Greenfield Police Department

  • Agency: Greenfield Police Department
  • Address: 5300 W Layton Avenue, Greenfield, 53220 WI
  • Chief: Francis C Springob (Chief of Police)
Phone: 414-761-5300
Fax: 414-761-5323

Greenfield Police Department is located at 5300 W Layton Avenue, Greenfield, 53220 WI. The Chief of Police of the department is Francis C Springob. The Greenfield Police Department phone number is 414-761-5300.

Greenfield Police Department News

Let's create a chain reaction today! Today is #NationalBlockItOutDay. Let's join together and put an end to bullying. We are asking you to encourage and empower your friends to take a stand against bullying! #StompOutBullying

Whoop Whoop!! #9PmRoutine

Here are the locations in Greenfield to vote! Not sure where you're supposed to go, click the link below.

Don't forget to complete your #9pmRoutine. Remove your valuables, lock your vehicles, secure your household and turn on your outdoor lights.

We partnered with Comfort Keepers again this year to host a bin for the Feed Seniors Now Food Drive! We will have a bin in our department lobby the entire month of November. Feel free to drop off canned goods and nonperishable food items at our department. #FoodDrive #FeedSeniorsNow #ComfortKeepers #GreenfieldWiPD

Just checking in to see who completed their #9pmRoutine #RaiseYourHand

Last night officers found this culprit prowling around. He was taken in for questioning but found not to be involved with any recent crimes. We were sure with the black mask and all that we stumbled upon something good but he was released without incident.

Block out negativity! Wednesday is #NationalBlockItOutDay. Spread the word, send texts, post and get your friends and pass it on! Let's shut the bullies OUT! One day at a time!

I would complete my #9PMRoutine!! Don't forget to remove your valuables, lock your vehicle, and secure your house! Also, don't forget to turn your clocks back tonight! #FallBehind #DaylightSaving

Yes PLEASE! We get another hour of sleep!! We feel for ya guys that are working 3rd shift!! #CoffeeCoffeeCoffee #FallBehind

Our 9pm routine is a little different tonight. We understand that we can’t reach everyone about it, not everyone is on social media. Please share this information with everyone you know, regardless of where they live. Text, call, Tweet, smoke signal, signal lamp, or Blink in Morse code to spread the word. Don’t be a victim of theft, no one likes having their stuff stolen or their car entered. Please remove anything valuable or perceived as valuable from your car. Don’t become a victim.

Friendly reminder to turn your clocks back one hour this weekend! #DaylightSavingTime #FallBehind

Remove your valuables, lock your vehicle, secure your house, and turn on your outdoor lights #9PmRoutine

Voting is on Tuesday, November 6th! Here's the information you need to know about the #PublicSafetyReferendum Why do we need a referendum? -To maintain critical police and fire services that are at risk from a growing budget gap.

16! That is how many entries to auto we have taken in the last 6 days! People are NOT following the #9PMRoutine!! Please we CANNOT stress enough to REMOVE your valuables, LOCK your vehicles and secure your house! Here's just ONE example on how locking your doors can deter theft. This individual was looking for a crime of opportunity and because the doors were locked he went on his way! #9PMRoutine Want to help your neighbors keep an eye on things?! Join the Neighbors App! This video was shared by a neighbor to alert others in the area to the attempted theft. You DO NOT need to have a camera to join the community. Join Neighbors today!!

Did your 12 hours expire?! VOTE VOTE VOTE!! You can submit your vote for us every 12 hours!! There are only a few days left to vote for our department for the Aftermath K9 Grant! Click the link below! #Aftermath #K9Grant

Don't forget your #9PMRoutine! Another friendly 9:00PM reminder is that we are still competing for the Aftermath K9 Grant! You can vote every 12 hours!! There are only a few more days to vote!!

The results are in! Thank you to everyone who came out to safely dispose of unwanted/unused medications. #DrugTakeBackDay #Greenfieldwipd

Let's be real though...does anyone need a reason to eat tacos?! 🤷‍♂️

Don't forget #9PMRoutine


Just a few shots from Trick or Treat festivities this weekend!! We loved all the costumes and had a great time hanging out!! More photos likely to come! 🤩🤩 #gfwipd #trickortreat #community

Pin Point the Police!! It's like Where's Waldo, except the goal is to find us (well a few of us)!! Officers will be out for trick or treat tonight and a few will have a few bags full of Greenfield PD goodies! Can't wait to see all of your ghoulishly amazing costumes!

Removed my valuables ✔️ Locked the car✔️ Secured my house and garage ✔️ Turned on the outdoor lights ✔️ #9pmRoutine