Greendale Police Department

  • Agency: Greendale Police Department
  • Address: 5911 West Grange Avenue, Greendale, 53129 WI
  • Chief: Robert J Dams (Chief of Police)
Phone: (414) 423-2121

Greendale Police Department is located at 5911 West Grange Avenue, Greendale, 53129 WI. The Chief of Police of the department is Robert J Dams. The Greendale Police Department phone number is (414) 423-2121.

Greendale Police Department News


We are lucky to have a great community supporting us! Southbrook Church recently stopped by to chat with us and brought goodies and thank you cards (which the officers really love). #Feelinthelove

We want to share this great website resource for Wisconsin families. "Our message is simple: Good mental health is fundamental to the health and well-being of every person and of the nation as a whole. We want all people to understand how to protect and improve their mental health and know when to seek help for themselves or someone close to them."

Thanks to all who voted in the Aftermath K9 grant...we really appreciate the support! Wausau PD was the only Wisconsin community to win...but we'll get 'em next time. THANK YOU for the continued support!

Ice and Snow...Take it Slow!


We are proud of our partnership with Hunger Task Force, especially around the holidays. Each MONTH, they provide healthy food to 50,000 people facing hunger in Milwaukee. THANK YOU for being generous!

Please don't forget to visit Seasons of the Heart this Holiday season. We are sorry to see them leave :( Seasons of the Heart has always been a BIG supporter of the Police Department and specifically our K9 program.

Last week, we dropped off 341 pounds of unused prescription medications and over-the-counter drugs! By using our dropbox in the lobby, you've kept pills out of the water supply and out of the hands of children or others for whom the medication was not intended. Thank you for your participation! Remember, our lobby dropbox is open 24/7/365. The Health Department will take your used Sharps during normal business

Sextortion is the threat to reveal intimate images to get you to do something you don't want to do. Sounds pretty awful, right? It is. Check out the great information and resources at, because we want people to recognize the threat and to know that they are not alone.

Last day to vote!

Please help us keep the community safe by continuining to call us when you see something amiss!

With the time change, did you remember to vote?

Only a couple days left...please vote for us!

Getting prepared for Sunday morning...

Now that the weather is getting colder...

The Greendale Police Department has a Special Needs Registry providing critical information on persons with special needs to first responders. Please visit the Village website for more information.

Friendly Reminder...

October may be coming to an end, but your cyber education is just beginning. There are a number of great resources available to help you strengthen the security around your web-enabled devices and online accounts. Start with the DATCP website ( The National Cyber Security Alliance's website offers a wealth of cyber tips for families and business alike ( The FBI has developed a free computer literacy program called "Safe Online Surfing" or "SOS". SOS is a series of online games for grades three through eight that help your child learn about important cyber security topics like passwords, downloading apps, screening friend requests and more ( #CyberAware

Please vote today...thanks!

Two-factor authentification is a security process in which you provide two means of identification in order to log into a system - something you have and something you know. Something you have is typically a physical token, such as a fob, fingerprint or a code sent to your smartphone. Something you know is something memorized, such as a personal identification number (PIN) or a password. If it sounds confusing, think about this: when you use your credit card at the gas pump, you already use this. You swipe your card (something you have) and enter your Zip Code (something you know). So, if one of your favorite websites strenghtens its security features and offers to send you an additional passcode for logging in, take them up on it. #CyberAware