Ellensburg Police Department

  • Agency: Ellensburg Police Department
  • Address: 100 N. Pearl Street, Ellensburg, 98926 WA
  • Chief: Dale Miller (Chief of Police)
Phone: (509) 962-7280

Ellensburg Police Department is located at 100 N. Pearl Street, Ellensburg, 98926 WA. The Chief of Police of the department is Dale Miller. The Ellensburg Police Department phone number is (509) 962-7280.

Ellensburg Police Department News

“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today” –Abraham Lincoln. However, you can evade a DUI or getting yourself into trouble tonight. Be prepared, here is a list of some local phone numbers that can be your designated driver. Rodeo Town Taxi 509-929-4222 KC Cab: 509-929-3055 #noDUIs #AdultResponsibilities #Jailisnotfun #TakeAScreenshot

It is finally Friday! Happy weekend to most of you…to the shift workers and everyone that has to work this weekend…Happy Monday! #itsfinallyfriday #theweekendishere #sorryshiftworkers

Since today is “thirsty Thursday” here are some stats from this time last year. The first weekend after CWU classes started there were approximately 30 calls for service that appeared to be alcohol related. From Minor in Possession and DUI’s to noise violations and so forth. Please do not be a statistic. Act responsible, drink responsible and look out for one another. #dontbeastat #adultresponsibilities #jailisnotfun #begoodfriends

Happy 1st Day of College CWU students. We hope you can enjoy your studies as much as you enjoy your weekends! Locals, be aware that at quarter till each hour, crosswalks (because everyone uses crosswalks ;) ) are going to be crowded with students. In addition, University Way, Wildcat Way, and a couple other roads are going to look like a Seattle freeway, avoid the areas and take alternate routes. Like always #keepcalmlocals #bepatient #isitfriday #happy1stdayCWU

Come out and join us for Bite of the Burg! Captain Weed sure seems to be having fun! #rockinthathat #biteoftheburg #gowildcats

Parents- How much screen time/phone time/gaming time is enough? Or too much? Does your child protest when you tell them to put it down? Do these activities get in the way of meaningful time together? Dr. Steel, a media consumption addiction specialist will be presenting at the Ellensburg High School open house on September 19 at 7:15. This is a free presentation with a Q&A period. Law enforcement investigators will be present to field questions as well. This is an important topic, since the criminal sanctions, and other consequences from problems with media consumption can be long lasting. Please try to find time to attend. Also, Ellensburg Police Department personnel and Kittitas county Prosecutor’s office personnel will be co-presenting to teens in a parallel presentation while parents are listening to Dr. Steel. Start the school year off right- be informed! Hope to see you there! #screens&teens #putdownthephones #joinus

With CWU starting tomorrow, we would like to put out a friendly reminder of Residential Parking Zones (RPZ). Please be cautious when parking in the neighborhoods that surround campus, there are designated areas for residential parking only, (watch out for the pictured sign). Also, please make sure you do not block a driveway or alleyway and be watchful for “one ways”. The ticket cost for parking in a RPZ is an escalating ticket starting at, $25 for your first offense, $50 for your second and $75 for each offense after, that will be quite an expensive parking fee. #heresyoursign #notickets #bewatchful #RPZparkingwillgetexpensive

Just a reminder to our community members. Tomorrow is Bite of the Burg 2018. The event will be held in the 100 and 200 blocks of east 4th Ave. The road closure will be from 12:00 to 6:00pm. There will be a lot of foot traffic in the area. Please be cautious when driving through the area.

Good afternoon CWU students. We hope that moving in went well and we want to put out a friendly reminder of our noise ordinance. We don’t want your first real night in Ellensburg to become extra expensive. The noise ordinance is in effect 24 hours a day but after 10pm its “unreasonable” noise that can be heard 50 feet from the property line. 50 feet is NOT far, measure it out. Please be reasonable and keep the noise down because the ticket is expensive. #notickets #smartyparty #beresponsible #beawareof50feet #beafriendlyneighbor

