Barboursville Police Department

  • Agency: Barboursville Police Department
  • Address: 721 Central Ave, Barboursville, 25504 WV
  • Chief: Alan Meek (Chief of Police)
Phone: 304-736-5204

Barboursville Police Department is located at 721 Central Ave, Barboursville, 25504 WV. The Chief of Police of the department is Alan Meek. The Barboursville Police Department phone number is 304-736-5204.

Barboursville Police Department News

Happy Birthday Ruger!

Warrants are on file for Ronnie Adkins. Thank you for your assistance.

There has been some recent concern about the amount of gunfire coming from the shooting range at the Barboursville Park. The Barboursville Range is a dedicated shooting range for law enforcement training. It is one of only two LE ranges in our county. All WV Law Enforcement have to qualify every spring and every fall to maintain state certification. Fall qualification is low light qualification, which is why it seems like you are hearing gunfire from evening into night. The Barboursville Range supports Barboursville PD, Huntington PD, VA Hospital Police, FBI, DEA, Federal Courthouse Security, and Fire Marshalls just to name a few. Add to this the Cabell County Sheriff range is less than a mile from the Barboursville Range, and this is why it seems like you are hearing gunfire every day. After November 1, the qualification schedule will be winding down and you will hear less and less gun fire (until the spring). Thank you for your patience as we continue training to the highest standard possible to protect our officers and our communities.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: McClung Avenue, at the railroad crossing, (behind the VOBE elementary school) will be closed for the next 48 hours due to work on the tracks. Please Use alternate routes!

Watch closely as this lady uses her little girl to steal a pair of shoes by concealing them under the child's jacket. We will glady buy the child some shoes if she is needy, but first we would like to talk to the adult about contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Does anyone recognize her?

If you are approached by someone in a store that makes you feel uncomfortable or threatened. 1. Stay with or move toward the crowd. 2. Alert management or employees. 3. Don't walk to your vehicle alone. Good job Chelsea.

Here we have a guy who just walked out of a store with a $250.00 piece of merchandise, right past the register, without even thinking about paying. Watch as he nonchalantly waits by his buddy's van for a ride--like he does this everyday. Later, he will laugh about it as his friend returns to the van. No remorse, no conscience, no guilt. His moral compass probably broke years ago. Let's help him find his way...straight to the Western Regional Jail. Call 304-736-5203 ext 406 if you know him. *All tips are anonymous

Thank you for helping us identify our thieves as Jonathan Marcus, Steven Anderson, and Kyle Worthington. Welcome to the wall of shame boys. Warrants are on file. Also thanks to Kenova PD for swooping in and arresting Worthington in record time. Those officers from Wayne County don't mess around. 👮‍♂️

Watch as these two guys take some items off the shelf and cover them up in the shopping cart. Off camera they will stuff the merchandise down their pants and leave the store without paying. They've done it before; you can tell. This is their life. We would like to make life better for them, maybe give them a place to stay for a while, three meals a day, in a safe space. Call 304-736-5203 (ext 406) if you can identify them. We'll get them the help they need.

Thank you Olive Garden for feeding our officers on Labor Day! It was very much appreciated.

When you are breaking into a storage unit, but don't realize the owner has installed a trail-cam. #deerintheheadlights. Anyone know these fools? 304-736-5203 ext 406

CAPTURED! Thank you for your assistance.

Here is a person of interest involved in a fraud case. This video was taken from a business in Parkersburg, WV but she could have ties in South Charleston, Oak Hill or Anstead, WV. Please share with you friends from these areas. Call 304-736-5203 (ext 406) with any information. Thank you.

Thanks Ben Johnson and Barboursville Starbucks for hosting Coffee with a Cop yesterday. It’s always good to interact with our community and local businesses.

Never underestimate your opponent.

We have had a few cases where someone has entered the back storage or office spaces of the stores at the mall and stolen credit cards and cash from employee's purses or wallets. Here is a suspect. Does anyone know her? 304-736-5203

Note the blue car in the video. It appears to be a small Toyota sedan, maybe a Corolla, with silver rims. This vehicle struck another vehicle (off frame) and then fled the accident scene. It happened Last Saturday around 9am at Main Street and Central Ave. Does anyone know this vehicle? Call 304-736-5203 ext 406

A heads up for our commuters.

In other news...BPD enters the Facebook lip sync challenge.

WARRANTS ON FILE! Thank you for your help.

Here we have a suspect exiting a store after stuffing a pair of shoes down his pants. This is not the typical place to keep shoes before you buy them, so we are guessing he didn't just forget to pay, but intended to steal them. Does anyone know this fox? 304-736-5203 Ext 406

Many of our officers spent 16 hours (plus) yesterday trekking uphill and down hill, through thickets, in the pouring rain. Our guys have been out every day and night since the shooting last Wednesday. Most of them volunteering their time after their regular shift, going without sleep, skipping meals, and sacrificing time with their families. The look of dogged determination on their faces is encouraging. We will catch Jeremy Bartram. But more importantly, you can be assured that our officers will never stop when it comes to protecting our community. We take this seriously. We take this personally.