Kalispel Tribal Police

  • Agency: Kalispel Tribal Police
  • Address: 3292 N. Leclerc Rd, Usk, 99180 WA
  • Chief: Rodney Enevoldsen (Chief of Police)
Phone: (509) 445-1785

Kalispel Tribal Police is located at 3292 N. Leclerc Rd, Usk, 99180 WA. The Chief of Police of the department is Rodney Enevoldsen. The Kalispel Tribal Police phone number is (509) 445-1785.

Kalispel Tribal Police News

Halloween is coming ! Make sure your children stay Safe :)

Hey everybody!! Its Coffee With a Cop this Thursday (9/6/2018) at the CAMAS Wellness Center! Coffee is being provided by the Crossroads Restaurant. Hope to see everyone there

More people need to stand up and say something.

One of the newest additions to the Kalispel Public Safety Department made an appearance at the Camas Center on Thursday, February 1. Along with Officer Clay Pierson, Brandy, a four year Dutch Shepherd/Belgian Malinois mix, came to the Camas Center to be part of Public Safety’s monthly “Coffee with a Cop.” Officer Clay Pierson and Brandy make up the K9 Unit for the Kalispel Tribe and work together in Airway Heights. K9 Units are comprised of a law enforcement officer partnered with a highly trained canine. These specially trained dogs are chosen for their intelligence and strong sense of smell. When asked what it’s like to work with Brandy, Clay said, “It’s a blast. She’s a really fun and smart dog.” Since partnering with Clay, Brandy has been on two deployments, both successful. While Clay and Brandy spend the workday together they also share the same residence. “We’re together 24-7,” he said. Brandy is trained in narcotics detection and can sniff out methamphetamines, heroin, cocaine, and marijuana in many different types of environments. She recently received 200 hours of training at an Idaho post-certified narcotics detection canine school. The tandem is certified as a canine team in Washington State and Idaho. As those who have seen her in action know, Brandy is all business while on the job but she does have a playful side. While at the Camas Center she couldn’t help but bark once or twice as kids from childcare rolled kickballs and threw frisbees around the gym. Her favorite toy is a tennis ball after all. When asked if there are challenges in having a canine as a partner, Clay said, “Occasionally communicating can be difficult. There are sometimes I think this would be a lot easier if you could talk,” he said, while looking at his dog and laughing. “But overall she’s a great partner.” If Officer Pierson’s last name sounds familiar it’s likely because his father, Bret, is an Officer for the Tribe in Usk and has been for over six years. Clay has worked as a Police Officer for about three years and was a security guard at the Casino previously.

Welcome the newest member to the Kalispel Tribal Police Department "Brandy"! She is a three year old Dutch Shepherd/Belgian Malinois mix from Pocsmegyer Hungary. She will be training in Narcotics Detection and Ofc. Clay Pierson is her handler. Ofc. Pierson and Brandy started training on December 4th and will continue for 6 weeks.

I'm Sorry, this was just too funny. I had to post this :) https://www.facebook.com/ABCNews/videos/10155446161908812/

Our Fire Dept is the Best!! Great job Guys!!

I had an absolutely great time with these kids and their teacher, Todd Ellingburg, at the Kalispel Language Survival School a few days ago! Those kids are so smart and are the future teachers of the Salish Language. Can't wait to go back and visit again :)

I hope to see some new faces tomorrow morning for Coffee With a Cop at the Crossroads Restaurant. We will be there from 8:30 to 10:00am!

The Billboard just South of Newport looks great and it displays an awesome message from our community members!!! Thank you Carrie and the Panther Country Coalition !!!

A fun day at the Camas Center with the little ones from the Early Learning Center!!

Kalispel Tribal Public Safety had a great time escorting the canoes from the Kalispel Tribe, The Spokane Tribe and the Coeur D'Alene Tribe on the three day Canoe Journey from Sandpoint Idaho to the Kalispel Reservation Pow Wow Grounds

ATTENTION!! The Kalispel Tribal Police Dept is in possession of an ATV that was found on tribal property. If you, or if you know someone who is missing one please contact our office to claim it. You will need to provide a description of the ATV to claim. Contact our office at 509-445-1785 or message me.