Riverton Police Department

  • Agency: Riverton Police Department
  • Address: 816 N Federal Blvd, Riverton, 82501 WY
  • Chief: John Snell (Chief of Police)
Phone: 307-856-4891
Fax: 307-856-0759

Riverton Police Department is located at 816 N Federal Blvd, Riverton, 82501 WY. The Chief of Police of the department is John Snell. The Riverton Police Department phone number is 307-856-4891.

Riverton Police Department News

“A special thanks to whomever turned in the blue tablet at Walmart. The owner was very appreciative.” -Officer Christoffersen

*** UPDATE *** A suspect has been identified. Please respect that we cannot at this time provide every detail. Thank you all for your assistance. We appreciate all of you. Good afternoon fellow Fremont County folks, once again we are requesting your assistance in identifying an individual. Sgt. Peters 307-857-7657, 307-857-7602, is very interested in speaking to this woman. As with most circumstances, if you would like to know the details of the situation, please call Sgt. Peters to discuss it. Thank you. Please call us if you know her, drop us a message. Thank you for your help.

Thank you Riverton IDEAL students!

Folks, if you are able, consider going to help our neighbors search, Wyoming is a great community stronger together.

Happy Halloween! Be safe.

A great resource to take part in.

The Riverton Police Department is asking for help in identifying the two thieves seen stealing alcohol from the Smiths Liquor Store and getting into the red Ford Explorer. Anyone with information may contact Sergeant Sullivan at 8564891.

In an effort to connect with the community the Riverton Police Department is excited to start new programs such as the Coffee with a Cop. We are looking at other programs such as Neighborhood Watch and a Citizens Police Academy. In an effort to reach the younger generation we are partnering with the Fremont County Library to bring back Rock a Cop where teeneagers play video games and other games with police officers. I would also like to start a reading program where myself and our police officers read to kids at the library. We are excited to partner with the Fremont County Library on these events and be a positive influence with the youth of our community. Chief Murphy

Missing your keys? We had a set turned in today. Call Andrea at 307-857-7602 to describe and claim.

The Riverton Police Department will be involved in the National Coffee with a Cop on October 3, 2018 at 9:00 am. Brown Sugar Coffee has been gracious enough to partner with the Riverton Police Department in hosting the event. This event is designed for the public to sit down with officers and have a conversations about different topics in the community. Please join us.

Please take note of these zones for future information. Thank you.

Update: situation safely resolved. Thank you all for your understanding. We have an ongoing barricaded suspect with weapons inside a house in the area of Valley Circle and Sunset. We have streets shut down for safety reasons We are asking everyone to stay clear of the area until further notice. Chief Eric Murphy

Good morning Riverton!

We have a baseball glove turned in with only a last name written on it. If you are missing yours give Andrea a call at 307-857-7602 and tell her the name on the glove, she'll get it back to you.

Could you help us identify this woman? If you can you are welcome to call Detective Ladd at 307-857-7611. We would like to speak with her. Thank you for your assistance. As always we won't discuss why we are inquiring to her identity via social media but you are welcome to call and discuss the circumstances with Detective Ladd. Thank you for all of your help. (Further photo and video in comments.)

Welcome aboard Officers Donahue and Dixon, we are happy to have you!

We have a found bird here. She has a foster home with one of our dispatchers, but if you are missing a feathered friend please call 307-856-4891 and describe to claim.

Please take a look at these photos, if you are able to help identify this individual, Officer Anthony Barry would like a word with him. As always we will not discuss via social media why we are inquiring as to his identity, if you would like to discuss it, Officer Barry would be happy to at (307)857-7642. Thank you all for your assistance.

Way to fight brother!

The forces of light and dark are combining for the evening. Come join us and the best of us all, Triton, for a movie at the Acme. Thank you Barry Cinema and Lucas Film for such a great party.