Kemmerer Police Department

  • Agency: Kemmerer Police Department
  • Address: 222 WY-233, Kemmerer, 83101 WY
  • Chief: Walter K Vanatta (Chief of Police)
Phone: 307-828-2340
Fax: 307-828-2345

Kemmerer Police Department is located at 222 WY-233, Kemmerer, 83101 WY. The Chief of Police of the department is Walter K Vanatta. The Kemmerer Police Department phone number is 307-828-2340.

Kemmerer Police Department News

Found contact dispatch if you have any information 307-877-3971

Go Kale McGee go!! Our brand new officer rocking the Hula hoop.

Officer McGee enjoying his first Oyster Ridge with KPD!

Kemmerer Police Department’s newest Officer Kale McGee was sworn in tonight.

Neutered male Husky picked up at Kum & Go about 4:00 P.M. 7/8/18. If he's yours or you may know who he belongs to contact them or call the Sheriff's Office at 307-877-3971.

Found: Black and Tan medium sized dog last night. If you have an information please contact dispatch at 307-877-3971.

SCAM ALERT*** We have received calls at the Police Department of a new SCAM going around. The caller claims to be from the court alerting victims that they missed Jury Duty. They request credit card information to pay a fee or fine for failing to show up. They claim if you do not pay the fee or fine you will be arrested and held for 72 hours before seeing the Judge. DO NOT give out your information to these individuals. The Kemmerer Municipal Court would never call and threaten arrest for this. If you have any questions on what to do if you receive a call of this type or any other potential scam please comment below or contact the Kemmerer Police Department.

Female Pitbull, picked up about 2:45 A.M. corner of Antelope and 7th West Ave. If you know her or her owner please contact them or the Sheriff's Office at 307-877-3971

Chief Kahre was presented his 10 year service award with The Kemmerer Police Department! Congratulations Chief!!!!

Over the last several weeks the Kemmerer Police Department has had several complaints of citizens deposing of their garbage in trash reciprocals that do not belong to them. This is a violation of our City Ordinance SECTION 15-36. THEFT OF LABOR, SERVICES OF USE OF PROPERTY. It shall be unlawful for any person to obtain labor, services or the temporary use of property, real or personal, by false pretense or pretenses with intent to cheat or defraud the supplier of such labor, services or property. Please refrain from placing personal garbage in anyone's garbage reciprocal other then you own. Violators could be faced with a fine of $350.00 and must appear in court.

Easton Albins raced his car today in the Pine Derby Race. Hope he did well with his awesome looking police car!!