Spokane Tribal Police

  • Agency: Spokane Tribal Police
  • Address: Bldg. 249, Agency Square, Wellpinit, 99040 WA
  • Chief:
Phone: 509-258-4400
Fax: 509-258-7018

Spokane Tribal Police is located at Bldg. 249, Agency Square, Wellpinit, 99040 WA. The Spokane Tribal Police phone number is 509-258-4400.

Spokane Tribal Police News

SIHA has a new phone number!

Angel Springs Fire Update #3 7:39 pm August 4, 2018 As of 7:00 pm August 4, 2018 the Angel Springs Fire is still contained to the Lincoln County side of the Spokane River. Tribal/BIA Fire Crews remain on standby. Local fire crew will be back out tomorrow. I have no further update as to the 10:00 am report “4500 acres and is 0% contained. The State DNR Website has not been updated since 7:00 am” I did speak to Tribal Fire Management and they report that the fire is holding on the Lincoln County side of the Spokane River. They are not 100% sure that it will remain that way, however, we are looking good to this point. The winds are light and fire suppression tactics seem to be effective. The fire has had very little movement today along the Spokane River. This will be my last report unless this situation changes and our threat level rises. Thank you! STOI Chief of Police Jesse Moss

Angel Springs Fire Notice As of 18:00 on Aug 3, 2018: The area of concern at this time is the Wynecoop-Cayuse Rd along the north side of the Spokane River from the Sandbar east to Wynecoop Landing. The residents in this area have been notified and are being updated as needed. We have several fire crews staged on Spokane Tribe side of the river along with an Air Attack Crew stationed at PSB. Any questions please call PSB @ 258-4569. Residents will be notified of any changes of this status by emergency services personnel.

Burn Ban & Hoot Owl Restrictions.

Wellpinit water tower only has 3ft, please conserve water until further notice! Thanks.

Have a happy and safe 4th of July!!! 💥🚀

Results are in.... Position #5: Richard 'Tiger' Peone Position #4: Runoff between Daniel 'Danny' Kieffer & Monica Tonasket Referendum 18-01: Passed

School Closures & Delays for 03/01: Columbia School District 2 hour delay

Samsung phone found by one of our officers at the top entrance of Martha Boardman. Come to the PSB and describe it to get it back!!

**ATTENTION** SCHOOL DELAYS Wellpinit School District is on a 2 hour delay Springdale School District is on a 2 hour delay Reardan School District is on a 2 hour delay

Tribal Utilities will be chlorinating the water on Reservation Rd this morning about 08:30. The water will smell a little funky and it is okay to drink, Jay has advised to run your water for a bit to get the smell out!

**UPDATE AS OF 8:10 PM 1/5/2018** Joseph from roads department will be out an about sanding the best he can, he also advised that Stevens County roads department will be out at 5 AM for the Westend area. The roads are starting to get slick out there. Was advised that if you can, just stay put for the night. We are attempting to make contact with the roads department to see what they can do to make them a little bit safer.

**UPDATE AS OF 09:30 am Jan 2: Please remember to conserve water until the pumps are back up** **UPDATE AS OF 8:00 pm Jan 1: Just spoke with Jay Brown from tribal utilities and he said to conserve until morning to try an let the pumps catch up** ATTENTION WELLPINIT AREA: we are aware that there is no water, we have made the appropriate calls to get the problem fixed. If we get an update we will let you know. We do not know how wide spread the water outage is.

From all of us here at the Spokane Tribal Public Safety Building, have a Merry Christmas and a joyful New Year. Stay safe, the roads are a bit slippery. Take your time on the roads. Enjoy this time with your family and friends. Spokane Tribal Dispatch, police, EMS, and Park Rangers.

We are receving phone calls that the Two Rivers Area is partially out of power, spoke with Avista and they said it should be restored around 7:30 pm tonight.

We are trying to make contact with the family of Vera E. Schaefer, in regards to her cremated remains. Anyone with information or contact to Vera's family, please have them contact Spokane Tribal Police Department at (509)258-4400. Please share this post so we can reach Vera's family.

Receiving reports that the Stevens County 911 lines are down. Our lines still work at PSB the phones here are 509-258-4400, 509-258-4569 and our toll free number is 1-888-258-6899

Spokane Tribal Labor Day Powwow 2017

**Little Falls Rd construction schedule** The following is our current schedule for the Wellpinit/Little Falls Roadway Project: Monday (August 28, 2017) Pavers will be out to fill in cutouts all day Tuesday (August 29, 2017) Pavers will be out to start pre-level on roadway all day Wednesday (August 30, 2017 Pavers will be out to finish pre-level on roadway, we will shut down before noon on Wednesday. ½ day Monday (September 11, 2017) Pavers will start overlay project. This process should take 1 to 2 weeks to finish. During construction time there will be flaggers for traffic control on site. Flaggers understand that if an emergency vehicle shows up, they are to immediately allow them to pass. All others will not be held up for more than 10 minutes at a time. Thank you, Gregory A Wynecoop Spokane Tribal Roads/Utilities Director