Evansville Police Department

  • Agency: Evansville Police Department
  • Address: 235 Curtis St, Evansville, 82636 WY
  • Chief: Zach Gentile (Chief of Police)

Evansville Police Department is located at 235 Curtis St, Evansville, 82636 WY. The Chief of Police of the department is Zach Gentile. The Evansville Police Department phone number is 307-234-1270.

Evansville Police Department News

CRIME ALERT !!! There have been a few reports of windows being shot out with a BB/pellet gun in Evansville. There is no detectable pattern of how locations are being targeted at this time. Please report if you see anybody walking/driving around your neighborhood in a suspicious manner. If you have been a victim of property damage or any other crime, please report it to the Evansville Police Department at (307) 234-0897 as soon as possible. Side Note. With the warmer weather please make sure you are locking your vehicles and making sure the windows are up. Make sure you are taking out items that are valuable as well because auto burglaries are on the rise.

The Evansville Police Department would like to wish you a happy and safe 4th of July. 🇺🇸🎆🎇 #independenceday

A "credit card skimmer" was located inside of a gas pump in Evansville, WY today. This device would be undetected with normal use and was only found upon an inspection from a well trained/aware employee. It is unknown how long the skimmer has been installed. Tips for consumers Checking your statements regularly can help you catch any abnormal charges. When you receive your statements, you should go through each of the transactions and verify that you made all of the charges. If you see any abnormal or repeat charges, then you should contact your bank immediately to inquire about the charge and report it as theft, if necessary. Given the near-invisibility of the devices, it might not be possible to totally avoid a skimming scam. Still, consumers can take several steps to protect their cards at fueling stations. Among the options: Pay inside, with cash or a credit card, rather than at the pump. Chances are good that thieves have not entered the physical building to tamper with the pump. Be suspicious if the gas pump has a broken security seal, or the word "void" appears on it. These are part of a voluntary program by the industry to thwart gas pump tampering. Choose pumps closest to the physical building, not the ones hidden around the corner. Use a credit card, not debit card, when you pay. If a credit card number is skimmed, you're playing with the bank's money and protected by the card's zero-liability policy. A stolen debit card number could yield far worse damage. Pay attention when fueling and if it feels weird, don't do it. Sometimes, thieves also swap out the card readers attached to the skimmers. In those cases, they can deliver an unusual feeling to the inserted card -- it may stick or otherwise feel not quite right. If that happens, cancel the transaction and pay inside.

Zoning complaints: Grass, weeds, abandon cars and trash. Please email complaint and address to: code@evansvillewy.com or use this form available here, Town Hall and the Evansville Police Department so that we make get it assigned and remedied. Thank you

Several questions about parking, boats and camp trailers. 13-2-21 PARKING OF TRAVEL TRAILERS AND MOTORIZED HOMES, BOAT TRAILERS, AND DISMOUNTED TRUCK CAMPERS PROHIBITED ON STREETS, ALLEYS OR ROADWAYS No person shall park or permit to remain on any street, alley or roadway within the Town of Evansville, except for a short duration, not to exceed seven (7) days in any consecutive thirty (30) day period any travel trailers, motorized homes, boat trailer or dismounted truck campers more that seven (7) seven feet in width; provided, that the owner or occupants of any lot may park or store any three such units owned by him on such lot. The foregoing shall not apply to storage in authorized trailer sales, service facilities, storage garages and mobile home parks. (Ord. 2-92, 6-8-92)

Happy Fourth of July!

9-3-2 FIREWORKS PROHIBITED (A) Except as hereinafter provided, it shall be unlawful for any person to offer for sale at retail or wholesale, sell at retail, give away, use, discharge, or detonate any fireworks within the Town limits. A person shall include an individual, partnership, co-partnership, firm, company, association, corporation or entity of any type. (Ord. 9-92, 1-11-93)

We have had several complaints of off road vehicle operation near the areas around the water plant and the JTL/Knife River ponds. Short answer, off road vehicle operation is not allowed within the corporate boundaries of Evansville. Long answer below. 13-1-41 Regulation of Motorized Off Road vehicles and use of public property by Motorized Off Road vehicles. (a) It shall be unlawful to operate an unlicensed motorized vehicle in the Town of Evansville. (b) It shall be unlawful to operate a licensed motorized vehicle in the Town of Evansville other than on public streets and roadways. Licensed off road type vehicles or similar apparatus operated on public streets and road ways shall be subject to all stated and local vehicle laws. (c) It shall be unlawful to operate a motorized vehicle, licensed or otherwise, on property owned, managed, or under the jurisdiction of the Town of Evansville, including parks and open areas, except on specifically designated in parks and public streets and roadways.

May be in the Casper/Evansville/Mills area. Please call 234-0897 if seen. Do not attempt contact. http://www.keloland.com/newsdetail.cfm/two-state-penitentiary-inmates-on-escape-status/?id=181770 …


After a sixteen year absence, the Evansville Police Department is resuming a “ride along” program. You may print, complete and submit these forms in person or pick up the same forms at the Police Department.

In the past several weeks the Evansville Police Department has recovered many bicycles that have been abandon/stolen and/or relocated. We encourage you to lock up your bicycles via padlock or place them into secure areas when not in use. If your bicycle has been stolen please call 234 0897.

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