Happy move in day CWU students and welcome to Ellensburg! Please pay attention to our slower speed limits, four way stops and one ways. We hope you enjoy Ellensburg as much as we do! Locals, please be patient, avoid University Way and look out for lost people and cars as they try to navigate around our town. #Iamlost #newtotown #keepcalmlocals #EburgRocks

This is not a repeat post! The “Teens & Screens” presentation will be offered to all Ellensburg residents on Thursday September 20 from 7-8pm at Morgan Middle School. #teensandscreens #phoneaddict #putdownthephone

Good morning Ellensburg! Tomorrow is move in day for CWU which means our traffic is going to increase. University Way will likely be jammed pack, be patient and if you can, plan to avoid it! #trafficjams #bepatient #CWUmoveinday

Parents please mark your calendars for Teens and Screens on September 19 @ 7:15pm at the Ellensburg High School Little Theater. #teensandscreens #smarterthanyoursmartphone

Have you ever wondered what you can do when you see something happening that just isn’t adding up. Well if it doesn’t seem right and seems suspicious we want to know about it. If it is not an emergency you can call Kittcom at 509-925-8534 to report a suspicious person, circumstance, vehicle or whatever else it may be. Just remember Officer’s need a little bit of information. Provide a description of what you are seeing, what the person looks like, what kind of vehicle it is, and be able to give the location it is happening at. If this happens, please call immediately. As the saying goes, if you see something, say something.

In remembrance of their sacrifice. We will never forget.

Officers Willette and Holmes located this girl's stolen bike locked in an alley. Officers gave this young lady the honor of cutting the suspect's lock and reclaiming her bicycle. #karma #teamwork

You work hard for your money and possessions, do not let someone else get them for free. Don’t leave your valuables inside of vehicles where they can be seen. Greedy people think they deserve it and have damaged property to get other’s belongings. Police are working hard at finding the thief or thieves but please help by not becoming a victim yourself. #outofsight #greedisnotcool #dontbemean

With the rise in popularity of the Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV), more commonly referred to as the Side by Side, we are getting asked the following question more often: “Can I drive my UTV in Ellensburg’s city limits if it’s street legal?” The answer is, no, you cannot. While state law provides that UTVs and ATVs can become street legal once certain requirements are met on each vehicle, cities must adopt the state law into their local ordinance to accept the state’s guidelines allowing them to be driven on the street. This is a discretionary law that cities have the choice to adopt or not. The City of Ellensburg has not accepted the law at this time, and it is therefore illegal to ride UTVs and ATVs within the city limits on city streets. The RCW is 46.09.455 Authorized and Prohibited Uses of All Terrain Vehicles. A violation of this law is a traffic infraction.

It’s the first day of school! Officer Druktenis is excited to start her first day today as the Ellensburg School Resource! #firstday #SRO

This super friendly dog was out for a little walk about in the 200 block of S Sprague around 4 this morning. If this pup is your’s, they are having breakfast at the Animal Shelter.

School starts tomorrow! When to stop for a school bus can be tricky. Here is a reminder of when to stop for a school bus. #schoolbussafety #staymellowforyellow

It’s parade day!! The parade starts at 9:30 but streets are already being closed down. Please be patient while driving and pay attention to street signs, detours, and closures. #bepatientyouwillgetthere

Good morning Ellensburg! Here is a copy of the Saturday’s parade route. Please do not park your vehicle in any of the “No Parking” areas posted for the Parade Route on Saturday or your vehicle will be impounded, that is going to expensive and we do not want to ruin your fun. #norainonourparade

As everyone knows by now it is Rodeo Time!! Here at EPD we want you to enjoy all the festivities. Here are some helpful tips to save some money by not having to pay a parking ticket or tow bill, • Be mindful of the No Parking Signs throughout the City. Temporary signs will be posted in areas not typically designated No Parking. • If you park near a private residence be mindful of any driveways, alleyways, and other private access areas. Please do not block these areas. • Remember that RCW 46.61.570 states that no vehicle can park within 20’ of any crosswalk and within 30’ of any stop sign. #savemoney #notickets

Join our great Records team and apply today! https://www.ci.ellensburg.wa.us/Jobs.aspx?UniqueId=71&From=All&CommunityJobs=False&JobID=Parttime-Secretary-Records-Clerk-242