it worse. Pasco case PP18-26520 Burglary. #whoareyou? #whennotif #seeyousoon #yougotinvestigatedbythewrongcops #theyarerelentless

LOOKING FOR WA LICENSE BDU2481. A gray 2007 Ford Focus sedan with that plate (similar to the photo, not the same car), is currently reported stolen in a robbery. Officers investigated the case late Friday night at the Thunderbird Motel, 3rd/ Columbia, where the 32-year-old victim was found with a large gash on his right arm, along with other injuries. The victim reported that he was asssaulted by a white male and a white female inside his motel room. The male attacked him with a knife, and he was cut blocking it with his arm, he reported. He said they left with his wallet, keys, and phone, then drove off in his car, the gray Focus. He described the male as white, 6-00, skinny, short brown hair, unshaven. He said the female was white, 5-00, brown hair, blue eyes. Anyone with info about the current location of this stolen car is urged to dial 911 immediately and report it to the police agency at that location. Pasco case PP18-25842 Robbery.

WHO AM I? Our nice Officer Justin Greenhalgh would like to speak with this female about a case he is working, PP18-20203 Forgery. If you are this woman or know this woman, you can email him at This fraud was going on in late March and all of April. #otherpeoplesmoney

Why Do We Insist on Making Things Worse for ourselves? On 5/19/2018 at approximately 1737 hours Pasco Officers were dispatched to an alleged hit and run where a vehicle was hit from behind in the area of 20th and Lewis. Things wouldn’t have been that bad, as the damage was relatively minor, had both vehicles just remained at the scene however that wasn’t in the cards. One of the vehicle drivers decided to not stick around and left the location and drove up 20th until he reached Argent and proceeded east alongside the airport, speeding through windy road until he could speed no more, leaving a trail of tire marks and tools where he encountered a turn too sharp which caused him to fly up and through the fence onto airport property where his truck flipped over. Thankfully the driver was not heavily injured and will have some time to recover and rethink his decisions as he was placed under arrest for DUI, reckless driving,hit and run and transporting a domestic animal in an unsafe manner. The last charge is due to his dog was with him during the trip and was also not injured. #Speedlimit25forareason #dontleavethesceneofaccidents #dontleavethesceneofaccidentsnomatterhowminor #dontdrinkanddrive #evocshouldonlybedoneonaclosedcourse #Allsuspectsarepresumedinnocentuntilprovenguiltyinacourtoflaw

NICE CANOPY, LUKE! Pasco Farmers Market is going until about noon today, and Luke was down there, hanging out at the brand new canopy! #lookinggoodluke! #farmersmarketmerch. #lovethetrimerch. #andofcourseveggies

BIKE RACE IN WEST PASCO: We have a run-bike-run duathalon going on in west Pasco this Saturday until about noon. It’s the Fiasco in Pasco and it is centered around Big Cross on Road 36, but bikes will be on 36, Argent, 44, and N Road 68. Major intersections have Reserve Officers standing by to help with traffic control. Share the road and enjoy this beautiful day! #sharetheroad. #threeriversroadrunners. #pascoreserves. #shutuplegs!

The participants for the Fiasco in Pasco are getting ready to start. Please be careful while driving near the course today. There will be bicycles on the roadway. The course is from Road 36 and Argent to Road 44. North to Sandifur Parkway all the way to Road 68. About a mile and a half north to Clark where they will east to 4th Avenue. They go south until they get back to Argent then return to Road 36. PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHILE DRIVING IN THE AREA.

MOUNT SAINT HELENS blew its top 38 years ago on May 18, 1980, covering our corner of the state with gritty gray ash. This photo is from the AP, showing how the Washington State Patrol closer to the eruption dealt with the need to do their jobs without destroying their equipment. The newspaper caption is from the Tri-City Herald. #essentialemployeesmustreport #blewhertop #dropinonusmtsainthelensdid #38yearsago?

WE MET A FAN IN WASHINGTON DC: During Police Week, Pasco PD was represented in part by Deputy Chief Ken Roske and Detective Sergeant Jamie Raebel, who got to meet a fan, Donut Boy! Nine-year-old Tyler Carach of Florida has been travelling nationwide for about a year and a half with the motto "I DONUT need a reason to thank a cop" and offering free Dunkin Donuts to officers he meets. They found him in Washington DC earlier this week, surrounded by cops. He is on Facebook IDONUTneedareasontothankacop Instagram tyler_donutboy and Twitter donut_boy07. He has been interviewed on national news and entertainment shows, and he's on YouTube. #weareamateursinsocialmedia #donutsyummmm #nomnomnom #thankstyler

2018 GOLDSBURY AWARD WINNERS! We are sharing KPD's post about Pasco Sergeant Brian Vaught and KPD Officer Isaac Merkl getting selected as this year's winners of the Pasco-Kennewick Rotary Club's Goldsbury awards. Congratulations! And thank you, P-K Rotary Club! #itssgtvaughtagain! #goodguys! #shamelesspostswiping

UPDATE: Roadway clear. Collision was investigated by the Washington State Patrol. TRAFFIC EMERGENCY: Multi-vehicle collision has all eastbound lanes of I-182 blocked at 20th. DOT is forcing all eastbound traffic off the highway at 20th. Traffic on the highway is backed up past Road 68 eastbound. Court Street is getting congested from detoured traffic. Avoid the area of eastbound 182.

UPDATE: Roadway clear. Collision was investigated by the Washington State Patrol. TRAFFIC ALERT: EASTBOUND I-182 BETWEEN 20TH AND 4TH: Multi-vehicle collision at about 12:15 is blocking all eastbound lanes of I-182 east of 20th (near Red Lion). Avoid the area.

ANOTHER METH ARREST: Our Street Crimes Unit detectives and patrol officers were able to locate and arrest Adrian Guardado, DOB 041995 of Pasco, for some arrest warrants at about 8 AM Wednesday. It was moderately embarrassing that it occurred on the 100-block of W Sylvester, across the street from the PD. The female at the house, Janell A. Ryckman, DOB 121478 of Pasco, reportedly told detectives looking for Guardado that he was not there. They were able to keep the house surrounded and apply for a search warrant. After they had been hailing the house for awhile, announcing that they were going to enter and search all areas, including the attic and the crawlspace, Guardado came out voluntarily and surrendered. Detectives reported that he appeared to be covered with blown-in insulation. Once arrested, Guardado was searched, and white powder that tested positively for meth was allegedly found in his pocket. In addition to his warrants, Guardado was booked into Franklin County Jail on an investigative hold for possession of meth. Janell Ryckman was also arrested, booked for a controlled substance violation. PP18-25331 Narcotics. #forgotitwasthere? #atticinsulationissoitchy #itreallyisaniceneighborhood