Wauwatosa Police Department

  • Agency: Wauwatosa Police Department
  • Address: 1700 N. 116 St, Wauwatosa, 53226 WI
  • Chief: Barry M Weber (Chief of Police)
Phone: (414) 471-8430

Wauwatosa Police Department is located at 1700 N. 116 St, Wauwatosa, 53226 WI. The Chief of Police of the department is Barry M Weber. The Wauwatosa Police Department phone number is (414) 471-8430.

Wauwatosa Police Department News

Last night, the Wauwatosa Police Department celebrated Sgt. Michael Schultz's promotion to the position of lieutenant, and Officer Kelsey Pentimalli's completion of her probationary period. We are proud of these accomplishments, and appreciate the fine service of our members.

Did you know that Nov 5-9 is Winter Awareness Week? And so you're aware, there is snow in the forecast for tomorrow's (Friday's) commute. Plan ahead, leave early, and slow your speed for conditions. Here is how quickly things can go bad, courtesy of WI DOT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A72m7S8oJ2k&feature=youtu.be

The results from Aftermath are in... and Wauwatosa Police was not one of the 14 departments that received K9 grants. Congratulations to those departments who won, including Wisconsin's own Wausau Police Department. And, thanks to all of YOU who voted for Wauwatosa this year!

STATE STREET CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: The paving of State St from 68th - 74th has been delayed (weather). Updated schedule: Wed, Nov 7: pave the north side (one-way traffic eastbound only on south lane) Thu, Nov 8: pave the south side (one-way traffic westbound only on north lane)

A reminder that State St paving is today, so watch for one-way traffic (eastbound only) between 74th and 68th Streets. Voting at Hart Park? You can still access the Muellner Building both from 72nd St off of State St and from Chestnut St off of 70th St. https://www.wauwatosa.net/Home/Components/News/News/1304/166

Today is the FINAL DAY of voting for the Aftermath K9 grant program, and these fellas would love to get LOTS of votes today! Go to http://www.aftermath.com/k9-grant and vote for Wauwatosa Police! You can vote every 12 hours. Koa and Addy say, "thank you!"

Officer Kastner and K9 Addy enjoy visiting community members to show how they help keep Wauwatosa safe. You can help our K9 teams stay strong by voting for Wauwatosa Police at http://www.aftermath.com/k9-grant. Keep those votes coming!

Officer Rebholz and K9 Koa work weekends, and they need your support by voting this weekend at http://www.aftermath.com/k9-grant. You can vote once every 12 hours through Mon, Nov 5. Vote for Wauwatosa Police, and thank you for your suppport!

Aftermath shared the top 50 vote-getting police departments on Instagram this week. While Wauwatosa Police is not currently in the top 50, Aftermath indicated that the top 200 departments are in a very tight race. Keep on voting every 12 hours! http://www.aftermath.com/k9-grant #ComeBack

K9 Addy is "chomping at the bit" to hear if Wauwatosa PD will win one of the Aftermath K9 Grants. We need YOUR votes! You can vote once every 12 hours at www.aftermath.com/K9-grant through Nov 5. Winners will be announced Nov 7. Thank you for your votes!

Here is K9 Koa, modeling his ballistic vest. You can help Koa and our K9 program receive funds for equipment (like this vest), training, and other K9 care by voting for Wauwatosa Police at Aftermath's site. You can vote once every 12 hours through Nov 5. http://www.aftermath.com/k9-grant

Please continue to help our K9 teams get votes to win one of 15 grants through Aftermath's K9 Grant Program. You can vote once every 12 hours through November 5 at http://www.aftermath.com/k9-grant. Officer Ben Rebholz and K9 Koa appreciate your support!

STATE STREET CONSTRUCTION ALERT: Work is almost done (State St: 68th to 74th). There will be some one-way configurations beginning Friday: Fri 11/2: flagging Sat 11/3: one-way westbound only Mon 11/5: flagging Tues 11/6: one-way eastbound only Details: http://ow.ly/nCuK50jxTST

Have you voted today? Please go to http://www.aftermath.com/k9-grant and vote for Wauwatosa Police. Grant funds help our K9 program serve our community. You can vote once every 12 hours. Officer Tim Kastner and K9 Addy appreciate your support!

Please vote for the Wauwatosa Police Department to help us earn one of eight grants through Aftermath Services' K9 Grant Program. You can vote once every 12 hours through Monday, November 5. (Koa and Addy approve this message) https://www.aftermath.com/k9-grant

It's that time of year again. The Aftermath Company is offering grants to benefit K9 Units. Our K9 Unit has been nominated, now we just need a TON of votes. Follow the link to cast your vote for our K9's Addy and Koa! https://www.aftermath.com/k9-grant/

If you see us on the side of the road with flashing lights, #MoveOver. More info: https://www.wauwatosa.net/Home/Components/News/News/1286/17

October 20th is National Move Over Day. Please help us by sharing this important message with all motorists out there to always be alert for First Responders and all workers on the side of the road. Besides, it’s state law to #MoveOver #MoveOverSlowDown when you see an emergency vehicle on the side of the road. This keeps everyone safe. More info: https://www.wauwatosa.net/Home/Components/News/News/1286/17

Wondering about the latest scams out there? Tune in to the Fox 6 Facebook page today at 12:30p for a Facebook Live Q&A. We'll be discussing what's new and answering as many questions as we can.

Beginning this week, and ending the first week of November, we will have a few evenings of required firearms training for officers at our outdoor firing range. All shooting will conclude before 8:30 pm on these evenings. To our neighbors: Thank you for your understanding.

The Brewers have had three champagne and beer celebrations in the last two weeks! Remember, if you plan on celebrating with champagne and beer, be responsible: get a ride home, like the Brewers did. Hope for more safe celebrations ahead!

Good morning from the Wauwatosa Police Department K9 Teams: Officer Ben Rebholz and K9 Koa (left), and Officer Tim Kastner and K9 Addy (right). Photo credit: @PeterZuzga

Last night in Florence, South Carolina, 7 law enforcement officers were shot while serving a search warrant. One of the officers died. The fallen officer was a 30-year veteran. "When a police officer is killed, it's not agency that loses an officer, it is an entire nation."